About Me

Hello I am Peter Enns, and I’m the owner of BackyardWay. I’m a dedicated husband and father. Living in a country where you are close to plants, animals, and human interactions led me to create this website.

In a sprawling and rich ecosystem, people are always close to having their own little planet by sustaining life between humans to plants and plants to animals. With innovative infrastructures and technological advancements, this generation is looking forward to a greener and more efficient lifestyle.

With this professional venture, I aim to provide substantial real-life tips and inspiration to help my readers — dedicated homeowners like myself — create the best home and backyard experience. One of the greatest benefits of living in a rich environment is that you have the knowledge, and in today’s fast internet world, you can tap information in just a click.

I’m able to keep learning more about the study circles by having my own website. And with it, my goal is to simply encourage, inspire, and inform people about gardening, DIY backyard projects, landscaping, and protecting nature. I created BackyardWaybecause I wanted to see a website where to find a wide range of backyard-related topics in a single location that features worthy content, so that readers wouldn’t need to go from a link to another to get the information they want.

Most of the content on BackyardWay is about gardening, landscaping, domestic animal care, as well as raising, growing backyard plants, DIY projects, entertainment, and backyard and home repair guides, along with other content related to backyards.

Aside from myself, I have hired exceptional and talented writers who are experienced, qualified writers with the same passion and mission as me. My writers create original, well-researched, and engaging content. They are also tasked with researching all the content to be published to ensure that the information presented in our articles is accurate, comprehensive, and timely.


About BackyardWay

BackyardWay is a one-stop website for current and aspiring homeowners who love backyard-related activities. Here, we cover everything from gardening to home and yard improvements, landscaping, pond keeping, and everything else that falls into the backyard-related subjects.

Now, in our generation, everything is readily available on the internet. BackyardWay aims to reach homeowners and provide them with quality informative articles that will improve their backyard experience. Our website also offers articles that can both relate to a homeowner residing in an apartment or one who has acres of property.

On our website, you’ll find the latest gardening tips, steps, and hacks. We also provide DIY projects that include backyard improvements, essential guides for landscape improvements, furniture keeping, and more. We are dedicated to offering you first-hand topics with a wide scope that discusses all things backyard-related, from animals to plants and humans.

In a world where everything is just a click away, we guarantee our readers that BackyardWay will always put them first by providing unbiased, well-researched, and honest articles. As it is frustrating and confusing, especially for homeowners, to read low-quality and indefinite content, we conduct thorough research to make sure all our published articles, from tips to guides and more, are informative, factual, and valuable to our readers.