Backyard Games You Can Play with Pool Noodles

Backyard Games You Can Play with Pool Noodles

Kids, especially in the summer, are constantly seeking new ways to indulge themselves in fun and games. Even if it is not summer, play is vital for child growth and development. Pool noodles are typically used as a floating device, but with an innovative mind, people are using them for outdoor games nowadays.

There are various games where children and young at heart could use pool noodles. Some of the games are soccer domes, ring toss, noodle shower, obstacle course, marshmallow launcher, noodle knockout, and beach ball pool noodle game. 

In this article, we will tackle pool noodles and how fun it would be to incorporate them into backyard games. We will also suggest easy backyard games using pool noodles.


What Are Pool Noodles?

Pool noodles are long, flexible polyethylene foam cylinders that may be up to 6 feet long and 3 inches wide. They are quite buoyant, making them perfect for both children and adults to use as fun flotation devices in swimming pools.

Some pool noodles have a solid center, while others include a hole through which a short piece of rope may be put to connect the others. Pool noodles do not become soaked since polyethylene foam is a closed-cell foam.

They are commonly used in swimming pools to assist individuals in learning to swim but are also frequently utilized in swimming pools for recreational purposes. Before being ever tossed in a pool, the pool noodle was designed for use in construction.

Nowadays, pool noodles can also be used in fun and exciting outdoor games at home, especially during summer. In the early summer, pool noodles can be obtained practically anywhere and are quite affordable.

Our next topic will consist of different backyard games where pool noodles are the main character.


One of the things that makes planning outdoor activities a bit complicated is getting the necessary materials that you need for the games that you want to enjoy. If you don’t want to go through this hassle, we have 11 backyard games that you can play without equipment that you can enjoy with very little preparation. 


Backyard Games with Pool Noodles

When it comes to outdoor sports with kids, pool noodles are a must-have. They’re extremely adaptable and can be used for various outdoor games and activities that both children and young at heart could enjoy. Pool noodles are very affordable, generally costing $1 each at your local dollar shop, making them perfect for organizing fun games.

Below are fun games you can play with pool noodles.

1. Rubber-band Finger Rocket

They can make a quick rocket with a few little decorations and a rubber band wrapped through the middle of a noodle that they can launch both indoors and outdoors.

2. Soccer Domes

These soccer domes will have the youngsters kicking about in the backyard for hours. Depending on how you position the pencils or dowels on the ground, you may make them tall and slender or low and broad.

3. Noodle Racquetball

Use produce netting to make these fun giant racquets that youngsters will like. Trim each noodle’s ends to make it thinner and more suitable for little hands. Bind the handle with colored tape to make it into the shape of a racquet. Using extra tape, attach the netting over the top of the racquet. For a group activity, make many of these.

4. Water-Play Pegboard

This ingenious water-play activity station can keep tiny ones cool. Secure various pool noodles, funnels, and plastic toys together using zip ties and duct tape to build a water maze they’ll love all season round.

5. Marshmallow Launchers

Make a marshmallow launcher by taping a cut balloon to the end of a short noodle.

6. Bean-bag Toss

This vertical bean bag throw is amusing for both youngsters and adults and can be made with just five noodles. Using pencils or dowels, stake two vertical noodles into the ground. Use duct tape to tie the three leftover noodles into rounds. Finally, use zip ties to hold everything together.

7. Miniature Bowling Alley

Make excellent use of your rolled-up yoga mat. With only a few basic items, you can create a fun game for youngsters to perform on the patio, deck, or in the backyard. It’s also ideal for rainy days spent indoors.

8. Ring Toss

This game takes around two minutes to put together. Using a pencil or dowel, cut and stake a 24-inch noodle into the ground. Then, using colorful duct tape, secure a few noodles by cutting and bending them into various-sized rings. For a team version, make two.

9. Pool Noodle Flip Challenge

We’ve all heard of the water bottle flip challenge, but did you realize that pool noodles can be used similarly? It’s pretty difficult to flip a pool noodle with only one hand and have it land in your hand.

10. Pool Noodle Balloon Game

Here’s a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages. I first saw this behavior when we went to see my grandma in her retirement home. The goal of the game is to strike the balloon with pool noodles to maintain it in the air (cut in half).

11. Pool Noodle Water Balloon Races

Many children like racing and competing. Pool noodles are put together to make a fun method to race water balloons. Water balloons provide tremendous enjoyment since they can shatter and splash water all over the place.

12. Noodle Shower

This easy-to-make noodle shower adds a unique twist to playing in the sprinkler. Remove a few feet from a full-size noodle and poke holes on the sides of the noodle using a pencil or dowel. One side of the noodle should be taped off. Hang the garden hose from a tree branch, then slide the noodle’s open side over the hose nozzle for hours of water fun.

13. Obstacle Course

Setting up this pool noodle obstacle course is easy. Pool noodles, duct tape, and pencils are all you’ll need. It takes around 15 minutes to put up and guarantees to keep youngsters entertained for hours.

14. Pool Noodle Painting

Pool noodles are fantastic for swimming, but did you know they can also be used as paintbrushes? You’ll indeed be using your pool noodle as a gigantic paintbrush in this exercise! This engaging process art project encourages children to think “outside of the box” as they create art with unusual materials.

15. Standing Pool Noodle Game

Have you ever tried to get a pool noodle to stand up straight? It’s pretty easy until you let go and it starts to fall. Well, this game turns this activity into a challenge. Work with teammates to keep your pool noodle standing up the longest in this fun game.


Jenga is one of the fun games that we usually enjoy on a table top indoors, but if you want to make this game even more exciting, you can make a giant version of it that your family can enjoy outdoors. Read our article on how to make a giant jenga to learn how to make this puzzle even bigger than it normally is. 


16. Pool Noodle Frisbee Race

This entertaining exercise involves racing to the finish line while balancing a frisbee on a pool noodle. It’s perfect for family barbecues as it doesn’t require any setup.

17. Noodle Knockout

Noodle Knockout is a very entertaining game in which two players attempt to make each other lose their balance, causing their frisbee to fall off their pool noodle. It’s difficult because you can’t be too aggressive or your frisbee will fall before your opponent’s.

18. Beach Ball Pool Noodle Game

Played using a beach ball and pool noodles, this game is comparable to field hockey. When you have a large group of people to amuse, this is a terrific team activity! It’s also suitable for children as young as two years old and seniors as old as 99. Just be aware that it may become really competitive.

19. Pool Noodle Ball Toss

When we tested this entertaining pastime, we made gigantic rings out of duct tape and pool noodles. The lads then attempted to toss the ball into the middle ring, scoring points based on their proximity to the center. It was a great math project since students had to sum up their point totals to keep track of them.

20. Pool Noodle Tic Tac Toe

This traditional game of Tic Tac Toe doesn’t require any tape or construction. You can make a gigantic Tic Tac Toe game out of pool noodles by layering them on top of each other and using bean bags as your Xs and Os. You may make it tougher by requiring players to toss the bags into the right square.



When it comes to fun and games, people tend to invent new things and innovate. As long as you have a creative mind, creating fun games with the materials that you have at hand will be a piece of cake. Since summer is the perfect time for water activities, you will surely have a few pool noodles around. What’s great about these items is that they are very versatile and can be a source of fun even when there is no pool around.

These twenty ideas of pool noodles games will surely bring excitement and fun to your family. Remember, when conducting outdoor games, to secure the area first and free it from items that can endanger you, your family, and children. This way, you will be able to enjoy your pool noodle games without having to worry about the safety of everybody.

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