Benefits and Drawbacks of Installing a Window in Your Shed

Window in Shed

A shed acts as a multifunctional space and serves a wide variety of purposes. It comes with a stylish design and various sizes that you can choose from. Of course, you can also build your own. Some sheds come with no window while some do. With that in mind, do you need a shed that has a window?

Windows in a shed keep the air condition good. They also keep your item or craft materials fresh, prevent mold buildup, and discourage pests that love dry and humid areas. Finally, they also welcome natural light and save you money on electricity.

In this article, we will explain why installing windows in your shed is necessary and will also tackle the drawbacks of having a shed with windows.


3 Benefits of Having Windows in Your Shed

Sheds are a great backyard element that can be used as a storage area and the perfect place to complete your crafts and projects peacefully. When considering the qualities of a shed, consider choosing and building one that features windows.

Windows in a shed play an important role since sheds are used for various purposes. Here are the three main benefits of having a window in your shed.

  • Air Flow

Windows in a shed are especially important if your shed is intended as a storage area for your materials and for someone who uses it to complete their crafts and projects. Windows are a must in this type of shed because of the airflow benefits they provide. On the other hand, a shed without windows has dry air and lacks ventilation.

If you are using a shed to store garden equipment, such as a lawnmower, rototiller, and other items, windows aren’t necessary. But if you plan on staying in a shed for some projects, a window is an integral element.

Having windows in a shed keeps the air condition good. It also keeps your item or craft materials fresh, prevents mold buildup, and discourages pests that love dry and humid areas.

  • Natural Light

Sheds with windows welcome natural light, as opposed to those that don’t have any windows. If your shed is intended as a storage area, windows can provide natural light that eases you up when searching for things.

Although some sheds feature artificial lighting, it can be an expensive option, especially if you plan on staying in your shed for extended periods. A shed without any windows is a dark room; it might not be a problem for storing your garden equipment or other materials, but it will be a problem for you.

  • Aesthetics

Windows are generally built to provide proper airflow, but in this modern technology, they have become a standard for a home’s aesthetic. With the different types and designs you can choose, it represents a great element to add to your shed. If you are conscious of the plain and dull appearance of your shed, windows are the perfect way to beautify it. They can make it look more stylish and preserve or enhance your home’s appearance.


Drawbacks of Having Windows in Your Shed

While having windows in your sheds offer great benefits, from allowing natural light, proper airflow, and ventilation, you should also be aware of the drawbacks. Indeed, windows can cause possible damages, such as leaks, or even injuries and accidents.

There are only two drawbacks of having a window on your shed, poor sealing and break-ins. In some instances, these drawbacks can be avoided by installing a smaller size window, while in some others, they are inevitable. Let’s dig deeper.

  • Poor sealing

One of the most common drawbacks of having windows in your shed is poor sealing. This can happen if you haven’t installed the windows properly and have performed improper sealing. With poor sealing, rainwater and snow can get into your shed, which can attract moisture, pests, bugs, and other problems. It can also cause your shed to get easily blown out by strong winds or storms.

Poor sealing can also make your shed deteriorate and tear down as time passes by causing major maintenance and repairs that can be an expensive hassle. Also, the poor sealing on your shed’s windows will not allow your shed to provide the same airflow benefits as one with properly sealed windows.

If you have poorly sealed your shed’s windows, apply caulking or weatherstripping around the windows’ frames. If you have torn the screening, replace it immediately and make sure to fit the screens properly for all the windows.

  • Break-ins

Break-ins are inevitable, no matter how you secure your home and shed, and windows are the most common and easiest way for thieves and burglars to break into your house. Alarm systems are now popular technology to help catch intruders trespassing on your property.

We recommend using a motion sensor light, CCTV cameras, and even curtains for added security. Also, avoid storing high-value items that can easily catch the thief’s eyes in your shed. If you decide to install a window in your shed, especially if it’s near the door, we recommend choosing shatter-resistant fiberglass or glass to limit your chances of experience break-ins.


How to Install Windows in Your Shed

Some sheds come with windows, but if you have purchased one without any, we’re here to help you incorporate one to your shed. Here’s how to install a window in your shed.

First, here are the tools and materials you’ll need:

  • 12×12 shed kit
  • Shed window
  • Window, door, and siding sealer
  • Grip
  • Touch ‘N Foam No Warp
  • Tar paper
  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Paddle bit
  • Drill
  • Cordless jigsaw
  • Level
  • Speed square
  • Tape measurer

Step 1

Measure and mark the position of your windows. Make sure the outline is leveled. If you’re lucky enough to have purchased windows made specifically for your shed, just measure the height you prefer. They will perfectly fit between your studs.

Step 2

Once you’ve determined where you’ll be placing the windows in your shed, make pilot holes on the shed’s wall using a paddle bit. Make sure the pit holes will fit in your reciprocating saw blade.

Step 3

Once the pit holes have been made, cut an opening in your shed for your window using a saw. You can use a jigsaw saw to refine or clean up the cut if needed.

Step 4

The next step consists of cutting the header and footer for your window and install it using a hammer and nails. You might consider adding support on the sides of the window if the studs don’t reach the headers and footers. Before securing it, make sure that everything is leveled and aligned.

Step 5

Once the supports have been installed, position a vapor barrier around the opening of the window’s perimeter. You can use tar paper for this step as it will protect the wood from moisture.

Step 6

The next step consists of installing your window. You might need to call someone to help you hold the window on the other side, and someone else to ensure that the window is leveled. Once you are confident that it is leveled, secure the window to its support using screws.

Step 7

For your exterior trim, finish by applying exterior grade paint. Once dry, use a construction adhesive and brad nails to attach the trim to your shed.

Step 8

Once you’ve attached the trim, use an exterior sealant to seal the windows and prevent moisture, rain, and snow from seeping through the window’s opening. Now that the window shed installation is complete, your shed is ready to be used!



Now that you know the three benefits of having a window in your shed, make sure that you are aware of the drawbacks mentioned in this article as well. Being aware of the disadvantages keeps you ahead of accidents, pests, and break-ins.

With this article, you can now decide whether you want windows in your shed or not. Windows are not only for aesthetic purposes; they can also offer you greater benefits as you continue to use them, aside from those discussed in this article.

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