Best Backyard Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Podcasts to Listen to

The variety of podcasts’ themes and the fact that you could listen to them on the go are some of the reasons why they are trending in 2021.

Podcast’s themes vary from one concept, profession, idea, and harmony to the other, and as such, offer listeners a wide range of audio content to listen to.

From crime to society, culture, religion, education, history, politics, interviews, storytelling, technology, law, pop culture, and sports, you could listen to podcasts on so many different themes and genres. Outdoor adventure/environment is no exception as different podcasts center on the environment, nature, gardening, and especially backyard grooming and tending, which is the focus of this article.

Of course, different podcasts shed light on the concept of backyard grooming. Still, for this article, we have listened to numerous podcasts to come up with a list of the best backyard podcasts that will enlighten, teach, and train you for backyard grooming.


  1. ​Backyard Farmer

Although aired in Nebraska, the impact of this podcast series cuts across the world.

The Backyard Farmer podcasts feature professional gardening and farming panelists who educate the public on different aspects of homesteading, organic gardening, and backyard grooming.

Known to have been around for 68 years, the Backyard Farmer educational background broadcast started airing in 1953 on Channel 12 KFOR-TV, in Lincoln, NE. From there, the show moved to the University of Nebraska Television Station in 1954.

Spanning over 50 episodes of podcasts, the Backyard Farmer educational broadcast has stretched its tentacles to podcasts, hence cutting across to a broader range of audiences.

Whatever your questions are on gardening, backyard grooming, etc., The Backyard Farmer podcasts have all the answers. See this series as the easiest access to your gardening troubles. The way words are carefully used to convey meanings is commendable. If you have no prior knowledge about gardening, you can listen to this podcast since it covers every aspect of backyard grooming, gardening, yard hobbies, etc. in a way that everyone can easily understand.

Listen to the Backyard Farmer podcasts on YouTube or hereOpens in a new tab..


  1. ​Backyard Bounty

Hosted and created by Nicole Gennetta and other seasoned backyard grooming guests, the Backyard Bounty podcast features diverse topics on gardening, backyard hobby farming, sustainable living, livestock farming, beekeeping, etc.

The Backyard Bounty podcast is a brainchild of Heritage Acres Market, a farm founded in 2016 which features bees, orchards, livestock, and gardens.

Counting up to 90 podcast episodes already, Backyard Bounty podcasts are available to listen to on major podcasts platforms, such as Apple PodcastsOpens in a new tab., Deezer, Podchaser, and YouTube.

I fell in love with the Backyard Bounty podcast after listening to an episode about beekeeping. A few months later, I moved into my new home and found a beehive in my backyard. I was intrigued by it. I got various recommendations from friends, but something inside me wanted them to stay. That’s when I took up beekeeping full time. I never knew I needed to take legal measures before starting my bee farm, but thanks to Backyard Bounty, I knew all the required legal steps once it was time!

Now, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but thanks to this podcast, I had a guide that took me through all the stages of beekeeping, and I was able to find my way around it.


  1. ​Two Minutes in The Garden

Hosted by the founder of the website Empress of Dirt, the Two Minutes in the Garden podcast is an informative and educating podcast through which people get to learn all they need to know about gardening and backyard grooming.

For a podcast delivered in such itsy-bitsy sizes, the amount of information packed into those few minutes of podcasts is incredible.

With episodes covering topics such as “The Benefits of Snow in the Garden,” “Grafting: What You Need to Get Right,” and “Lawns: Both Lived and Loathed,” these Two Minutes in the Garden podcasts are no doubt what every backyard groomer needs.

These podcasts are available hereOpens in a new tab..


  1. Homesteading and Gardening in the Suburbs with Misfit Gardening

Creating the perfect backyard for yourself can be an arduous task, especially for a backyard grooming newbie. But with a podcast like this, you can learn many things quickly. Indeed, not only do these podcasts feature extensive training on homesteading and backyard grooming, but they also share extensively on how to grow your food right in your backyard.

Another good thing about this podcast, which was founded in 2018, is that it starts teaching you the basics so that the listeners get carried along the entire way.

Thus, you can see that this podcast has a lot to teach you on permaculture, vegetable gardening, and home brewing in its over 80 episodes of intensive teaching.

You can play these podcasts on Player FM or hereOpens in a new tab..

Two weeks into listening to the Misfit Gardening podcast, I was so sure they crafted their topics because of me because every episode felt relatable. I could connect without forcing it. I had started so many backyard hobbies at that time, so I just needed a podcast from which I could learn a few more tricks.


  1. ​Backyard Garden

If a professional with 25 years of experience applied for a job at your office, would you hire them? Of course, you would. The same way you would not let the experienced professional slip through your hands, you shouldn’t allow the Backyard Garden podcasts to slip through your grasp.

The professional behind the Backyard Garden has been in the backyard grooming industry for 25 years and has all it takes to educate you on how to groom your backyard to the best of your desires. With their expertise, the Backyard Garden’s host is more than capable of teaching you how to tend to your backyard or grow organic foods.

With over 90 episodes, backyard groomers have a lot to learn from the Backyard Garden.

The Backyard Garden podcasts are available hereOpens in a new tab..

There’s something about listening to someone who has years of experience. They set aside all the technicalities and theories and teach you based on their knowledge. Nothing beats going through something, understanding it, and making it work for you. This is why the Backyard Garden podcast is a must-listen. I can’t tell you how much it changed my life!

You might wonder how this podcast changed my life. Think of it this way. When you hit the rock bottom in your career and are desperate to get back on your feet, anything seems like a good idea at that point because of your vulnerability. I had considered so many things I could do, but I knew in my gut that these things were terrible for me. But one day, a friend sent me a link to this podcast saying, “You’ll thank me for this.” Years later, I’m still thanking her for that gesture.

It taught me everything I could do in my backyard. This was how my gardening and farmhouse designing business came to life.


  1. ​Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer

If you are interested in learning how to run a backyard poultry at home through podcasts training, then these Chicken Whisperer podcasts are your best bet!

Hosted by Tucker Milling, the Chicken Whisperer podcast deals extensively on how to keep backyard poultry and how to live a self-sufficient life. But the Chicken Whisperer doesn’t only feature Tucker Milling; he also brings intelligent and professional poultry farm masters as guests. Among them are guests such as The Quail Lady (Alexandra Douglas), Peter Brown, and Veterinarian Dr. Maurice Pitesky.

The Chicken Whisperer podcasts are available hereOpens in a new tab..

Feel free to think of this podcast as the chicken revelation. As its name implies, the Chicken Whisperer podcast helps you navigate your way through owning a chicken farm, handling it, what to know about it, how to excel at it, etc.


  1. ​On the Ledge

Many individuals shy away from horticultural activities, especially people who have demanding jobs and careers. But truth be told, engaging in horticulture is one way of enjoying optimum relaxation, relieving stress, and restoring one’s peace of mind.

To enjoy these benefits and so much more, the On the Ledge weekly podcasts are here to help you find love in horticultural activities and teach you how to beautify your backyard and home by planting different flower species.

Hosted by garden editor Jane Perrone, and featuring different horticulturists, such as Matthew Perry and Alys Fowler, these 20-minute podcasts are worth listening to.

You can listen to On the Ledge podcasts on YouTube or here.

What if I told you that the moment you listen to this podcast, you’ll develop a keen interest in horticulture? Are you in doubt? If not, great. If you are, let me put it this way. What if I told you that with horticulture, you could make $100,000 a month without having to leave your home? Although it might sound too good to be true, this podcast tells you everything about growing different decorative plants and how to make money from them.


  1. ​Cultivating Place

Delving into a deeper side of horticulture and gardening, the Cultivating Place podcasts take a more profound and psychological approach to backyard grooming than On the Ledge.

Hosted by Jennifer Jewell, these 50-minute weekly podcasts explore an extraordinary dimension to gardening.


Cultivating Place podcasts are based on two premises:

  1. ​Backyard grooming and horticultural activities are intertwined with history, music, art, and literature.
  2. Backyard grooming and horticultural activities reflect people, their ideas, signatures, emotions, and ways of thinking.


So, if you want to listen to podcasts that share a philosophical and psychological outlook on backyard grooming and horticultural activities, then the Cultivating Place podcasts are what you need!

You can listen to Cultivating Place hereOpens in a new tab..


  1. ​The SodShow

Launched in 2010, The SodShow garden podcast is a thriving show that dishes out trendy and fresh news on backyard grooming and gardening.

Hosted by garden designer Peter Donegan, The SodShow garden podcast features over 300 episodes as we speak.

If a podcast of 11 years can boast of more than 35p episodes, it shows that it is worth devoting ample time to.

To hear Peter Donegan and his guests shed more light on gardening and backyard grooming, check The SodShow garden Podcasts hereOpens in a new tab. each Friday.


  1. ​Cultivate Simple

This podcast’s name is so attractive that you can’t help but want to listen to it! But if it made it on this list, obviously, its name is not the only thing to be top-notch about this podcast.

Susy and Brian Morris host this Cultivate Simple podcast and have unbridled, open, and honest conversations about backyard grooming in over 65 podcasts.

Do you want to listen to a brutally honest podcast about various backyard grooming topics, such as garden ponds, permaculture, and the likes? Then, you should not miss this one!

Cultivate Simple podcasts air here.


  1. ​Sow, Grow, Repeat

Reading the name of this podcast tells you everything you need to know about it. I call this podcast “the podcast that turns people’s lives around.” It is nothing short of a result-oriented podcast. It is straight to the point and leaves no room for dilly-dallying.

The hosts, Alys Fowler and Jane Perrone, along with their guests, take the proverbial bull by the horn to explore diverse backyard grooming horticultural topics on the podcasts. These podcasts give out expert gardening tips and advice that yield tremendous results when put to work.

The Sow, Grow, Repeat podcast is all about the processes. If you understand most of the theoretical aspects of gardening and need a way around the physical part of gardening and backyard hobbies, this podcast is your way out.

You can listen to the Sow, Grow, Repeat podcast hereOpens in a new tab..


  1. ​Gardening with the RHS

UK’s topmost gardening charity society, the Royal Horticultural Society, is the brain behind this podcast. The goal of the RHS is to help make the UK and the world a better place – through gardening. And one of the channels through which they do so is the Gardening with the RHS podcast.

This podcast features seasoned garden designers, growers, backyard grooming experts, and scientists to advise backyard groomers, provide realistic and tested solutions to their problems, and share updated and tested gardening techniques.

You can listen to Gardening with the RHS hereOpens in a new tab. and on Podbean.


  1. A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

For Margaret Roach, starting a gardening podcast is not just a bid to jump on the trendy podcast rush. For her, founding the A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach daily podcast was the opportunity to share nuggets from her well of knowledge with others.

And this is why her three-year-old podcast and 11-year-old broadcast remain some of the best gardening shows in America.

Not just that, but this podcast has won a lot of awards and recognitions, such as The Top Podcast award given by Fionnuala Fallon (The Irish Times) and three silver medals gotten from GardenComm (formerly known as The Garden Writers Association of America).

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and hereOpens in a new tab..


  1. ​Frisella’s All Around the Yard

If you are an ardent listener of Tony Frisella and his guests, kindly note that you will be working in your backyard year in year out. Yes, that’s right!

Tony Frisella believes that you should never be caught not doing anything in your yard at any point in time. Hence why he has a podcast that teaches people diverse backyard grooming ideas.

Not only that, but he also shares tips on soils, turf care, gardening, outdoor/indoor plants, etc.

You can find Frisella’s All Around the Yard podcasts hereOpens in a new tab..

Think of this podcast as the complete package. It is rare to find a show that tells you almost everything about setting up your backyard, different home hobbies to try, and how to make your home look like the perfect garden. I should warn you though; it gets addictive! Once you open your eyes to what life with the all around the yard podcast looks like, it becomes hard to resist.


  1. ​The Beginner’s Garden

There is a place for beginners who don’t have previous knowledge of backyard grooming and gardening, and that place is with Jill McSheehy on The Beginner’s Garden Podcast.

On this bi-weekly podcast, Jill shares easy to comprehend information, tricks, tips, and advice to gardeners who are green behind the ears.

You can listen to Jill hereOpens in a new tab..

The best thing about The Beginner’s Garden podcast is that it makes complex issues sound doable and straightforward. About two months into gardening, I had no idea what I was doing. I kept messing up the plants I was trying to grow, and it was becoming frustrating. So, I had to look for help. While researching online, I stumbled upon this podcast.

Suppose statistics say that 1 out of 100,000 people don’t like listening to stuff (music, podcasts, or people talking). That’s me. I didn’t particularly appreciate putting earphones in my ears. I had to tell myself that this was a sacrifice I needed to make. If I wanted to get better at gardening, I had to find a way to listen to the podcast because according to the comments online, The Beginner’s Garden podcast was the bomb.

Well, Jill McSheehy’s tips worked like magic and taught me everything I needed to know!

When searching for a podcast online, you have to know exactly what you want because there are so many podcasts out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the pressure to find a perfect one. That’s why you need to know what topics interest you. Once that has been established, it is easier to navigate to find the ones that resonate with you.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to dedicate all your time to listen to any of these podcasts. Create a schedule that gives you at least 45 minutes of playtime every day. If this is too intense for you because of your work schedule, you could listen to one about 2-3 times a week, or even less, according to your daily schedule. The only thing that matters is that you have available time slots to sit, relax, and listen to your podcasts.

Did you know podcasts help people relax and drastically reduce stress levels? Next time you feel stressed out and exhausted from daily activities, find a quiet place, relax for a few minutes, and listen to any of these podcasts. You’d be surprised by how better it will make you feel.



There are so many backyard podcasts and so little time for people to listen to all of them. Hence why we have decided to pick a few of the many best backyard podcasts of 2021.

Kindly note that selecting these above-mentioned backyard podcasts wasn’t an easy task considering there is a whole lot to pick from. Thus, the backyard podcasts that made this list are the ones we have listened to and learned more than a few educating points from.

We hope that when you listen to them, you will learn one or two informative tips too and get the answers to your questions about backyard grooming.

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