Can You Install a Fire Pit on a Patio?

Can You Install a Fire Pit on a Patio?

A patio is an extension of your home that offers a nice exterior space to relax with your kids. The most important thing to consider in designing your patio is something that you really like to do, and the things that will improve the quality of your life and your family’s. On the other hand, is it ok to put a fire pit on a patio?

Yes! A fire pit gives your outdoor place a glimpse of light and a warm environment on a cool, dark night. Though, a fire pit may damage your deck and cause harm. Thankfully, there are solutions to maintain the elegance of your patio and continue to reminisce and enjoy the fire in your own space. 

In this article, we will discuss whether you can put a fire pit on a patio. We will also tackle the do’s and don’ts of having a fire pit and the things we should know before installing a fire pit on a patio.


Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Patio?

The answer is definitely yes! A fire pit is a perfect addition to your patio. An outdoor space like your patio is a great place to loosen up from a stressful day of work, and you can make it even more relaxing by adding a fire pit. It is a perfect idea to enhance your patio’s ambiance and elevate the comfort it brings. Having a nice patio and warm environment to unwind outdoors functionally extends your home.

A fire bowl, whether fixed or portable, can be the warmest and most inviting asset on your patio. Regardless of whether you are meditating by yourself or hosting an evening party, a fire pit somehow creates a natural ambiance and becomes the main attraction. It lights up the place and, at the same time, keeps bugs at bay. It is also a perfect spot for kids to grill marshmallows and get the s’mores going and certainly ensures a magical night.

An outdoor fire pit has many health benefits as well. Sitting outside around the fire on a cold night isn’t just about keeping you warm; it gives you a comfortable feeling of being protected from the elements. It has been proven to promote relaxation and even decrease high blood pressure. Whether it is caused by the flaring flames or the natural sense of safety, outdoor fire pits appear to calm the nerves and bring you tranquility.

The good thing about outdoor fire pits is how they satisfactorily fit in any backyard or patio. Whether you have a bedroom-sized space or a garden the size of a tennis court, there are outdoor fire pits available for all spaces.


If you still want to enjoy lounging outside in your patio even when the weather is freezing, you need to get yourself an outdoor heating system. Your best choices are a fire pit and a patio heater. Both can definitely increase your body temperature and keep you warm, but the question is: which one should you choose, a patio heater or a fire pit? Read our article to find out. 


Will a Fire Pit Damage Your Patio?

A fire pit adds beauty, light, and warmth to your outdoor living area. Upgrading the space will make you appreciate it to the fullest and will benefit your family. The atmosphere of the fire makes relaxation and recreation even better. Nothing complements a chilly evening better than the sizzling sound of burning firewood under the beautiful moonlight.

The problem

However, the heat from your outdoor fire pit may cause damages to the concrete or any other heat-sensitive materials underneath it. Although concrete is not flammable, a wood-burning fire pit may damage an unprotected concrete patio due to the heat after some time.

This wood-burning fire pit is usually made of aluminum, copper, or wrought-iron bottom that conducts heat very well. It is not a good idea to place it merely six inches above your concrete patio. It sometimes results in visible cracking, erosion, discoloration, and generally, weakens the surface. In some instances, it may even lead to concrete explosions.

Aside from damaging the concrete, a fire pit can burn the grass’ surface and wooden deck below it. So, avoid placing a fire pit on these surfaces if you don’t have any means of protection from the heat underneath it. When installing a brick and rock fire pit, make sure there is nothing around that might potentially catch on fire. Hot ash and sparks can also light up when landing on combustible materials.

Solving the problem

Luckily, you can easily solve this issue by placing a quality fire pit mat under your fire pit. This protective heat shield blocks the heat transfer to your concrete surface. It is placed underneath the fire pit and above the concrete patio or wooden deck. Since fire pit mats are made of volcanic rock(carbon fibers), they effortlessly prevent the heat from reaching through. Using this properly will safeguard your patio, even if left unattended.

Both portable and permanent fire pits are capable of burning your concrete and may create cracks. Although some fire pits can badly damage your concrete patio, a propane fire pit does not have the same kind of issue as a wood-burning fire pit.

Although you may have a dangerous fire pit, you can take action to alleviate the issues. As fire is always associated with big risks, keep in mind to observe fire safety requirements. As safety is the main priority, using a fire pit mat in all types of fire pits is necessary to prevent further accidents and damages.


Things to Know Before Installing a Fire Pit on Your Patio

Everyone will agree that sitting in front of the fire is something we should do every once in a while. Well, there is no best place to carry it out than your own home. Sitting around a fire has been a practice and one of the best ways to relax and calm down, and fire pits eventually became alternatives to traditional bonfires. But before we feel the excitement of having a fire pit, we have to consider some important matters in installing one in our backyards.


The first thing to consider in any home improvement is the cost of the project. This depends on the type and size of the fire pit you’d like. You can buy a simple unit from the store or build your own. If you have a tight budget, we suggest you go for a simple fire pit. A cheap, portable steel fire pit may cost around 200 dollars.

The cost of a fire pit may start from 100 dollars, but anticipate that it may rise to thousands of dollars if you add up other amenities. Others would spend a fair amount, especially if you add other features to it. A fire pit that is installed directly and permanently into a stone patio can cost 4,000 dollars.

Choose between a permanent or portable fire pit

Once it is allowed in your place and you have determined where to place it, you have to decide whether you want a portable or permanent fire pit. The decision you make will depend on your needs as fire pits come in all sizes and shapes.

Portable fire pits can be moved around your property as they are lightweight and can be placed anywhere you want during an outdoor gathering. A permanent fire pit, on the other hand, can add to your property value, especially if it is greatly designed and adds attraction to your home.

Choose your materials and style

Fire pits have many styles and designs to choose from. Consider your space so you will know what size of fire pit you need and choose the one that best fits your area. Make sure you don’t pick one that is too large for your patio. Some popular types of fire pits include those with square or rectangular designs and fire bowls.

If you have a tiny patio, a fire bowl is a good portable option. Stainless steel and copper fire bowls, although expensive, are rain and rust-resistant and easy to clean. They are safe and look beautiful and shiny on your patio.

In a spacious patio, you can choose between a rectangular and square design that is preferably permanent. Stones and marble slabs are the best for a permanent fire pit as they give a rustic look. Nonetheless, whichever style and material you choose, you have to make sure that it complements the overall look of your patio.

Consider the safeness

In all aspects, safety is always the top priority. You might not completely enjoy your fire pit if it is not safe. Therefore, you have to see that everything is in place and settle to avoid any danger that may harm your property and family.


Is your fire pit not generating enough heat? This will be a problem, especially during the colder months. If you want your fire to burn stronger and generate more heat, check out our 5 ways to get more heat from your fire pit


Do’s and Don’ts When Putting a Fire Pit on Your Patio

As we already know, a fire pit is a great addition to your patio and allows you to chill out. Yet, putting a fire pit on your patio is dangerous and may cause you to stress, particularly if you don’t know the do’s and don’ts of having one. If you want to avoid certain issues on your patio, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Here are the do’s:

  • Choose a perfect location

    Choose a location that is far away from combustible materials and items, such as furniture, overhangs, and especially including your house. As a rule of thumb, a fire pit should be placed 10 feet away from your home and other items. You may check the guidelines for installing a fire pit in your yard online. Always keep in mind that on windy days, the fire may get blown by the wind, causing your valuables to catch on fire and putting your home at risk.

  • Protect the surface

    As already discussed, a fire pit mat helps secure your deck from sparks, gas, and ash. Such a pad comes from various materials, such as metal and metal, and keeps your deck secure throughout.

  •  Cover with spark screens

    Investing in a fire pit spark screen for extra shielding against flying sparks will prevent ashes from floating in the air and possibly burn things close to the fire like your beautiful furniture. Also, a poker tool is a great addition to control the woods and fire.

  • Add extra layers

    Add extra inches of sand inside the fire pit before you light it up. This addition will give an extra layer of protection to your deck and will extend the effectiveness and quality of your fire pit mat.

  • Consider the weather conditions

    Ideally, it is great to use your fire pit in calm weather. A gentle wind is considerable and will not cause fire by reaching nearby valuable things.

  • Clean your patio before lighting your fire pit

    You must clean your patio before lighting your fire pit, especially if close to trees, leaves, and other matter that may accumulate on your patio. These things can easily spark and may cause an unwanted fire.

  • Dispose of the ashes once the fire pit has cooled down

    Always dispose of the ashes after using your fire pit. Settling them for a few days in the fire pit may cause corrosion if the ashes soak up in moisture. Some may blow out around your patio and bring out difficult cleaning. You can wait for at least 24 hours and take out the ashes. Otherwise, you can save and use them as garden compost.

  • Check for a local ordinance

    Some local government units and Homeowner’s associations have laws and regulations regarding the use of fire pits due to potential fire-related property damages. Thus, you better check what these ordinances are, if there are any, before installing a fire pit at your place. Complying with these policies will prevent any fines and charges.

Here are the don’ts:

  • Don’t place your fire pit near the side of your home

    The most important safety measure to implement when using the fire pit is to keep it at least 20 feet away from your house and other ignitable structures. Remember that a fire pit brings out heat, and too much heat may damage your house’s siding or even light it on fire. Make sure you don’t place the fire pit next to anything that could easily catch fire.

  • Don’t place your fire pit directly on a wooden patio

    Don’t place your fire pit directly on a wooden patio’s surface. The bottom part of the fire pit produces heat and scorches your deck. Instead, protect your wooden patio from further damage by placing a fire pit mat in between. You may also use a small grid and pavers as an alternative. Simply arrange the pavers to shield the area of the patio surface and place the fire pit on top of it.

  • Don’t use lighter fluid to ignite the fire

    It is pointless to use lighter fluid to fire your wood. It increases the risks of property damages and may cause injuries. Dry wood can easily ignite with just a little effort. Properly position woods to allow air to pass through and some kindling or tinder in the middle to get it cracking.

  • Don’t leave your lit up fire pit unattended

    Never leave your fire pit unattended. Remind family members to watch it if you have to run some errands. Unattended fire could spark a secondary fire and cause property damages. This rule is not only limited to fire pits but also applies to all activities involving fire.



Now, you are ready to create your dream backyard. You already know everything you need to know about having a fire pit at your place. A fire pit is a great addition to your patio and a beautiful spot for gathering with family. A fire pit is a primitive way of relaxing on your patio.

Just imagine the smell of burning wood and that campfire aura… The warm glow of fire creates a romantic and dramatic setting. Enjoying a wonderful night under the moon and perfect weather is a breathtaking experience and creates unforgettable memories.

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