Do You Need to Cover Your Patio Furniture Every Night?

Covered patio furniture

Outdoor furniture brings out the liveliness of a backyard. It provides relaxation and offers a great place to hang out with family and friends. Patio furniture can be exposed to harsh sun, humidity, rain, frost, strong winds, dust, and pests. So, covering it is essential to prolong its lifespan and looks.

Covering your furniture every night isn’t necessary. However, covering your patio furniture will preserve its look and help the furniture last longer, especially if you are not using it. Covering your outdoor furniture every night is a great idea as it will keep it from catching moisture that can be brought up by morning dew. It is a wise idea to offer it coverage, no matter the season.

In this article, we will tackle patio furniture cover and whether or not you need to cover your outdoor furniture every night. We will also discuss the things you should look for when choosing a cover for your patio furniture.


Do You Need to Cover Your Patio Furniture Every Night?

No one clearly states that you should cover your patio furniture every night. However, to protect it, you must cover it when not in use. Covering your outdoor furniture will preserve its look and help the furniture last longer.

Covering your outdoor furniture every night is a great idea because it will keep it from catching moisture that can be brought up by morning dew. Exposure to moisture could diminish and deteriorate your patio furniture over time.

However, no matter what season and climate in your area, it is important to cover your patio furniture. It is the easiest and best way to protect it.

Before covering it, it is also best to clean it. This will avoid mold, mildew, and moisture build-up once you cover it. You can wipe the furniture using mild soap and water to clean any dirt, residue, and water that could stain and damage your outdoor patio furniture.


Lawn furniture, even though they are intended for outdoor use, cannot stay in your yard all year round. This is because changing seasons and extreme temperatures can cause them damage and affect their longevity. To learn how to store your furniture properly, read our guide to storing backyard furniture


Why Do You Need to Cover Your Patio Furniture?

A furniture cover is designed to protect outdoor furniture from rain, snow, sun, and even annoying pests and small animals. Patio furniture comes in a wide range of materials, and some of them are susceptible to damages when they are not covered and taken care of properly.

Cushions are made of soft materials and are the most common furniture to get easily damaged. The fabric and inner material like foam can fade if exposed to the sun for some time. If you want your cushion and other furniture to last long, cover it with a quality patio furniture cover. This will ensure that your outdoor furniture remains in its best condition.

Some people don’t mind having their outdoor furniture covered, but others would spend a penny to protect and care for their furniture. Here are some common outdoor furniture materials and how they could be prone to damages if they aren’t covered.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum is one of the most durable outdoor furniture materials. It doesn’t get easily damaged, especially by rain, because aluminum doesn’t rust very much. However, there’s one issue with aluminum outdoor furniture: it has holes for drainage and adjusting. With these holes, the water gets trapped inside, especially during rainy weather.

This can damage the furniture from the inside as well. If water gets inside your furniture, covering it won’t help. However, if you cover your patio furniture before it starts raining or snowing, it will protect the furniture from damages.

If there water already is inside, the next best step is to turn your furniture upside down to drain out the water. Then, once the water is out and the furniture is dry, cover it.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Plastic patio furniture is the most common furniture homeowners purchase. It is also common for it to crack and break in extreme heat and cold. It would be a hassle for you to cover and uncover the furniture constantly, especially if you are using it regularly. But, if you are not using your plastic furniture, consider putting a cover over it to prevent it from cracking and breaking.

Rain doesn’t affect plastic furniture but freezing temperatures can damage it. Plastic furniture is also lightweight and can be blown easily by strong winds. Thus, consider having a heavy furniture cover to protect your plastic furniture from flying away.

Wicker Patio Furniture

There are two kinds of wicker furniture: natural and synthetic. Each kind comes with its own durability. Natural wicker is prone to rain, moisture, and sun damage, while synthetic wicker has a coating that protects it from any weather conditions and UV radiations.

Natural wicker furniture can also be expensive, and since it is prone to damage, we advise you to cover it, no matter the season. Synthetic wicker furniture is durable, and since it is coated, covering it is not necessary.

However, covering synthetic wicker furniture is still a great idea, especially during winter, when snow or ice can weigh down the furniture, causing it to splinter.

Wooden Patio Furniture

Wood is the most popular outdoor furniture and is often seen on patios. Just like natural wicker furniture, wood, if left uncovered, can be weak and rot. If you expose wood furniture to rain, sun, snow, and other natural elements, it can get damaged easily.

The water can also freeze inside the wooden furniture during winter, causing it to crack. Before covering your wooden furniture, apply a wood sealant to keep it strong and protected during heavy rains and harsh winters.

Wrought-iron Patio Furniture

Wrought-iron patio furniture can rust very easily, so it is important to cover it during the rainy and winter months. When summer and spring arrive, don’t forget to wipe it dry to prevent rusting. Also, sun exposure can cause wrought iron to fade, but you can spray a UV protection spray during summer if you don’t want to cover it.


Things to Know When Choosing a Patio Cover

As previously mentioned, having a patio furniture cover is important as it protects your outdoor furniture against natural elements. Without a cover, your furniture would deteriorate faster. However, you can’t just look for a plain cover. Look for one that will protect and secure your outdoor furniture throughout the seasons.

Here are some things you should know when choosing a patio cover.

1. Dimensions

The first thing you need to know is the dimensions of the patio furniture cover you are looking for. Knowing this will save you time and money from picking the wrong fit.

Some patio furniture manufacturers make covers for their furniture, so when buying outdoor furniture, check if it comes with a furniture cover. If it doesn’t, you will need to get the dimensions of the patio furniture that you want to cover.

When measuring the dimensions, make sure your cover will perfectly fit your patio furniture. Do not put too much allowance on the dimensions for the cover might drag on the floor, catching dirt and water. Also, avoid buying a one-size-fit-all patio furniture cover for it can be more hassle and inappropriate for your furniture.

2. Waterproof

Some patio furniture covers claim to be waterproof but can only resist drizzle. One of the best furniture cover materials is vinyl. Vinyl patio furniture covers allow water to roll off the cover, keeping the furniture safe, clean, and dry.

Vinyl patio furniture covers also protect the furniture against dust and debris, which will leave annoying prints on your clothes. When choosing a water patio furniture cover, make sure it can protect the furniture from staining, harsh weather conditions, pests, and other natural elements.

When installing the cover, be careful not to trap moisture inside it for it can lead to fungi growth.

3. UV Protection

Sun is patio furniture’s worst enemy. It can deteriorate and ruin it quickly and make it lose its good look. When buying a patio furniture cover, look for one that offers UV protection. Even if you cover your outdoor furniture, the sun can seep through its damages, hence why it is important to look for a quality patio cover.

Quality patio furniture covers are usually thicker to block out the damaging rays of the sun. However, quality patio furniture covers can be expensive but are worth the investment.

4. Breathable Design

Another thing you should know when choosing a furniture cover is whether or not it has a breathable design. A breathable patio furniture cover has air vents built into it that allow the air to circulate through the furniture.

When the air doesn’t properly circulate between the furniture and cover, it can develop mold and mildew. If that happened, it would necessitate more maintenance work.

When buying a breathable patio furniture cover, make sure it is also waterproof. Some manufacturers sell breathable covers that aren’t waterproof.

5. Soft Cloth Backing

Another thing you should consider when buying patio furniture covers is they must have a soft cloth backing to avoid ruining the finishing of the furniture.

Having a soft cloth backing furniture cover is important if you have stained wood furniture. Having a cover without soft clothing could rub away the paint or the finish coatings, leaving unattractive and annoying spots.

6. Furniture Cover with Ties

It is also important to look for a furniture cover that has ties to prevent it from flying over. This handy feature will keep you from chasing the covers across your backyard. Ties are really helpful, especially during strong winds and heavy storms. Some covers could turn into balloons and then fly out of the furniture.

Look for a furniture cover that has ties at the bottom to help secure it to your furniture. This is often a neglected feature that furniture owners forget to look for.


Rattan furniture is built to last a very long time, even if kept outside throughout the year. Synthetic rattan is waterproof and weather-resistant, but genuine wooden rattan furniture tends to give in to the harsh weather. With these factors in mind, can you leave your rattan furniture out all year? 



Patio furniture covers are a solution for every furniture owner struggling to protect their outdoor things against natural elements. Covers are important to shield your outdoor furniture from the sun, snow, and rain, especially when you are not using it. Patio furniture covers will help your outdoor furniture last longer and will keep you from spending time and money on repairs and replacement.

Keep in mind to look for patio furniture covers that possess the assets mentioned above. Doing so will save you money, time, and effort. While you are not required to cover your patio furniture every night, it is better to have a cover on-hand that you can use whenever you need to protect your patio furniture. 

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