Do Playsets Lower Your Property Value? Let’s Find Out

Backyard Playset

Selling a property requires considering the many components that can affect its value. Even before you sell it, you must ensure every area of the house is properly maintained so as to not decrease its value. How about if you own a playset? Does it lower the property value?

Generally, having a playset doesn’t lower the property value. If the playset is in good condition, you can guarantee buyers won’t mind having it as part of the property. Plus, a playset can attract buyers with children who may consider buying the property.

In this article, we will discuss how a playset impacts your property value, how to turn it into an asset, and the things that cause a decrease in property value.


How a Playset Impacts Your Property Value

A playset can affect the value of your property due to some factors. Make sure that this structure is in good condition, that the parts are secured, and that it features a versatile design. You must choose a removable playset and consider the type of neighbors you have.

A playset is considered an attraction to a property, especially if the buyer has children. Some people may not want one depending on their status but kids will most likely immediately like it since it’s mainly for playing. If we think of it as an additional advantage for a house, then it can impact the value of the property you are selling.

  • Conditions of the Playset

The first element that a buyer will instantly see is the condition or quality of the playset. If it is old or damaged, the buyer evidently won’t spend more money on the playset. After all, none of us wants to pay for an impaired structure that doesn’t look good to your yard.

On the other hand, a playset bearing attractive colors and kept in a good state can entice buyers’ eyes. They are not only buying a property but also have an additional benefit that they might not see to other properties sold. With such, you can guarantee they’ll decide to buy your property instead of another.

If you have a playset on your property and plan to offer it to your buyers, make sure it can persuade them through its looks. This can ensure your house will look more valuable in the buyers’ eyes.

  • Neighbors

Neighbors play a huge role in attracting the buyer of the property you are selling. The best example of this is if the neighbor captivates the hearts of people with children. The buyer will most likely consider buying your house knowing it comes with a playset.

If the property is neighboring professionals or elderly people, your playset may not attract buyers. Although the playset is useless for these people, we can still say their grandchildren and future kids will surely make use of it. The type of neighbors you have is one of the most crucial factors that affect the value of a property.

  • Secured

Since the conditions of the playset determine the price of the property, it is recommended that you maintain the structure if you are planning to offer it to the buyers. They will be attentive to the quality of the product before deciding to buy it. If the playset presents damages that will endanger the buyer’s children, it may not allure them to buy the property or may push them to ask to lessen the price.

Before presenting the house to the buyer, make sure everything is intact and in good condition. Double-check the different areas of the playset to see if there are some missing parts. Also, check whether or not there are at least six feet on each side of the playset.

As for the swing, it should have a beam 6 feet tall and 1 foot from the ground. Its arch should not exceed 5 feet. There should be about 10 feet around both the back and front.

  • Choose a versatile playset design

A playset comes with an original design when you buy it. We advise you to make the design plain and simple so that it can cater to children of all ages. If you know you’re going to sell your property in the future, make sure the enhancements you applied won’t change its design.

Another instance is if you are about to buy a playset. Choose generic colors or designs that are versatile to all children, no matter their age. In that way, you can ensure that the buyers’ children are attracted to the playset without judging its overall appearance.

  • Removable Playset

Some playsets are removable while others aren’t. Although, it is advisable to choose or maintain one that is removable. If you are about to sell your house, the buyers will have the freedom to take it down anytime they want. With such, they will consider paying for it.

And how about non-removable playsets? This kind of playset may not fit other buyers’ home requirements since a certain space in the property is consumed by this structure. They can’t just remove it as it is permanently set, unlike removable ones.


How to Turn Your Playset into an Asset

Turn your playset into an asset to your property by cleaning it and replacing the damaged parts. Apply some wood preservatives to a wood playset for a longer lifespan. You can also make it more attractive by coordinating the landscape with the playset.

An old playset that bears an unpleasant appearance won’t attract buyers. To make it an asset to your property, we enumerated how to do enhance its appearance.

  1. Clean it

Before you can apply enhancements to your playset, make sure you clean it first. The appearance of everything is sometimes affected by the dirt or dust covering it. After the cleanup process, the playset will regain its attractive look and allow you to see the damages you must repair.

Make sure you remove all the unattractive dirt by washing and wiping it after, so the different parts of the playset are completely clean.

  1. Change the damaged parts

Maintenance isn’t limited to cleaning but also changing the parts that are damaged, which may put the children using the playset in danger. Replace those frail, old, and fragile parts to make them safe for the kids. Improving each of the pieces can attract buyers.

Check the swings to see if they are rusty and replace their ropes. The most important rule is to apply a total make-over to the playset, knowing that you’ll sell it.

  1. Wood playset makeover

Restore the beauty of your wooden playset by smoothing the rough areas with sandpaper. Repair every damage you can see in the wood before you present it to the buyers. Ideally, stain or apply some wood preservatives to extend the lifespan of your wooden playset.

  1. Beautify the surroundings

Aside from the maintenance of the playset, you should also focus on the landscape. Try to transform it and make it match with the playset, so that the looks fit the entire property. To do so, you must harmonize the colors of your yard and those of the playset.

Using pea gravel, mulch, landscape timber, and sand can help in the transformation of your playset. Place these materials around the playset so the landscape of your yard will be coordinated. Planting some plants is also ideal.

  1. Apply finishing touches

You can set the mood of the playset by placing stuff of a certain theme that will change the appearance of the playset. If you want to make it lively, you should focus on the colors. This is just an example of the things you can do to your playset to trigger the buyers’ emotions after seeing it.


Things that Causes the Property Value to Decrease

There are several factors you must observe if you plan on selling your property in the future. To prevent the decrease of its value, avoid modifying the garage and conduct regular maintenance on both the exterior and interior of the house, including the yard. These are just a few things you must take note of.

  • Disturbance from the neighborhood

On their first visit to your property, your buyers will notice the potential noise that can disturb their daily living and might turn down your offer. The result will push you to lower the price of your property since people might not consider buying it due to the atmosphere. Having neighbors with a criminal record can also highly affect the value and decrease the charm of your house from the buyer’s perspective.

  • Unpleasant house exterior

The house’s exterior is like the cover of a book that catches attention or the wrapper of a candy fascinated by kids. If the first impression of the buyer on the exterior is negative, it will possibly impact the rest of their impression, even if the inside is attractive. So before you present your property to the buyer, make sure the paint is appealing and fits the landscape. Choose neutral colors like ivory, beige, gray, and many others in that vein.

  • Lacks maintenance

If some areas of the house you’re selling badly need repairs, you should fix them before selling the place. Buyers tend to choose houses that won’t cost them a lot due to the maintenance, not to mention the value of the property you are selling to them. Houses with leaks and damages will surely result in a decrease in their value.

  • Awful yard appearance

Another turnoff from the buyer’s perspective is an awful yard. This indicates you don’t regularly maintain it and that it requires a complete revitalization to make it beautiful again. That is if the buyer will agree to spend their money to purchase the house and spend on the costly maintenance of the yard.

The value of the property will decrease since it requires heavy improvements. If you want to maintain the value of your house, it’s time for you to beautify and fix the yard.

  • Street Suffix

The street suffix of the address can impact the value of the property. If you are new to this, it’s time to get to know whether your street suffix has a place, road, and boulevard to it, as most of it is usually expensive. Addresses that bear drive, avenue, and street are the cheapest ones.

  • Overly designed

You’ll never know the taste of the buyer deeply, so we advise you to keep your house’s interior design generic. If potential buyers visit the property, they will focus on the changes and maintenance they need to apply. Thus, guarantee that your house’s features show that the buyer is free to redesign it so it won’t affect the value of your property.

  • Modifying your garage

Bear in mind that modifying your garage can decrease the value of your house. This modification case applies to a condition where you convert your garage into a different space, like an office, for instance. If you already turned the garage into something different and the buyer wants a garage to park their cars and store their tools, they will need to spend money on restoring the garage to its original features, meaning the price of the property will decrease.



Maintaining the structure of your house and its elements is a sure way to preserve its value over time. If you have a playset in your yard, make sure you take care of it every day, not only for selling purposes in the future but also for the enjoyment and safety of your children. Playsets may affect the overall price of your house but it is an ideal asset to offer buyers, especially those who have kids in their family.

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