7 Best Places to Buy a Lawn Mower! [Experts Guide]

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A perfectly conditioned lawn is what every homeowner dreams of. And a reliable lawn mower is essential in making that dream a reality. However, there are so many options to pick from and so many questions you might have. Among them, you might wonder whether to go with a push mower or a rider, gas or electric, and so much more.

Of course, you have to buy your lawn mower at the right place. Otherwise, you might risk wasting both your money and efforts. That is why we are here. We have picked the best places to purchase any type of lawn mower for your property.

For each store, we will go over the price range, the brands they sell, their shipping and customer service, etc. Now, let’s begin!


The Home Depot

It comes as no surprise that the largest American home improvement retailer also has a great catalog of lawn mowers to choose from. They have every type of mower you can think of, as well as every spare part and accessory.

What Brands Do They Sell?

The Home Depot sells models from the most popular lawn mower brands on the market, such as Toro, Honda, John Deere, Black + Decker, etc., as well as from other less famous brands. They keep their inventory up to date, meaning you can be sure they have the latest model in stock.

Apart from their mowers, they also sell pretty much all the mower parts, including wheels, motors, blades, air filters, etc. They also offer maintenance equipment, like lubricants and oil, and have spare parts for almost all the models on display. If not, they can order specific parts for you.

Price Range

Due to their large selection, lawn mower prices vary widely. Obviously, the most famous brands are going to cost you more. But, you can also get cheaper models to prevent your budget from going overboard.

Typically, push-mowers cost between $300 and $800 depending on the power and age of the model. Meanwhile, riding mowers start at $1,500 and go all the way up to $3,000.

Besides, different parts have different evaluations. Branded parts will once again cost you more.

The Home Depot also provides a rental service, available for up to four weeks. Therefore, you can easily take a lawn mower home and go for a test ride. If you are happy with it, you can buy it. Otherwise, you can return the mower, provided that it is intact. It is a great distinguishing feature of The Home Depot.

The store also has price matching to further assist you in getting the lawn mower you desire. Price matching means you have the chance to get your mower at the lowest price on the market. This is a crucial feature for people working on a tight budget. The caveat is that the item must be available from the competitor at your closest location.

Shipping Policy

You will be glad to hear that The Home Depot offers free shipping with its services. Thus, you can choose to have your product delivered straight to your door, for free most of the time. Otherwise, you can pick it up for free at a nearby shop.

Return Policy

You can return any product from The Home Depot within 90 days after the purchase. That gives you plenty of time to test the product and make a decision.



Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces for any kind of technology. Therefore, the website also has a terrific collection of lawn mowers at varied prices.

What Brands Do They Sell?

Like with other products they have, Amazon’s biggest selling point lies within their diversity. Amazon pretty much sells all the most popular brands, including EGO, Craftsman, Black + Decker, etc. Therefore, you can be sure they have more in their catalog.

Of course, availability is a matter, but Amazon will notify you once a product is re-stocked. In some stores, you can customize your order to completely suit your needs. You can also get spare parts and other accessories.

Price Range

Price starts as low as $80-90 and can rise to $1,500 and everything in between. Electric push mowers are within the few-hundred-dollar range, while manual mowers are available for less than $100.

You can get combo packages, which are a great money-saver. The package will come with extra parts or maintenance tools.

Return Policy

Any item you buy from Amazon can be returned within 30 days after shipping. Now, different suppliers provide a different return policy. So, check the policy from the store you are buying from.

Shipping Policy

Amazon does offer free shipping on some of its products with Prime membership. You can check which products are eligible for this policy in the description. Prime membership also comes with the benefit of instant shipping, meaning you can get your product within hours or days after ordering it.

If the item is shipped directly by Amazon and costs more than $25, the shipping will be free, whether or not you have a Prime membership.

Amazon provides a platform for many third-party sellers. So, make sure you read their policies, as well as customer reviews before you confirm your order. The last thing you want is to get defective equipment from a store with shady exchange policies.



Now, we present to you the biggest company in the world in terms of revenue. If you have ever been inside of a Walmart, you know just how plentiful their stock is. And their lawn mower collection is truly massive. Whether you browse by brand or search in a specific category, Walmart will most likely have the mower you want.

What Brands Do They Sell?

Walmart sells Craftsman, Carevas, Troy-Bilt, MTD, and so many more. You can visit their website to find the list of all the models they have, or you can simply head over to a store near you to see it first-hand.

Price Range

Walmart probably has the best value for money out of all retailers. At the very least, they have the widest price range to fulfill almost everyone’s needs.

In fact, they can go even lower than the price you see on the tag or on their website. This is because they also provide customers with a price matching facility. So, if you find a cheaper alternative at another store, Walmart will match that price. However, product availability is a factor in this.

Shipping Policy

They can bring your product in one or two days, depending on where you live. Of course, if you have a Walmart shop near you, then free pick-up is always an option. Free shipping is provided by either Walmart or a third party.

Return Policy

Walmart gives you 90 days total to try out your new mower. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within that timeframe to a nearby branch or via mail. They offer you a 100% cash-back guarantee.

Similar to Amazon, Walmart also houses many third-party suppliers. You can check this under the “sold and shipped by” heading. Most suppliers are trustworthy, as Walmart does have a thorough screening policy. Although, you can never be too careful. So, make sure to read the customer reviews before you make a final decision.


Ace Hardware

True to its name, Ace Hardware provides any type of hardware you can think of, and lawn mowers are no exceptions to that. Indeed, they have a solid collection of mowers and available parts, as well as other accessories.

What Brands Do They Sell?

Toro, Black + Decker, Craftsman, MTD, EGO, etc. are all brands you can find in their supply. Their catalog is rather small compared to some of the other candidates on this list. But, they still have a noteworthy selection of branded products, and yes, they sell parts for these mowers as well.

Price Range

The prices start around $100 and can raise over $1,000 for some models. You can go to their website and browse by category or price to see which item matches your allowance.

Sadly, they do not offer price matching. So, the price you see on the description is the one you have to pay, unless there is an ongoing sale or special offer.

Shipping Policy

You can select from their online library and pick your order up from a store close by. You may also have it delivered via curbside pickup. Unfortunately, Ace Hardware does not provide shipping of its own. In that sense, their shipping policy is the weakest on this list.

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with the product you received or if it presents any defects, you can return it and get a full refund. You have 30 days from the time of the purchase to activate this service. Of course, you need proof of purchase (usually your receipt) to be eligible.


Mowers Direct

We have our first entry into a marketplace specially dedicated to lawn mowers and other related products. But, Mowers Direct also stores pretty much every tool you need for maintaining your lawn.

A noticeable feature of Mowers Direct is that they offer you advice from leading experts in the industry. In this way, you can always get a reliable source to provide you with a second opinion if needed.

What Brands Do They Sell?

Since they specialize in lawn mowers, it is unsurprising that they have thousands of products available at all times. From Honda and Toro to EGO and MTD, you can find the brand you are looking for. Like all the other retailers in this list, they, too, stock spare parts and accessories for these mowers.

Price Range

Just like their selection of mowers, their price range is particularly diverse, starting from a few hundred dollars up to one thousand.

Mowers Direct has an excellent feature for their customers. They frequently offer exclusive deals, end-of-season closeouts, a “scratch and dent” policy, and many more discounts. You can check their website to check their exclusive deal very easily.

Mowers Direct does not offer price matching. So, the price you see is the price you will pay, after discounts and deals are accounted for.

Shipping Policy

This is another great advantage of shopping at Mowers Direct: they ship their products and charge you nothing for this service. Plus, their shipping is very reliable and super-fast.

Return Policy

You can return any unopened package within 30 days for a full refund. The countdown starts from the moment you receive your order, rather than the time you place it.

If the package is open, you can still return it for a 25% re-stocking fee.



If you have ever purchased home improvement products, you have heard of Lowe’s — and for good reasons. They have been a reliable source of great home improvement tools with a large catalog.

They have detailed descriptions for each type of mower. You can get an expert’s opinion on what sort of mower best fits your situation. They answer questions regarding gas vs. electric or ride vs. push, to name a few.

A notable feature is how easy it is to browse their extensive catalog and select the ideal lawn mower. Lowe’s website is super convenient to navigate and look for specific models based on brand, price, or function.

From electric to gas, push mowers to riders, and everything else in between, Lowe’s catalog is any homeowner’s dream come true. And did I mention that they have parts and maintenance tools available as well?

What Brands Do They Sell?

This store has quite a handsome collection of brands, including John Deere, EGO, Honda, Ariens, and Craftsman — you name it, and they probably have it.

Just head over to their website and search for mowers according to whichever brand you prefer. This makes it super easy to cross-match and compare different products.

Price Range

Push mowers can cost you from a few hundred dollars to just over a thousand. Riding mowers starts at around $4,000-5,000, depending on the model and brand.

Additionally, they have a guaranteed price-matching facility. If you can prove you found the exact same model at a lower price from another supplier, Lowe’s will match that price for you.

Return Policy

Their return policy is also excellent. You will have 90 days in total to test out your new mower. If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you can either return it or exchange it. Now, the condition of the mower you want to return will determine the refund you will receive. Usually, any unused merchandise will come with a full refund policy.

Shipping Policy

Lowe’s offers free shipping on many of its products, although not all. You can check whether a specific item has free shipping or not in the description. If not, you will be subjected to a service charge for delivery.


Tractor Supply Co.

You can tell by the name alone what this company is all about. They are here to sell you mowers and tractors of any kind — gas, electric, push, and even robotic.

What Brands Do They Sell?

Their inventory may be smaller than other retailers on this list, but they do have some quality products from top brands, which include Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Greenworks, to name a few.

Price Range

They also have a pretty flexible price range, starting from over one hundred dollars. This price can go all the way up to thousands of dollars for high-end riding mowers. You can conveniently compare the prices of different models on their website to give you a better picture.

Just like their competitors, they also offer price matching. All you have to do is show them an ad copy with a photo, or any other legitimate proof of the same product sold at a lower rate. They will verify your claim and match that price if everything seems legitimate.

Shipping Policy

They do offer free delivery for some of their products. Other products can be picked up for free from a nearby store or curbside pickup.

Return Policy

From the date you purchased the product, you have 30 days to return it or ask for an exchange. Of course, you have to show proof of purchase to be eligible. This applies to both online and store-brought products.

Every great lawn needs a quality lawn mower to stay in shape. Whatever your choice of lawn mower may be, you can be sure that these marketplaces have the best one for you.

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