How to Stop Birds from Chirping Outside Your Window?

Birds chirping outside window

Living within an area surrounded by nature is quite an experience. It lets you take some rest and just enjoy being alive and well during a time of uncertainty. But sometimes, nature can be quite bothersome in the most harmless way: like when birds chirp non-stop outside your window. Another thing that might happen when living near birds is a bird strike. So, for the bird’s safety and homeowner’s sanity, some safe options are available.

Birds often nest on rafters, becoming a nuisance with a big mess and loud chirping during the night. You can either set a net barrier or diligently clean the nests to discourage them from nesting in your rafters. Besides, decals and tapes are helpful in keeping birds from hitting the window and dying.

There are several reasons why birds nest in your rafters or nearby trees. Although it’s quite a nuisance, there are harmless ways to stop such events from happening. In this article, we will learn why these little creatures stay on your property, and how to prevent them from nesting at and hitting your window.

Why Are Birds Chirping or Hitting Your Window?

Even birdwatchers can get annoyed if a group of birds starts chirping near the window during an untimely hour. Bird strike is also a big problem as the bird’s impact can sometimes break the window. Here are some reasons as to why these problems happen near your property.

Nesting Problem

Birds often start chirping at night and in the morning. If they start singing or chirping at night, they might be trying to find a mate, especially males. Unfortunately, these mating sounds are not as pleasing to humans.

Another reason why birds often chirp when it’s dark is due to the low light. That is especially evident in some species, like robins. Indeed, some bird species tend to become nighttime singers as the sun goes down, starting early at sunsets and finishing at dawn.

Last but not least, birds sometimes nest on fruit trees due to the easy access to food there. Indeed, after a whole day of flying around the area, it might be quite tempting to rest someplace where there is enough food and water. Some species like blackbirds, crows, and grackles often cause severe damages to fruits when they perch in through the night.

Bird Strike Problems

Glass windows often reflect the vegetation around the area. Unfortunately, birds cannot differentiate a reflection from the real thing. Thus, at night, they might get attracted to the room’s light. When that happens, birds often get tempted to land into the reflection but instead hit the glass and die.


If you want your backyard to be the home to different bird species, one of the things that you can do is build a bird sanctuary. This structure provides shelter and food to different kinds of birds. To help you get started with this project, here is our ultimate guide to building a backyard bird sanctuary


How Do You Stop a Bird from Chirping?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the only way to stop birds from chirping is to discourage them from landing on your property. If the birds are causing issues in your home, you can encourage them to find a new place to nest and spend the night.

Although, don’t forget to check the species first!

Sometimes, a flock of birds nesting on your property is endangered and protected by law. In such cases, you might want to get some help from animal protection authorities near you to avoid harming them.

The Scarecrow Method

Just like a scarecrow in a rice field, you can discourage birds from flying on your property with a frightening device. The best option in this situation is to place the silhouette of a predator or scarier animal. A good example of such are hawks or cats lurking in. You can also use other high-tech methods, like automated water sprays and flashing lights, for instance.

Make Some Noise

As birds start to arrive, you may discourage them from landing near your property by making some noise. You can do this by making a few knocks near the roof or anything that can make a startling sound. If repeated, this trick is often enough to scare the birds and cause them to avoid your area.

Remove Bird Nests

If the sound-scaring is not enough, the next thing you can do is remove the birds’ nests daily. When they’re gone in the morning, take some diligence and remove everything they left behind. When their nests disappear, this might signal them that the area is not safe.

Net Barriers

Using net barriers is usually the last resort. This method usually does the job when the methods above are in vain. Plastic nylon nets are usually available in hardware shops. Use just enough nets to cover the trees or rafters, and make sure that there are no small birds left in the tree or your surroundings.

What Can You Put on Your Window to Keep Birds Away?

Homeowners need to take another form of action to prevent bird strikes and possible property damages. Fortunately, they have more aesthetic options when tackling this problem.


Decals or stickers do an excellent job at breaking the reflection from the outside. You can even make custom ones and use them as a design element. However, note that the decals or stickers must cover most of the glass for this to work.

Zen Curtains

Zen curtains, aka Acopian BirdSavers, break the reflection via closely spaced ropes that hang over the window. These curtains are easy to install and remove.


You can also install mosquito screens as another layer to your window. Just make sure that you cover the entire window to avoid missing bigger reflections.

Bird Tape

Most people don’t use bird tape as it tends to be made with vibrant colors that stick out. However, it’s still a good product if you want to scare away pesky birds.

Transparent Film

Finally, if you want to avoid ruining your view with additional products, you can add a one-way transparent film instead. With this, you can still see what’s going on outside of your window. However, the outer part will appear opaque and not reflect.

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