Is a Backyard Playset Worth It?

Backyard Playset

If your kids are reaching the age of agility and playfulness, now might be the perfect time to install toys that would keep them engaged and active. Few questions that run through parents’ minds at this point are, do my kids need a playset yet? Is now a good time to get a playset? Is having a backyard playset worth it in any way?

Backyard playsets give your kids access to all the fun they could ever want. With one, you will not have to take them to the park all the time, it will help them exercise, and under close supervision, it can also help your kids bond. These reasons make a backyard playset worth every penny.

Having a backyard playset can be very interesting and a cause for concern if your children’s activities in the playset are not monitored. That being said, this article highlights almost everything you need to know about backyard playsets.


Does a Playset Increase Your Home’s Value?

If you have kids, you might be wondering if backyard playsets can increase the value of your home. As a parent, you wish to provide a convenient play space for your kids right in the comfort of your backyard. But as a homeowner, you also need to consider how it affects the future buyers that will show up when you decide to sell your home.

If you already have a playset installed in your backyard and wish to sell your home, you need to be aware that it has an impact on your property’s price.

Whether a playset increases the value of your home or not depends on some factors, like the quality of your playset and the next buyer. For instance, a young and professional individual without kids may not be amazed by a backyard playset. On the other hand, a family with kids might see your backyard playset as a seal to the bargain. Considering that most homebuyers have kids, a backyard playset can add value to your home and increase its appeal if it is attractive, furnished, and well maintained.

Over 35% of homebuyers have at least one kid under 18 currently living with them. 69% of buyers aged 30-39 have at least a child living under their roof, and this particular age group makes up the highest percentage of homebuyers. Click hereOpens in a new tab. for more information and related statistics.

Based on this information, you might be thinking that most homebuyers may be thrilled to see a quality playset that is ready to use in their backyard. Some younger homebuyers who don’t have kids yet might even view the playset and envision themselves with kids, thus making it seal a deal.


A playset is a great addition to your backyard that your kids will definitely enjoy. Since the young ones will be spending a lot of time playing in this structure, you need to carefully consider the playset that you are planning to get. To help you with this, we have a guide to choosing the perfect backyard playset that you can check out.


Benefits of a Backyard Playset

A backyard playset’s benefits go beyond parents’ happiness of seeing their kids extremely happy and having so much fun. Here are some of the benefits of a backyard playset.

Helps Kids Learn to Play with Others

Collaborating and communicating are essential skills kids need at school and later, as adults, at work. Playsets make this happen because the kids need to share and take turns in going down the slide, looking through the binoculars in the clubhouse, climbing the ladder, and much more.

Helps Kids Learn to Play Solo

Just as essential is to learn to entertain yourself and be okay when alone. It is a necessary skill that kids should acquire at a tender age. Besides, not every kid enjoys the company of others and that’s fine. You don’t have to make your child feel bad about that.

Having a backyard playset might be the solution you’ve always needed. When your kid has an area in your house where they feel relaxed and happy, you can use it to introduce friends to them. However, don’t overwhelm them with 5-10 friends at once. Start small, then slowly work your way up.

Helps Develop Muscles

Which parent doesn’t want their kids to be strong and healthy? A backyard playset offers kids a chance to be. When a new wooden swing is installed and the parents are a bit hesitant because of the size, by the end of the day, they get to see how fast their kids adapt to new activities. As the kids master activities like swinging and climbing, their upper body and leg strength begin to develop.

Helps Grow Motor Skills

With these activities, kids get the opportunity to work on their stance, grasp, jumps, balance, etc. When choosing a playset, ensure to choose a large one to grow with your kids to give your kid a chance to develop different motor skills at different ages.

Helps Your Kids Bond

I know for a fact that backyard playsets give your kids an opportunity to play together and bond. My two sons were always quarreling and could barely stand each other. But when I installed a backyard playset, they both ran into the house together, all sweaty and happy.

It also helped me bond with them. Whenever I feel up to it, I join them in the playset to relax and bond with them.


Best Backyard Playsets

There are tons of playsets out there and it can take long hours to put all of them together in a list to compare them. This is why I’ll be listing my top 5 backyard playsets in terms of durability, safety, structure, space, and ease of installation.

1. All Cedar Playhouse

This playset is 3 feet high, suitable for kids to play in, and features minor structured setbacks with spring-loaded doors. The sunburst windows are there to bring in sunlight, and your kids will be spending plenty of time inventing new games with the play kitchen.

2. Explorers Adventure Climber

Anyone with kids who need to burn energy should consider checking out this playground. It is loaded with valuable, kid-friendly features. Besides, the slide is quite large enough, and there also are railings to grip on while sliding to ensure that kids are safe while they play. The ladder your kid uses to climb also has safety handles, which makes climbing easier.

3. Wooden Playground Slide

If you prefer a slightly larger playset, then this is the right one for you. This wooden and plastic playset is packed with fun activities for your kids to enjoy.

4. Bay Climber and Swing Set

This playset has a 3-in-1 playing space to keep the kids thoroughly entertained. Besides, this playset can be put up inside or outside your home without causing any problems. Your kid will be able to enjoy playing on a fun wave slide, fly on a swing, and enjoy the basketball hoops.

5. Allwood Playhouse Scout

This large playset takes up 58 square feet of space and sits off the ground on stilts. This playset is essential if you live in wet areas where moisture could damage the wood and cause mold.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Playset?

A backyard playset offers an excellent means to entertain your kids at home. Backyard playsets come in various shapes and sizes, from a simple swing to an elaborate creation with climbing walls and a playhouse. They fit in most yards and can be customized to satisfy your child’s needs. With so many available variables, there is a wide range of associated costs.

It costs between $500-$5,000 to build a backyard playset of your own. On average, most homeowners spend about $2,500 on building wooden playgrounds featuring swings, a slide, and a climbing space. However, you can spend about $375 to create a basic plastic playset. At a high end, you may spend up to $10,000 for a well-customized playset with a rubber face.

To be more precise, to build a quality playset, you will spend between $375 and $10,000 depending on the type of playset, its complexity, the accessories, layout, surface, etc. Most playsets are sold in an easily assembled kit. Others are made to be ordered by a construction team.


It is every kids’ dream to have a playground in their backyard. If you are building one for your kids, you have a lot of options when it comes to the toys and structures that you can add to your play area. One of the most common playground feature is a swing set. But, are backyard swing sets worth it? Read our article to find out.


Why Have a Playset?

In the summertime, parents usually hear their kids say, “I’m bored.” Not only do parents dislike hearing these words, but kids also hate feeling this way. One common means to entertain your kids and keep them outdoors for some time is a playset. Yes, kids love playsets! However, some playset can be pretty expensive.

Playsets are highly beneficial to families with kids as they provide significant outdoor space for active play. However, choosing a playset worth its cost depends on your family’s wants, budget, space, and so on. Whatever you go for, buying or building a playset that will be used and enjoyed by your kids is worth the cost.

Every family’s requirements are different, that’s for sure. That said, it is necessary to research multiple models of playsets to be sure of the model that will meet your family’s expectations. Almost every kid and some adults can enjoy playsets if you pick the right one.

When choosing a playset for your kids, pricing may fall into one of the top points to be considered. Playsets range from a low amount, such as $200, to high amounts, sometimes reaching $4,000 for luxury playsets. Therefore, the prices vary. It is up to you to determine whether a budget or a luxury playset is most suitable for your kids.

In short, yes, playsets are definitely worth the cost if you pick the right one for your kids. A playset helps keep your kids out for some time and keeps the house quiet for a bit.

There are many tangible reasons for which playsets are worth buying. Whether you wish to make your own or buy a premade one, a backyard playset provides overwhelming fun hours for your kids. For larger families, it also helps in saving money on other summertime entertainment. Although, the amount you spend on a playset does not guarantee how much fun it will provide.

When your neighbor has just installed a playset that you can spot right from the comfort of your home, it might make you think that it is something your kid needs as well. While this is true and your kid might get to enjoy a luxury and quality playset, this may not always be the case.

Some playsets with a lower price tag will offer as many fun memories as a more expensive one. Again, this all depends on your wants, budget, space, and so on. Playsets can be worth your money when you make the wise decision to invest in a quality playset that suits your kids.



Selecting a durable playset is a way to make sure it lasts for years, even when living in a harsh environment with different weather conditions. The best playset offers your kids a space to explore, play, and allow their imaginations to go wild.

With the above-detailed information about playsets, you should now have much knowledge of playsets. Early, you asked yourself, “Is a backyard playset worth it?” Yes, as long as it brings happiness to your kids, it’s worth it! As a parent, the satisfaction of your kids is your priority, so live up to it.

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