15 Ways to Keep A Dog Entertained in the Backyard

Backyard Dog

Every dog owner wants to keep their pets happy and wholesome inside the yards. Dog-friendly yards don’t come in fantastic landscaping, but rather with a space that provides a dog with a source of entertainment and the amenities they need.

Dogs get bored when they need physical and mental stimulation and want to go on walks to meet new friends and nice places. There are also a lot of things to consider before letting them play in your garden, like adding special features for them to feel relaxed and many awesome ways to keep them entertained in the backyard and take their boredom away.

To keep a dog entertained, offer them exercise, training, interactive toys, and brain-stimulating games. Teach them good conduct, dogs’ sports, and socialize them with other canines. The simplest game to buster their boredom is fetching, tug of war, and flirt pole, which also helps strengthen your bond and makes them jolly.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why dogs get bored, 15 tricks that will keep them safe and happy, and precautions before playing with your dog in your backyard.


15 Ways to Keep a Dog Entertained in the Backyard

To maintain your dog’s overall fitness, they need boredom busters and activities to occupy their bodies and minds. Fortunately, there are simple games you can play, toys you can offer, treats you can make, and tricks that quickly relieve a dog’s weariness.

To keep a dog entertained in the backyard, play fetch, flirt pole, interactive dog puzzles, and tug of war. Also, train them with good manners, dog sports, and easy tasks. You can even get other dogs to accompany them, something to chew for hours, and a certain space in your yard for their digging habit.

Below are 15 ways to keep your dog entertained in the backyard.


  1. Play fetch with your dog

Buster the boredom of your dog by playing fetch with them in your backyard. This can boost their energy. Besides, often, you won’t need to go outside your property. Throw a toy a few meters away and encourage them to go catch it and bring it back to you. Although, avoid throwing wood sticks when playing fetch as these may cause injuries and harm your dog.


  1. Play with a flirt pole

Playing with a flirt pole with your dog quickly triggers their high energy. Make use of a larger cat toy or fishing pole as your flirt pole. Dogs enjoy chasing toys while you stay stationary, so just hold the pole and move it around.


  1. Use interactive dog puzzles

Giving work to dogs in biting kibble stimulates their brain. Interactive puzzle for their meals prevents them from choking since some dogs like to inhale their food at record speeds. Although there are various “work-to-eat” toys on the market, you can also make your own. Use dog’s kibble with this puzzle or throw some treats.


  1. Offer your dog a snuffle mat

Entertain your dog by feeding them their regular meal or rooting them around the long grass for treats and kibble. They learn to navigate the pockets and other puzzles on the snuffle mat, which keeps them busy for a few minutes and slows down their eating.


  1. Give jolly balls to your dog

Dogs love to play with a jolly ball around the backyard. Jolly balls are a thick plastic material that doesn’t pop, unlike basketballs or soccer balls, and come in various styles. Ensure you buy an anti-burst inflatable ball that’s specifically made for dog or horseplay.


  1. Play tug of war

Entertain your dog every day by playing this classic dog game in your yard —tug of war. It’s a perfect way to teach your dog the “drop it” command and when they can play rough and when not to. The best fit for this game is a thick rope toy.


  1. Teach your dog good manners

There are countless behaviors and tricks you can teach your dog. A good start is training them to be obedient and do simple tricks. Larger breeds might be taught to climb a ladder while small breeds learn to crawl under the coffee table.

Teaching your dog good habits encourages their participation in the process as they learn new tricks that greatly stimulate their minds and excites them.


  1. Introduce them to your guests

Dogs love to meet new people. Socialize them with your friends but make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date, and keep an eye on them as not all dogs are friendly with humans.


  1. Provide tasks to your dog

One of the best ways to relieve a dog’s boredom is to give them a job. Obviously, this does not mean to literally put them to work, but rather to consider them as search and rescue dogs or therapy dogs. Choose a hobby for dogs that fits their interests and heritage.


  1. Train them with dog sports

Aside from giving your dogs a job, it’s a great idea to train them with dog sports. Agility must be practiced because it offers physical and mental exercise and creates dog-human bonds. You can do DIY dog sports at home, like drafting and carting, which are best for Bernese Mountain dogs. These dogs also know how to push carts and transfer items from farm to town. Pulling a homemade cart around the backyard encourages your dogs to have fun and recall their heritage.


  1. Supervise dog’s play

Dogs enjoy playing in backyards when they know someone supervises them. Accompany your dog and consider it doggy daycare activity. Also, offer them toys and edible chews. They will get exhausted and satisfied after a few hours of play.


  1. Play dog’s treasure hunt

To save your dog from boredom, play a canine treasure hunt by leaving Hansel and Gretel smelly crumbs to follow to discover the reward. Hide dry dog biscuits around the yard before leaving. Ensure to pick them up before bugs discover them if your dog fails the sniffing test.

At first, allow your dog to see where you hide the treats, then their nose will do the rest. Sniffing for rewards activates your dog’s senses and exercises their paws.


  1. Having safe companions

Dogs need companions. However, if you have puppies, separate them from adults while ensuring they still get to see each other. This way, they will not feel lonely and bored. Install a baby gate to keep them separated. A lonely dog portrays bad habits like wailing, howling, scratching, or digging on the floor.


  1. Give them something to chew

“A safe, non-rawhide chew that provides more than 10 minutes of chewing will ensure their boredom busted!” — Devereaux.

Teething puppies need something to chew on to relieve tender gums, but dogs at any age love chewing to reduce stress or boredom. Whereas, rawhide chews, dental chews, and other safe chew choices, such as sterilized bones, give extra suitable outlet along with supervision.


  1. Create a dig pit in your yard

Digging is a natural dog’s behavior. They love to dig out in your yard when they have nothing to do to stay busy and buster their boredom. Dachshunds and Schnauzers were in fact originally bred to hunt tiny critters. So, to save your yard, offer certain areas that they are allowed to dig in.


Consider these ways:

  • Use a kiddie pool or sandpit container and fill it with safe dirt or sand.
  • Design certain areas in your yard that they are allowed to dig in. Mark them with small yard dividers to help your dog notice where it’s okay to dig.
  • Create a garden bed filled with dirt or sand.
  • Bury some dog toys, treats, or chews in certain areas. Create some hints by leaving the toy slightly uncovered before you bury it.
  • Involve your dog in making dig pits so they get excited when they unbury things.
  • If your dog digs on other parts of your backyard, redirect them to a certain area. Then, hinder their access to other areas to prevent them from digging in the wrong corner.


Dogs love to play with their owners outdoors. If you plan to go plunge in the water for a swim, you should also provide an alternative to let your pet join you in this activity. There are many high-quality above-ground pools for dogs that your pet will surely love. Read our article for the best above-ground pools for dog


11 Things to Consider Before Playing with Your Dog in the Backyard

Before you play with your dog in the backyard, take some precautions. First, ensure your yard provides all the dog’s amenities they need and desire. It’s also a dream for every dog owner to see their pets happily romping in their yards.

A dog-friendly backyard should provide shade and shelter, overflowing fresh water, some paths, and extra features, like a small window in the fence or a special sitting spot. Uses comfortable materials, free from toxic plants. Most importantly, dogs are happy and safe when they play in your backyard.


  1. Safety

Keep your dogs happy and safe in your backyard by installing chain-link fences for safe yards, or use fencing material that suits your landscape design. No matter what design you select, ensure it’s sturdy enough for your dog not to get stuck between the boards.


  1. Shade and shelter

It’s important to provide a shaded backyard for your dogs to avoid sunburns and heatstroke. Huge trees will do, but if not possible, use an overhead tarp or cloth to shade the area. If there’s room, place a doghouse as well. Finally, you can use plastic boxes or look for pet stores or online shops.


  1. Safe plants

Another way to make a more dog-friendly yard is by setting bushes along the edges or plant some creeping vines. As long as you place things that are safe for kids and dogs, it makes the space more natural.


  1. Sufficient fresh water

Plenty of fresh water is essential. Thus, add water features to your yard, like a splash fountain, small pond, or pool, whereas you and your water-loving dogs will enjoy and keep them hydrated. Before you build it, ensure that your dog can get out of it easily if they fall.


  1. Toxin-free

Keep your yard toxin-free, meaning free of plants that are dangerous to dogs if they eat them. Those include azaleas, lilies, and mums. Ask the vet for a list of plants that irritate or can kill your pet. Remember dogs are eager to get something that’s not allowed.

Moreover, landscaping materials and chemical controls cause problems.


  1. Space for play

Offer spaces where dogs can run and chase, and thus, stay entertained. Tired or bored dogs can cause trouble.


  1. Agility course

Place agility equipment that offers hours of entertainment for you and your dog and teach your dog how to use them. Tunnels, balance beams, jumps, and weave poles are the best choices. Maybe one day, your dog can compete in agility tests!


  1. Add some paths

Dogs like to prowl and patrol, and have fun exploring paths around the yard. But dogs are also obedient, so limit their wanderlust and keep them on beaten paths.


  1. Use comfortable materials

Use landscaping materials that are not too hot, easy to walk, and will not stick to fur and feet. Brick, concrete, flagstone, pebbles, and smooth rocks are ideal options.


  1. Mesh beds for dogs

Provide relaxing raised mesh beds for dogs. These beds get dogs off the ground, allow fresh air to flow through, and keep them cool on very hot days.


  1. Put extra features

Add extra features in your backyard depending on your dog’s interests. Create a window in the fence or a gate to see the outside world if your dog is curious and friendly. And if your pet likes to check his territory, add a special sitting spot or large flat rock on your yard.


Yards are typically beautiful and have a nice smell, but if you have pets, this nice sight and smell can be short-lived. Dogs especially love to treat yards as their toilet. To help you keep your yard nice and pristine, here are 5 ways to stop your yard from smelling like dog poop


14 Reasons Why Dogs Get Bored

“Boredom can lead to depression, sadness, and a dog who has behavior problems, such as destruction.” — Dr. Mary R. Burch, Director of Canine Good Citizen.

Bored dogs can be destructive. They easily get weary if not provided with attention, interesting things to do, and good companions. They also get bored when they are stuck in an enclosed space, neglected, and need a massage — especially older dogs.

Here are 14 reasons that you might have missed and how to deal with a dog’s boredom.


  1. Need interactive games

Dogs get bored when they have nothing to do and are unable to play. Hence, it’s important to give them brain-stimulating workouts, like interactive games.


  1. No playmates

Dogs love to play with other dogs for a few hours. That also leaves them exhausted and contented. You can leave them in your yard for a long time without them getting bored. Just ensure that someone is supervising them when you do so.


  1. Without interactive toys

Dogs without interactive toys can get bored. But, toys, whether dispensing toys or DIY toys, can provide them with some mental stimulation and relieve their boredom.


  1. Nix to chew 

Dogs of any age love to chew and become happy when they have something to bite. However, this is a predominant trait when puppies are losing teeth at 16 weeks and when their back molars come in at around seven months.


  1. Stuck in enclosed space

Dogs quickly get bored when you leave them in an enclosed space, indoors, or alone in your yard. They love to see something new and have the urge to jump over your fence or window to know what’s happening outside.


  1. Neglected

If you don’t give attention to your dogs, they may feel snubbed and weary, and thus, act restless and want to do something. When that happens, they suddenly jump on you and your visitors or bark loudly to catch your attention.


  1. Left alone by the owner 

Dogs get bored when you leave them the whole day alone in your home. Thus, you might notice that when you come home, you will see him happy and excited. This mostly happens when you treat them well and the dog considers you as their favorite person.


  1. Ask for extra attention

Dogs are social creatures, and some are clingy and need extra care. They feel tired and wear out without soft belly rubs, massages, and grooming sessions. This is a great way to bond with your dog and make them feel loved and satisfied.


  1. Tired

Exhausted dogs get bored, so offer them proper exercise and ask experts how much exercise your dog needs. For instance, Chihuahuas need to walk or play around the yard if bored, while a Border Collie needs to satisfy their needs of hunting preys or toys.


  1. Call out for tricks

Dogs get weary without some tricks. When it’s time for their meals, hide some pieces around the house as allowing them to work for their food relieves some of their boredom.


  1. Lack of training

When your dog is properly trained, they can perform several tricks in your yard. In fact, dogs can be entertained by performing fun skills. Training your dog doesn’t only mean teaching them good behavior, but also stimulating them mentally.


  1. Want new friends

Dogs get bored when they don’t have the chance to walk and meet other canines. They love to encounter new people and go to different places. Just ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date when you stroll as they can run off-leash to meet new friends.


  1. Requires massage for older dogs

Older dogs easily get anxious, stressed, and tired. A soothing massage can help them relax and create a great bond between you and them.


  1. Missed your regular dates

Dogs want to hang out with a buddy. Your regular walk provides mental enrichment for them and maintains their social skills. It’s also an easy way to burn extra physical energy and offers various brain work.



Learning how to keep a dog entertained in the backyard can be challenging. But after we discussed reasons, tricks, and considerations on how to strike a dog’s boredom and keep your yard pleasurable, you’ll have great options to keep your dog happy and safe in your space while strengthening your bond.

Whereas, every dog owner’s dream is to see their pet happily wagging their tail while playing in the backyard, and they have the duty to source out their dog’s needs since these dogs only have a few notions to beat their boredom.

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