Best Outdoor Planters for Your Yard

Outdoor planters

Planting crops and ornamental plants directly into the ground is not something that everyone can do. Some people do not have enough space in their backyards for garden beds, while some have soils that are not conducive for the plants that they want to grow. Luckily, there are ways to go around these obstacles. 

If you’re a plant lover, you are at the right place. Plants do not only color our outdoor spaces, they also serve as a healthy source of food. If you can’t plant these crops directly into the ground in your backyard, you can opt to use planters instead. Not only are they a good home for your plants, they also come in various colors, shapes, and sizes that will add to the beauty of your outdoor space. 

Continue reading this article for a list of the best outdoor planters for your yard.


Best Outdoor Planter for Your Backyard

If you want to improve the visual appeal of your yard, you can opt to plant your plants in pots and planters to add more color and character to your space. Check out these planters that we listed to see if any of them are perfect for your backyard.

1. Burton & Burton Decorative Plant PotOpens in a new tab.

Looking to display your flowers and plants in your yard? This rustic ribbed planter pot will do the job. It’s a corrugated tin planter with a twine bow that gives it an amazing look. The Burton & Burton Decorative Plant Pot requires no assembling before use and is just perfect for your garden, patio, balcony, deck, backyard, and front porch.

2. LA JOLIE MUSE Flower Pot Garden PlanterOpens in a new tab.

Your favorite outdoor planter should be attractive, durable, and strong enough to withstand different types of weather. These uniquely designed pots fit this description and more! They sure add some charm to your yard and can withstand harsh rainfall, sunlight, and snow. These planters come with four pre-drilled drainage holes, which create the right growing environment for your plants. Completely made from stone powder and plastic, your yard doesn’t deserve to miss this fantastic planter.

3. Marble Hanging PlantersOpens in a new tab.

Your garden represents an opportunity to create an environment that reflects your personality. With their unique marble pattern and modern design, these 10” Marble Hanging Planters are a great fit for any yard or patio. They are perfect for hanging flowers and plants, and thanks to their strong design, can survive the harshest weather conditions.

The pots come with a 17.7-inch hanger cord that you can adjust to any length. Since they’re made from recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, you can hang these lightweight planters anywhere in your yard. You’ll love the sight of these attractive planters in your garden every time you glance at them.

4. Stately Lattice Planter BoxOpens in a new tab.

Feel relaxed and happy in your garden every day thanks to the Stately Lattice Planter Box. This cream planter has an elegant design that makes it a perfect fit for outdoor environments. It also has the ever-beautiful Lattice pattern on its sides, giving your yard an exciting appearance.

This planter is made of durable polypropylene with an overall design that screams sturdiness. With bottom drainage, you can rest assured that it is an excellent environment for your plants and flowers.

5. Matte Charcoal Outdoor PlantersOpens in a new tab.

These simplistic pots are designed to make relaxation in your garden a rewarding activity. Beautify your yard with these minimalist-style planters that come in two different sizes – large and small. They are lightweight, making them easy to lift and place in your garden. Also, they have drilled drainage, which provides your plants and flowers with some breathing space to grow properly.

6. Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey BarrelOpens in a new tab.

Every time you step into your yard and there seems to be a missing piece, it’s because you don’t have this planter. Its incredible design tops off with a classic Distressed Oak finish. As if that wasn’t enough, the pewter bands make the finishing even more exceptional.

This large yet lightweight planter has a top diameter of 15 inches and a bottom diameter of 9 inches. Plus, it is durable and resistant to different weather conditions. Not only can you trust it with your plant, but with the entire appearance of your yard.

7. Half Barrel Garden PlantersOpens in a new tab.

These half-barrel planters by the Lakeside Collection are planters of prime choice for colorful flower blooms. They have a large top diameter that allows big plants to blossom effortlessly. Besides, with drainage holes at the bottom, water has a route to escape. Also at the bottom are sturdy feet that sit the planters well on the floor of your garden. Finally, these planters are made of polypropylene, which allows them to provide exceptional durability.

8. Set of 3 Wooden Bucket Barrel Garden PlantersOpens in a new tab.

These rustic-design wooden planters are a great addition to your deck, patio, and yard. They are great for planting different decorative flowers, as well as vegetables and other consumable plants. Besides, the wooden finish is resistant to stain from water. And with drainage holes at the bottom, you can expect your plants to grow in soil with just the right amount of water.

Finally, these planters are sturdy, made of high-quality materials, and smell amazing. They look nice and will surely make your yard look nicer as well.

9. Stone & Beam Small Floral-Embossed PlanterOpens in a new tab.

This planter is just 4.3 inches in height, but its eye-popping design is irresistible. It’s an excellent planter for any flower or plant. Plus, the seafoam color and floral design make it an attractive piece for any outdoor space. Made of 100% ceramic, you can easily clean it with a wet cloth. Yes, it’s perfect for displaying your plants, but also for growing them!

10. Keter Urban Bloomer Raised Self-Watering Planter BoxOpens in a new tab.

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard and stressful. Indeed, this Keter Urban Bloomer 12.7 Gallon-Raised Self-Watering Planter Box makes it easy. It has everything to grow your plants. With it, all you have to do is walk into your yard to harvest them. With its ergonomic design, this planter is easy to use without having to crouch or kneel.

Plus, it has a seed sprouting tray that grows your plant seedlings in a neatly arranged way, as well as a water gauge that signals when the planter needs water or has to drain some water. Since it’s a self-watering planter, you can expect it to provide the needed water for your plants. It’s also important to mention that this outdoor planter is made of durable resin and is UV-protected to prevent fading.

11. Outsunny Planter BoxOpens in a new tab.

Do you want to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers without any backbreaking work? Then this metal-raised garden bed planter box is the right planter for you. Measuring 40 x 12 x 32 inches, the Outsunny Planter Box is wide enough to grow an entire garden. Standing 32 inches above the ground, you don’t have to worry about weeds. Besides, with its drainage holes, you don’t have to worry about flooding in the planter box either.

This planter comes in a dark grey rectangular metal design with four sturdy frames holding it up. Don’t worry about rust as the box has a spray-coated finish.

12. VIVOHOME Elevated Plastic Raised Garden Bed PlanterOpens in a new tab.

Made of reinforced plastic, the VIVOHOME Elevated Garden Bed is a solid and effective planter. It makes a great fit for your yard, helping grow vegetables and herbs in the most convenient ways. Its material ensures it resists various kinds of weather and comes out without a scratch. Plus, its rattan pattern design makes it a stylish addition to any garden.

The planter also has a self-watering feature that stores excess water and uses it to replenish your plants’ needs. When it needs to let out some water, you can use the drainage hole. Besides, the installation of this planter is easy and flexible, allowing you to set up different designs according to your unique taste.


Flowers and ornamental plants are not the only things that you can plant in planters because vegetables can also thrive in these receptacles. When planting vegetables in planters, one of the factors that you need to consider is the depth of the planter. How deep should a planter box for vegetables be? Read our article to find out. 


13. La Jolie Muse Minimalist Resin PlanterOpens in a new tab.

Beautify your yard with this set of sleek planters from La Jolie Muse. The pots are tall, round, and lightweight. Made of recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, you can expect them to serve your yard for years to come. Not only are these planters great for their undeniable aesthetic appeal, but they’re also designed to provide a healthy environment to your plants. These weathered gray planters will surely get your money’s worth!

14. Galvanized Planter TrioOpens in a new tab.

Bring your yard to life with these charming, galvanized planters. Standing at incredible heights, these large planters add that rustic, farmhouse décor to your garden. The iron and metal materials are spray-coated to prevent corrosion, making them a perfect fit for outdoor use. You can depend on these planters’ sturdy construction to last for decades to come.

Besides, the pots are big enough to hold large-sized plants and feature drainage holes at the bottom. No assembly is required before use, thus saving you the hassle of trying to put them together.

15. FairyLavie 12” Rope Plant BasketOpens in a new tab.

It’s not just about getting an outdoor planter; it’s about getting one that makes your backyard look more alive. Thankfully, the FairyLavie 12” Rope Plant Basket does just that. Made from 100% jute and cotton, this woven thread rope basket is a healthy addition to any backyard. This planter isn’t only durable and strong; its astonishing design is also unparalleled. In addition to its charm, this rope plant basket is washable.

One other thing about the FairyLavie 12” Rope Plant Basket is that it is so versatile that you can use it as a toy storage basket, storage bin, or even laundry basket. This versatility is all due to its sturdy yet soft design.

16. Benzara Antique Colonial Simple Metal Planter SetOpens in a new tab.

Your garden deserves the same level of thoughts and care as your interior. Hence why you need this set of three contemporary-styled metal planters in your yard. Made of 100% iron, these planters are durable and weather-resistant. They are also tall and have tapered silhouettes that add to their overall elegance.

This set comprises planters of different sizes, allowing your garden style some variety. The planter’s gray color is cool and blends in nearly every environment.

17. Contemporary Metallic Gray Tapered Cylindrical Metal PlantersOpens in a new tab.

Another set of metal planters with a tapered finish that sparkles in any yard. These planters’ cylindrical bodies are sleek in design with a gray finish that sits right into any outdoor garden setting. Made of iron, you can expect them to be durable.

The planters come in three graduated sizes, which lets you enjoy versatility in your garden. Besides, because of their metal construction, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth. So, do you want planters that give so much without showing too much? Then, you should consider getting this planter set.

18. FOYUEE Raised Planter BoxOpens in a new tab.

Have you ever imagined a garden on wheels? Well, the Foyuee Raised Planter Box gives you that. This ergonomic planter is perfect for growing vegetables while enjoying convenience. With legs over 31 inches long, you won’t have to crouch or bend to tend to your plants.

The planter, with its large space, can hold enough plants on the go. Plus, it has a drainage hole to prevent the accumulation of excess water in the box. Its wheels and handle allow you to move it about without any stress. In all of these, the planter doesn’t lose touch with an excellent and attractive design.

19. KING BIRD Galvanized Raised Garden BedOpens in a new tab.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow a garden of your own, then you need this Do-It-Yourself galvanized metal planter by KINGBIRD. Measuring 101 x 36 x 12 inches, this garden bed is notably conspicuous and was designed to simultaneous hold a large number of plants. However, you install the planter in different ways to achieve your desired loading capacity.

The bed comes with double-card frames on the sides that prevent it from collapsing or tilting to any side. In addition to its incredible size and strong design, the galvanized finishing ensures you don’t ever have to worry about rust, discoloration, or damages.

20. Outland Vertical Raised Garden BedOpens in a new tab.

Standing 4-foot tall, this vertical planter features five different bins that are about 22 inches wide. With this unique design, you get a total of linear feet to plant your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Thus, you don’t need a very large outdoor space to get your garden rolling. Besides, the bins are made of 100% polypropylene, a material that is completely safe for growing food.

Also, its vertical shape means you can enjoy tending the garden while standing on your feet. Whether or not you have back issues, it won’t matter with this outdoor planter. The frame of the planter is also top-quality, like the rest of this weather-resistant planter.

21. Veredak V-Resin Outdoor Taper PlanterOpens in a new tab.

This all-season planter is made from high-grade polyethylene, resin, and plastic. Durable and strong, it can survive different weathers and impacts. It makes for an excellent décor for your yard with its attractive tapering. Plus, this planter comes with an insert shelf that makes planting a lot easier.

This model is available in grey, black, and espresso brown. If you ever decide to use it indoors, you can get a drip tray that helps prevent spillage.

22. Kante Concrete Square Outdoor PlanterOpens in a new tab.

Do you plan to grow succulents and delicate plants in your yard? Then, this concrete outdoor planter was made for you. This square planter has a contemporary design and charcoal finish that adds beauty to your yard. Its large size can hold several plants with enough space for them to flourish.

Take advantage of this planter’s minimalist design and versatility to grow your favorite plants. Plus, its drainage hole prevents waterlogging and the concrete finish is UV-resistant. Its elegance remains through all four seasons!

23. Sunnydaze Oval Acacia Wood Barrel PlanterOpens in a new tab.

This set of three decorative planters includes 17.8-inch, 20.5-inch, and 23.8-inch planter pots that have an elegant, rustic design that’s great for any yard décor. Made of galvanized wood and acacia wood, you get a combo of durability and aesthetic appeal. To add the wood material, these planters take the shape of a barrel, which depicts the style of a modern farmhouse.

You can either place them in different locations across your garden or place them together for a spectacular look. Each of them has drainage holes to ensure your plants get the exact amount of water they need.

24. Casual Farmhouse Galvanized Metal PlanterOpens in a new tab.

We all love to have that special touch in our patio, garden, or backyard. This Casual Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Planter by Kate and Laurel brings everything called uniqueness with it. Is it the wooden four-legged stand? Or the rustic brown/silver metal pot? It has everything that draws attention.

The pot sits 11 inches above the ground, giving your plants room to spill on the sides. Your plants deserve to have this planter as a home.


A garden is usually a planned outdoor space with plants and other forms of nature. Spending time in your garden allows your family a chance to work and bond together. However, not all of us have time to spare to manage a garden. If you are busy with everything else that is happening in your life, then you will surely love our tips to making your garden low maintenance


25. Aluminum Rectangular PlanterOpens in a new tab.

Measuring 20 x 46 inches, this large aluminum planter is suitable for growing various plants. Its aluminum material keeps corrosion away, and with the powder coating on it, you can rest assured of its durability. This planter won’t crack in cold or distort in sunny weather as its quality remains the same throughout all seasons.

Assembly of the planter is also quite easy thanks to the stainless screws that hold the different parts together. It has track legs and a drainage hole at the bottom for proper irrigation. You can also integrate drainage trays, benchtops, and casters for more versatility and efficiency.

26. BackyardBounty Rectangular Planter BoxOpens in a new tab.

With this ultra-durable planter box, you have a perfect home for your succulents, herbs, and vegetables. The planter comes in three different colors, namely Bora Bora blue, graphite, and terracotta. Feel free to combine these colors to create a stunning garden in your yard. These planters also have drainage holes that prevent flooding and rid the plants’ soil of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Made of 100% enhanced polypropylene, they can withstand different weather conditions. With this planter box, you can grow your flowers with peace of mind.

27. Watex Mobile Green Wall PlanterOpens in a new tab.

This is another planter that puts your garden on the wheels. Perfect for growing herbs and vegetables, the Watex Mobile Planter fits well into small backyards and is easy to move around. Made of polypropylene and recycled plastic, which are BFA-free, this planter is a healthy choice for growing food.

Plus, it comes with different pots that let you cultivate up to 18 plants on the go. And that’s not all! The arrangement of the pots gives your yard that green wall effect. Finally, it has a self-watering system that does all the work for you.

28. Glowpear Self-Watering Mini Wall PlanterOpens in a new tab.

You barely have any space in your yard to plant a garden? Don’t worry. This Mini Wall Planter is the answer to that. This planter might just be 23.6 x 8.8 x 10.1 inches in size, but it offers enough versatility to cover the cultivation of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Its soil depth and volume will provide the necessary nutrition and environment for your plants’ growth. Also, its self-watering feature takes care of their water needs. Thus, monitoring the water level is not a problem as there’s a water level indicator for that.

The Mini Wall Planter is BFA-free and completely safe for raising food. You can attach the planter to any wall using simple mounts. If you have more than one Glowpear planter in your yard, you can connect them for easy watering.

29. Watex Pro System-Vertical Wall PlanterOpens in a new tab.

If you intend to build a large green wall in your backyard, this is the outdoor planter for you. The Watex Vertical Wall Planter has four green wall panels and 32 pots in total. That’s enough to grow any type of plant or flower. Made of recycled plastic, this planter is BFA-free and food-safe.

Besides, it comes with a built-in dripper that hydrates your plants and keeps the water at an optimum level. Its expandable design lets you grow as much or as little as you want. Finally, the installation panel serves as a barrier between the wall and pots, and prevents water damage to your wall.

30. Sea grass Hanging Planter BasketOpens in a new tab.

Another classic from La Jolie Muse, this planter is handmade from natural sea grass. As you’d expect, the end planter is solid, lightweight, and easy to move around. Plus, it has an elegant rustic design that surely brings a special glow to every yard.

This planter basket comes with a removable plastic pot and tray that can hold various plants, including Jade Plant, Peace Lily, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Spider Plant. When the basket gets exposed to water, put it in a dry environment to remove the moisture.



Gardening is no longer limited to rural areas, farms, or houses with big backyards. Nowadays, even if your outdoor space is miniscule, there are tons of options for you to fill this area with the plants of your choice. Whether you are growing vegetables and herbs for consumption or flowers and other ornamental plants for decoration, you can make use of planters to make the most out of the space that you have. 

Planters come in all colors, shapes, and sizes which is why it is not difficult to find ones that will match your aesthetic. There are also planters that will make gardening much easier for you because of the technology that they make use of. We have listed a lot of different planters in this article and we hope that you were able to find ones that will be perfect for your backyard. 

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