Can You Put Patio Furniture On Grass?

Patio furniture on the grass

Outdoor furniture brings purpose and comfort to your patio and extends indoor living rooms outdoors to have an outdoor space to relax and meditate. It allows your patio to be more usable and makes your garden a great place to spend time in. Consider that you have a spacious garden covered with grass and want to expand your space to add another set of furniture. Is it ok to put patio furniture on grass?

Yes, you can put patio furniture on grass! Doing so is an upgrade and could expand your patio. But, the consequence could involve killing the grass and damaging the furniture. Putting pavers underneath the furniture legs and setting up temporary ground covers are ways to protect both the grass and patio furniture.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not you can put patio furniture on grass. We will also deal with the reasons why not to put patio furniture on grass and will give you some tips on how to put patio furniture on it with minimal damage.


Will Patio Furniture Kill Your Grass?

The outdoor is a great place to unwind and can be made even better by having patio furniture. It is a great way to give your patio the upgrade it deserves. Patio furniture not only serves as a gathering spot but also helps bring a level of class and elegance to a typical garden. Besides, having patio furniture enables you to have comfortable fittings for your friends and family bonding.

Owning a spacious and warm environment to enjoy outdoors functionally extends your home. Opening your living space to add patio furniture to your garden increases your home’s value. But, if we talk about the extent of placing patio furniture directly into the grass, it will kill it. Not only that, but once the grass dies away, you will be left with a wet and muddy ground surface when it rains and dry ground in the summer, which nobody would want to see happen to the garden.

Grass is essential in a garden. It is also a plant that has an important ecological function. It is indeed commonly used to cover the ground in a lawn or some other places. It protects against soil erosion as it absorbs the water and purifies the air we breathe. Several types of grass can thrive in uttermost drought thanks to their long roots that sip water from deep under the ground. So, it is fairly important to preserve the grass in your garden to maintain the balance of nature.


Reasons Not to Put Your Patio Furniture on Grass

A green garden not only improves the quality of your life but also plays an ecological role. Placing patio furniture on grass has many disadvantages and consequences. Below are the things you might consider if you want to put furniture directly in your garden.

  • Damages to the grass

Stepping on the grass will squash it, and worse, may kill it. Eventually, this may lead to bald spots visible everywhere in the garden. The same applies to upkeep patio furniture on grass. The grass may die when facing shade or when crushed under furniture, due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

Also, the base of the furniture will eventually drop down to the ground in the long run due to some weight, suppressing the grass, even ripping out the roots and killing it. Garden enthusiasts are very articulate when it comes to their gardens, even with the grass. So, it is not a particularly good idea when you spend a considerable sum of money to put up a special kind of grass. That’s why well-maintained gardens normally have nice and tidy pathways throughout.

  • Unleveled Surface

The ground surface of the garden is not leveled, as we all know. Most grounds are not stable and firm, and some are even dry or wet. When you place patio furniture directly on the grass, the probability of tilting is high for some reasons, like bumpy or soft surfaces. Unleveled surfaces may be the cause of little accidents and some injuries to your family. You may not notice the difference and not see the problem at first, but you will feel discomfort upon seating in it in the long run.

  • Damages the patio furniture

Patio furniture will get damaged in the long run, especially if it is made of wood. Placing wooden furniture directly on the ground will undoubtedly cause damages to the furnishing. Due to rainfall and watering the garden, the moisture will surely reach the legs of the wooden furniture and blemish it. Not only that, but as the base of the furniture digs down into the ground, a space will pop up in between, fill up with water, and slowly impair the furniture.

Furniture is a great addition to your patio as it offers charm, elegance, and sophistication to any area of the home. It maximizes your space to facilitate your family bonding outdoors. Having weather-proof furniture is the best choice to set up a living space that has a cover for its ceiling. The best thing about a patio is that you can customize, decorate, and rearrange it any way you like to make it a comfortable setting.

If you have a spacious garden that’s covered in grass, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to create a firm floor where you can keep the patio furniture. So, what about putting the patio furniture directly on the grass instead? There are many reasons why you would want to do so.

The main reason is that people don’t want to spend a lot of money on flooring the patio. Instead, they just think about buying patio furniture and keeping it directly on the grass, or setting it there for an event. Indeed, if you have hosted an event on a grassy field, you might have thought about placing the patio furniture directly on the grass.


Tips to Put Patio Furniture on Grass with Minimal Damages

Have you ever sat on a chair placed on a bumpy and uneven surface? If so, you know how uncomfortable and annoying it is. The same goes when you place the patio furniture on the grass. As we all know, garden grass is unleveled, bumpy, and features some soft surfaces.

Fortunately, there are some ways to minimize the damages on the grass when putting patio furniture on or around it. Here are a few of them.

  • Use pavers

Putting pavers on the feet of the outdoor furniture is a very helpful technique to ensure the base will not go down into the ground. Although quite expensive, it is a secure way not to damage the base of the furniture. In some instances, like with chairs, we need to secure the legs not to slip. Putting a sheet of plywood on the ground surface is a clever idea too. However, you have to move those chairs occasionally.

  • Protect the Grass

When placing patio furniture directly on the ground, you will also think about the grass that may be damaged. You must preferably move your patio furniture regularly — ideally once a week. Moreover, if you already see brown patches around the furniture’s surface, you should immediately move the furniture to avoid further damages, allow the grass to breathe and receive enough sunlight from time to time, and avoid crushing it.

Outdoor furniture made of wood is not designed to be placed on grassy areas because it has an unstable exterior. Furthermore, the materials used are susceptible to rotting when placed in a muddy space. It is recommended to avoid placing it altogether or to search for a temporary ground cover if you are planning on holding parties or events in your yard.

You may also give up grass in the area and replace the outdoor ground cover above the grass. You might consider replacing it with pea gravel, mulch, or even synthetic grass. These alternatives will bring elegance and attraction to your home.

  • Temporary ground covers

Whether you want to cover up a patchy lawn or merely want to extend your patio space for parties and events, temporary ground cover is the solution to upgrade your outdoor space for functionality without having to build more decking. You may choose between many different outdoor ground covers based on your preferences.

You may consider anything from imitation tiles to rug plastics to suit the look that you are going for. These outdoor ground cover solutions are durable and elegant. This is the golden opportunity to coincide with your party theme or the style of your home.

Renting a temporary ground cover is another great option you may consider. Installing and using it for your parties and events without worrying about where to store it later is a great idea to save space. It’s a perfect way to choose high-level quality ground cover for your events without investing too much in it. Plus, your guests will like the additional function space, and you and your family will enjoy trying out a new look for your garden.



Putting patio furniture on the grass is somehow a good idea to extend your space. But, protecting your grass with temporary ground covers and pavers, or using pavers underneath the feet of your furniture will extend the lifetime of both the grass and furniture.

For people who are wondering whether they can put patio furniture on grass, the answer is not as simple as you might think. For starters, you should know that outdoor furniture should always be kept on leveled, firm, and dry land.

Not only that but you also have to make sure that the furniture has wide feet so that it doesn’t topple over or slip on the surface. While you can technically do anything you want with the space in your garden, putting outdoor furniture directly on the grass isn’t a wise idea.

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