Is Potting Soil from Dollar General Good for Your Garden?

Potting Soil

As a gardener, you need to do a lot to sustain your plants and ensure they thrive all year round. Chief among them is supplying the best soil, especially when you are nurturing the plants in containers. The problem, however, is finding a store that sells what suits your garden. Those who shop from Dollar General have probably spotted potting soil among its stock, but are they good for your garden?

Dollar General stocks the best potting soils for your garden. Like any other brands, the store’s potting soil contains various combinations of ingredients and comes with different properties, from the physical to the biological and chemical aspects.

This article will break this down and recommend some amazing brands you will find in Dollar General stores across the country.

The common substrate of a potting soil determines the physical and biological properties. It could be peat, humus, or compost, for instance.


Does Dollar General Have Potting Soil?

Dollar General is arguably the most established and biggest chain store in America. It deals with top merchandise and sells all sorts of goods, including potting soil. The shop has a few top selections of potting soils for both outdoor and indoor plants. You will find some notable products on their shelves, such as Scotts premium potting soil, Schultz all-purpose soil plus, and True Living Outdoors Container Mix Potting Soil with Fertilizer.

Most brands that Dollar General stocks enhance these properties by adding other substrates, like clay minerals, perlite, and quartz sand, making them the best for gardens.

The formula also determines the chemical properties. For instance, fertilizers supply nutrients over a long period while lime moderates the soil pH value. With such, these brands ensure that the potting soil you purchase from Dollar General offers the best composition.

Like human beings, plants’ roots need space to feel relaxed, neither too warm nor too cold, with the right supplies for comfort. That is what Dollar General looks for in its products. The potting soils stocked there support roots and ensure that your plant stands firmly. They also ensure it has enough water, nutrients, and air voids to thrive.

The store also ensures that there is enough variety for all types of plants, whether you are planting grass or flowers, that can adapt to all types of environments, whether you are planting them outdoors or indoors.

All the factors below discuss the various potting soil brands and what each includes in its products. But first, what makes Dollar General the best store that you would want to buy potting soil there?

The Dollar General brand is so huge it wouldn’t want to get tarnished by substandard products. Dollar General has been growing since the 20th century and will always strive to sustain that legacy by giving the best. That’s enough guarantee to trust their potting soil.


Quality soil is essential to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants. Thus, it is important that you know what type of soil you have in your garden. Read our article to know about the 6 types of soil and how to tell what yours is.


Review of Dollar General’s Potting Soil

Below are the three best Dollar General’s potting soils.

Scotts’ Premium Potting Soil

Nothing starts your plants off better than Scotts’ premium potting soil. It features a custom-blended formula that constantly feeds your plants with nutrients for four full months. Throughout this time, Sphagnum Peat and Perlite also help retain water and boost drainage for your plants to thrive.

It is a versatile potting soil that works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor environments. It only takes about three days to turn your lawn into a perfect, natural green turf. You can apply this formula to any type of grass. Plus, the time of year doesn’t matter as Scotts’ premium potting soil works perfectly in the spring, summer, and fall months.

Applying this soil to your plants does not restrict your movements, as you can walk on your lawn immediately after spreading the product. Besides, this bag is better for the environment than that of its competitors as it is made from 50% recyclable plastics and is recyclable via the REDcycle program.


  • Works in both outdoors and indoors
  • Great nutrient content
  • Perfect for all seasons


  • May be rough with rocks and woods chips
  • May attract fungus gnats

Schultz’s All-purpose Soil Plus

Schultz’s all-purpose potting soil is the perfect value for the price. It has a wonderful soil texture with rich color and a pleasant aroma. Its premium quality ensures that all your plants, flowers, and vegetables flourish and stimulates excellent growth.

Your plants will love this potting soil, whether you are using it in your indoor or outdoor spaces. It contains a rich blend of timed-release plant food and organic material for all your planting and potting needs. In addition, Schultz’s all-purpose soil plus grows and maintains your plants for nine months, making them bigger and with more blossoms, contrary to what you get from ordinary soils with no fertilizers.

This formula is perfect for indoor houseplants, pots, outdoor containers, hanging baskets, bowls, planters, and window boxes. In addition, the packaging comes with Ziploc-style closure, so you do not have to tear the cover to access the content. That way, you can always buy a large pack and store the leftover soil.


  • Excellent option for budget-conscious gardeners
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • Comes already mixed with fertilizer
  • Lightweight potting soil, ideal for container planting
  • Features Ziploc-style closure for easier storage


  • While there are no gnats in the potting mix, the larvae may hatch after you transplant your cuttings.
  • Not abundant in supply, so you may have to stock up
  • Contains some hard pieces of woody mulch and stones


True Living Outdoors Container Mix Potting Soil with Fertilizer

If you are looking for the perfect combination of light, fluffy and quick-draining materials, this is it. Your plants’ growth will kick off with the soil mix that offers the best water holding capacity, texture, and nutrients.

The True Living Outdoors Container Mix potting soil offers enough moisture minder crystals, which release moisture as the soil dries to ensure that your plants never run dry.

It also bears enough nutrients to keep your plants well-fed and healthy for up to four months. Finally, you can use it in all types of containers, pots, and plants.


  • Comes with ready mixed fertilizer, so you won’t have to add any
  • Keeps your plants hydrated for a long time thanks to moisture minder crystals


  • When exposed to lots of moisture, fungus will grow or mold will form, and ruin the product
  • Not suitable for the plants that don’t require high humidity

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