The 3 Best Wind Blockers for Fire Pits

Fire pit wind blockers

Fire pits are an attractive option for anyone looking to spice up their backyard, patio, or even living room. However, like all open fire, fire pits are susceptible to the effects of the wind. This is why wind blockers can be very necessary. But, how do we block the wind from our fire pits? And what are some of the best wind blockers on the market today?

For starters, you should know that there are four types of wind blockers available on the market:

  1. Round wind blockers
  2. Square wind blockers
  3. Rectangular wind blockers
  4. Linear wind blockers

You should choose the appropriate shape for your wind blocker based on the shape of your fire pit. If your fire pit is round, use a round or square wind blocker. If it is rectangular, you should use a rectangular wind blocker. And if your fire pit is square, you may choose from any of the three shapes, and chances are your fire pit will still look great. The linear wind quart is for long and narrow fire pits.


Best Wind Blockers for Fire Pit

Various companies make quality wind blockers. American Fireglass, Napoleon, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, etc. are some of the most popular ones. And below are some of the most popular wind guards available nowadays.

American Fireglass Tempered Glass Flame Guard – Best for Budget

This product is from one of American Fireglass’ most budget-friendly options. This product’s low price tag makes it extremely popular among customers. It is a good blend of quality and value, and thus, is recommended for all the thrifty shoppers out there.

This is a high-quality wind guard meant to be used with gas fire pits. It is made from 3/16 inches thick, heat-resistant materials. This product is available in multiple sizes, which you may adapt to the size of your fire pit.

The American Fireglass Tempered Glass Flame GuardOpens in a new tab. is available on Amazon!

Outdoor GreatRoom Round Glass Guard – Premium Option

If price is not an issue, this fire pit from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is the best and the most premium option. It comes in a linear shape.

It consists of a ¼ inch glass wall, complemented by stainless steel hardware and rubber at the bottom to prevent shifting. This wind blocker is a bit expensive, but if you are looking for the best of the best, then this should be your pick.

Click hereOpens in a new tab. to purchase it from Amazon!

Hiland AWS-RT30 Fire Pit Glass – Most Elegant

While not the best of the best, this wind blocker is certainly one of the most beautiful. This product is however not all that cheap. But once you set this up, you will be so mesmerized by its beauty that you will forget about the money you shelled out for it.

This is a high-quality glass wind guard for medium-sized fire pits. It is made from tempered glass, so durability is not an issue with this wind blocker.

Purchase the Hiland AWS-RT30 Fire Pit GlassOpens in a new tab. from Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep!


If you still want to enjoy lounging outside in your patio even when the weather is freezing, you need to get yourself an outdoor heating system. Your best choices are a fire pit and a patio heater. Both can definitely increase your body temperature and keep you warm, but the question is: which one should you choose, a patio heater or a fire pit? Read our article to find out. 


How do you block wind from a fire pit?

The wind can cause fire to not burn properly in your fire pit. So, let us look at some of the ways we can block air from your fire pit.

Below are a few techniques you can apply to keep the wind away from your fire pit.

Plant Trees

You can plant shrubs and rows of trees in your backyard to keep the wind away from your outdoor fire pit. Trees, if tall enough, not only keep the wind at bay but also provides privacy since shrubs are very hard to see through. Make sure to plant fast-growing plants, such as arborvitae, which can quickly grow into a solid wall that will allow no air inside.

Just make sure your plants are around 8-10 feet tall, and plant them in such a way that they are barely touching each other. This way, there should be enough space for the roots to grow, but not enough space between the plants for the air to seep through.

Build a Wall on the Windy Side

For a more permanent solution, consider building a wall on the windiest side of your patio or yard. Use 4 x 4 poles around 10 feet tall. Sink them 2-3 feet deep inside the soil as to plant them firmly. Make sure to keep 4-6 feet between them and secure the poles with concrete.

Then, put blocking materials, such as bamboo screens, fence boards, corrugated metal, corrugated fiberglass, or any other solid sheeting between the two posts, creating a wall between them to keep the wind away.

You may decorate these walls with paintings or vines and plants to make them look prettier. It will add a unique touch to your backyard.

Use Tarps and Bungee Cords

Attach some bungee cords onto a large enough tarp and hook the cords onto a large tree or other architecture in and around your yard. This will create a barrier between your fire pit and the wind, thus allowing your fire pit to burn without any hindrance.

You may have to attach multiple cords and tarps depending on the location of your yard, and the situation of the wind flow in your area. Make sure to think these things through before you buy your cords and tarps.

Also, make sure you keep the tarps at least 6 feet away from the fire pit because these can be flammable, and any rogue sparks from your fire pit can cause the tarps to catch on fire. Remember that safety comes first, so regardless of what you do, do it with safety in mind.

Use an Open Cylinder

You can use an open cylinder to shield your fire pit from the wind. This cylinder can be a store-bought wind blocker or a homemade product. You can also use an empty oil drum or a cylinder for this purpose.

However, keep in mind that this solution only works for fire pits made on the ground. If you are using a store-bought fire pit or one that has a base of some sort, then, avoid this solution.

This method will not work on large fire pits either. Also, make sure to keep children and pets away from the open cylinder as these things are prone to getting seriously hot and can burn them.


Do Fire Pit Wind Guards Work?

Now that you are aware of some of the ways to prevent wind from reaching your outdoor fire pit, you might be questioning whether or not it is even necessary to install a wind blocker on your fire pit or if it even works.

Wind guards, although sold separately from fire pits, are a crucial part of a fire pit that mainly ensures safety. A wind guard is meant to keep wind, little children, pets, and debris away from your fire pit. It also prevents sparks from spreading and causing fires.

Whether or not your wind guard works depends on whether you chose the right guard for your fire pit or not. As mentioned earlier, fire pit wind blockers come in four shapes. To get the best use out of these, you must know when to use which, and how to figure out what size you need.

When and How to Use Round Wind Guards

You will use these types of wind guards with round fire pits. To know what size to use, you need to measure the diameter of your fire pit. Your wind guard has to be at least the same size, or ideally, a few inches larger in diameter.

When and How to Use Rectangular Wind Guards

These should be used with rectangular fire pits or pits with a rectangular opening. To determine the size you need, you need to measure your fire pit’s length and width. Add 2-4 inches to both measurements, and that will be the size you need to buy.

When and How to Use Square Wind Guards

Square wind guards can be used with both round and square fire pits. You can also use them with triangular or linear pits, but it is not recommended as it will take excess space and not look as good.

Using this pit requires you to keep a gap of at least 2-3 inches between the glass and the open edges of the fire pit.

When and How to Use Linear Wind Guards

Linear wind guards can only be used with long linear fire pits. This shape demands you only use these for longer fire pits. To buy a guard for your fire pit, measure its length and width, and add 2 inches to both numbers.


How windy is too windy for a fire pit?

Although wind guards help, they will not make your fire pit invincible to the wind. There is a certain limit beyond when it is highly discouraged to light a fire pit outdoors.

Wind makes it naturally difficult to light up a fire pit. Even the slightest breeze can cause fire pits not to light up when you are outside. But, when it is so windy that we can visibly see the trees and plants moving in the breeze, we should take it as a sign that we should not light up a fire pit. This much wind is enough to ensure several problems in lighting a fire outside.

Therefore, when you see trees swaying in the wind, it is best to stay in and plan your outdoor fire pit shenanigans for another day. There are, of course, a few reasons why it is discouraged to light a fire in this kind of windy situation. Some of them are:

Wind Means Oxygen

The windier, the more oxygen the fire can burn. This could cause the fire to swell into uncontrollable lengths, which could result in a lot of damages to our home.

Fire Moves Uncontrollably

Wind can cause the fire to sway in uncertain ways and an out-of-control fire is very dangerous. Therefore, you should refrain from using your fire pit on a windy day.

Dry Foliage

During particularly windy days, the amount of dry leaves and foliage is very high. These can catch on fire easily and spread uncontrollably.

Tinder in the Wind

Wind can cause the tinder and kindling from your fire pit to plow away, and these things can easily reach unwanted places and catch on fire. Therefore, to avoid this kind of incident, we must not light a fire on windy days.


If you want to build a fire pit in your backyard, you have to make sure to build it properly. One of the things that you should carefully consider is ventilation. You may be wondering, do outdoor fire pits need air ventilation? Read our article to find out. 


How do you stop your grass from burning under your fire pit?

Often, your fire pit can cause harm to the grass or the soil in your lawn. Fire pits leave visible undesirable black marks on the floor, which take away from the beauty of your lawn.

Here are a few effective ways to protect your lawn from the damages that a fire pit might cause:

  1. One way to prevent fire damages is to set up brick pavers on your grass. This layer of bricks will protect your lawn from the fire and prevent any damages that the fire could potentially do to the grass.
  2. A simple thing to do is move your fire pit somewhere it cannot harm your grass. Setting it up on a briar, a pavement made of cement, or even plain soil can save your lawn from a lot of damages!
  3. Protective mats are available on the market and can be placed under your fire pit to prevent any damages to your lawn. So, consider using them!
  4. You can make the grass wet before placing and using your fire pit, so they are less likely to get damaged. It is not very effective, however, since the grass can dry up quickly under intense heat.



Fire pits are a great addition to your outdoor space. Because they are located outdoors, there are certain elements that can affect how you use them, such as strong winds. While oxygen is necessary for fire to burn, too much of it can be a nuisance and can even lead to accidents. To be able to enjoy your fire pit even on windy days, you need to get a wind blocker for your fire pit. 

I hope this article has informed you about wind blockers for fire pits, the different types, and their uses. Fire is dangerous, so one can never be too careful while handling flames. Wind blockers provide a relatively safer way of enjoying fire pits, and you should definitely consider adding one to yours.

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