The Best Above-ground Pools for Dogs

BINGPET Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Dogs love to play with their owners outdoors. If you plan to go plunge in the water for a swim, you should also provide an alternative to let your pet join you in this activity. There are many high-quality above-ground pools for dogs that your pet will surely love.

Some of the notable best above-ground pools for dogs are the Sharkline Venture Pools, Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pet Pool, BINGPET Dog Swimming Pool, and Pidsen Foldable Pet Swimming Pool, to name a few. These pools are made of durable materials that can withstand the paddling of your dog. 

In this article, we will discuss whether a dog can swim in an above-ground pool, the things to consider when buying pools for dogs, and the best pools you can buy for your pet.


Can My Dog Swim in My Above-ground Pool?

If you wonder whether your dog can swim in an above-ground pool, the answer is yes, they can. In some instances, you may want your dog to enjoy the pool while you are swimming in it. You don’t have to worry about anything as they have the skills to float in water.

Now that you know your pet can swim, you must take note of important things if you allow them into the pool, like keeping both your dog and pool clean. Dogs have a different instinct from humans, and you should supervise them when they are near the pool.

Clean the dog before swimming

Showering our bodies is required before we plunge into the pool. The major purpose of this practice is to maintain the cleanliness of the water in the pool, meaning that you must clean your body to prevent dirt or discharges of the body from contaminating the water.

We should also clean our furry friends before they swim in the pool. Dogs have different bodies from humans, so you must rinse them first. Their fur might shed in the pool and clog the drainage or filter if it accumulates. Plus, nobody wants to swim in a pool with dog’s dirt, so make sure they are clean. You must also prevent them from running around after they get out of the pool.

Prevent your dog from drinking pool water

Dogs may accidentally drink the water in the pool while they are swimming. They might also drink the water intentionally due to hot temperatures. Thus, make sure you monitor them and prevent these incidents from happening.

Pool water contains chemicals like chlorine that may put your dog in danger. Thus, we advise you to prepare their drinking water close to the pool so they can access it immediately if they want to quench their thirst.

Provide relaxation space

Swimming in the pool might cause the dog to get exhausted, and with such, to seek a resting place. They can’t stay floating in the pool for a long time. Therefore, put a space for them to relax near the pool. You can use pool floats that can accommodate the size of your pet or anything that they can use to rest.

Conduct regular pool maintenance

Your dog may often swim in the pool, and more often than not, shed their fur in the water. It will affect the filter and cause it not to work. Since the filter is important to keep the water clean, you should check it from time to time or every time your dog’s swimming. Make sure the water is clean without any discharge or fur from your dog.

Don’t make the pool accessible to dogs

Don’t let your dogs access your pool without your presence. Otherwise, ensure that there are people around the pool to check them. Although we’re not expecting it, you should keep them safe and prevent accidents.

You can create a barrier surrounding the pool so you don’t need to follow them anywhere just to secure them. If you leave them alone, they might drown without you noticing.

Know if your dog can swim

Some dogs know how to swim naturally while others can’t do it immediately. Before you allow them, try to figure out whether they can by guiding them in the pool. If you find out they can’t swim, proceed to train them. Cut their toenails first and start teaching them with a doggy paddle, which is a common swimming stroke for dogs.


A backyard pool is one of the best fixtures that you can add to your property. If you are looking for a pool that is easy to install and won’t cost a lot of money, an above-ground pool will be perfect for you. If you are not familiar with this kind of water feature, read our article to learn about what you need to know about above-ground backyard pools


Things to Consider When Buying Above-ground Pool for Dogs

Before you buy a pool for your dog, know the things you should consider first, such as the pool’s cost, type, materials, size, and accessories that are essential for a pool that will fit your dog. Be attentive to the details to avoid accidents and drawbacks.

Pool Cost

The first thing you should consider when buying an above-ground pool for dogs is the price. Although it’s a huge advantage to save money and buy an affordable pool, if the quality is low, you may want to up your budget for the best quality. On the other hand, some pools are cheap but high-quality, so not all of the best ones are expensive.

Pool Type

There are several types of pools you may want to choose from. Inflatable ones allow you to transfer and deflate them after use. Although this is an advantage, it is also sometimes a hassle since you need to inflate it and fill it with water before using it. If you have a small breed dog, this may fit them, so they can swim even if you don’t own a pool at home.

If you want a durable one that you can also use, you can construct a pool in an open area in your house or yard. This may last a long time but requires regular maintenance. An established pool doesn’t need to be disassembled every time you use it. The only main requirement is to have sufficient space.

Inflatable pools are more affordable than constructing a fixed one. If you foresee having a pool is a better choice for you and your family, then you can go for it.

Pool Material

If you choose to buy an inflatable pool, choose one that is made of sturdy materials. This contributes to the longevity of the pool, no matter how frequently your dog uses it. A durable pool will prevent you from buying another one again, which is costly.

The most durable material used for inflatable pools is PVC. Other notable materials used to manufacture these inflatables include polyurethane, naphthalene, and polycyclic hydrocarbon, to name a few. You can ask the seller what’s the best material for the pool aside from PVC.

Install Pump Filter

To prevent bacteria and keep the water in the pool clean, you need to use a pump filter. This equipment will pump and remove dirt from the water. Although a filter alone is fine, to ensure you can completely maintain the water unpolluted, you should combine it with a pump.

If your dog will swim in the pool, the pump and filter will help you prevent their fur and discharge from being cleansed.

Raised platform

A pool with a tanning ledge or raised platform where dogs can stand before they plunge into the water is a good option. They can automatically go up after swimming in the water without your help. The ledge will serve as their access to the pool.

Size of the pool

The height of the pool is substantial. You must know the capabilities of your dog before you decide to let them swim. If you have a small breed dog, you should choose a pool that suits their size. For larger dogs, a huge pool will fit them. The pool’s depth is important, and you should coordinate it based on the size of your dog.


After setting up your pool, your next task is to fill it with water. There are several ways to do this and the most common way to do it is with your garden hose. The only thing that you have to consider with this method is the time needed to fill your pool. How long does it take to fill a backyard pool with a garden hose? Read our article to find out. 


Best Above-ground Pools for Dogs

If you are anticipating the summer together with your dog, you should keep in mind the enjoyment of your pet as well. There are several above-ground pools you can buy for them with the assurance that they will love it.

Sharkline Venture Pools

Two of the most remarkable Sharkline Venture pools are the Excursion and Matrix. The Excursion has a design that you can use for inground pools, but it is originally made as an above-ground pool. This pool is 54 inches tall and is made of durable aluminum that can last for years.

The Excursion comes at a reasonable price that may fit your budget. The longevity of this pool is based on how you take care of it. Since aluminum is sturdy, it may survive endlessly.

As for the Matrix, it is 54 inches tall and is made with a steel wall and resin. The coating of the steel has a Star Glafin Galvanization Protection, which makes it strong. It has a combination of 7 layers of aluminum and zinc serving as a primer of the pool. The longevity of Matrix is similar to that of the Excursion as it can last several years. This pool is available in oval and round shapes. It comes with accessories like a pump, filter, covers, and more.

Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pet Pool Portable Kiddie Pool for Kids

This pool is made of PVC, which is known for being durable and resisting dogs paddling on the pool. Another unique thing about this Lunaoo pool is the built-in 0.45 cm high-density fiberboards supporting the pool to prevent it from collapsing. This dog pool allows you to resize it and can even be used as a pond or sandbox. The pool’s ground is embedded with non-slip technology to prevent everyone on it from sliding, even if it is filled with water.

BINGPET Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

This BINGPET dog pool is smaller than the other ones and allows dogs to stand in it. This doggie pool has a 63 inches diameter with a depth of 12 inches for the extra-large model, while the large size comes with a 47.2 inches diameter with a depth of 11.8 inches. The size of this pool is fitting for dogs, especially if they want to relax during the hot season.

If you are looking for a lightweight dog pool, the BINGPET foldable dog pool may suit your needs. It is made of polypropylene, which is durable. And since you can collapse and fold it, you may carry it without struggling due to its weight.

Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub for Small-to-Large-sized Dogs

This pool has a wide range of uses since cats, dogs, and kids can all use it. Just like the Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool, you can also use it as a pond. It’s easy to install as you just need to fill it with water. Plus, it contains drainage. This pool has a good hold of its shape, even if you don’t fill it with water, and is made of a known durable PVC made for pools.

Pidsen Foldable Pet Swimming Pool

This pool is designed for your furry friends to cool down when they are outdoors, enjoying the summer heat. The size of this pool varies, and you can use it as a tub for dogs to bathe. The material used to manufacture this is PVC, which is sturdy and durable. It also comes with a draining outlet thanks to which you can drain the water easily after using it. You can also choose between four different sizes, from small to extra-large, to fit your dog’s size.

SCIROKKO Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

The SCIROKKO foldable dog pool is made of PVC, polypropylene board, and satin cloth. The bottom part of the pool is non-slip to prevent accidents like sliding and slipping while standing in the pool. Your dog and child can use it safely. This pool is also portable, and thus, can be carried around since it is foldable.

Banfeng Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Like the aforementioned sturdy dog swimming pools, this one is made of PVC. Your cats, kids, and dogs can use it, and it is available in medium and large sizes. The medium size has a 47.2 inches diameter and is 11.8 tall, while the large one has a 63 inches diameter and is 11.8 inches tall.



Just like humans, dogs also need various ways to cool down when the temperature is high. Humans will usually go for a swim on a hot summer day, but since most public pools won’t allow dogs in their property, you just need to get a doggy pool for your backyard so that your pet can enjoy a nice swim, too.

Above-ground pools for dogs are a great way to let your pets have a good time outdoors in the summer. Even if you are not experiencing hot weather, you can still use it for them to bathe or to give them time to enjoy the water. Choose the best pool for your dogs depending on the size, style, and durability you need.

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