How Much Does a Backyard Sport Court Cost?

Backyard Sport Court

Sports are a part of man’s everyday life. If you tend to hustle to maintain a good physique and stay fit, doing physical activities provides a lot of great attributes. Nowadays, people prefer exercising at home and the ideal solution for this is to build a sports court.

A sports court is an amazing asset to have in your backyard. It isn’t only limited to a specific place as you can have it anywhere in your house. This space can provide you with lots of things to do or the opportunity to nurture a family bond by playing sports.

The estimated cost for a cheap backyard sport court reaches about $11,000 and up to $76,000 for high-end ones.

In this article, we will discuss the cost of building a sports court, how much it costs to construct a basketball court, and the things to consider when building such a structure in your backyard.


Cost of Building a Sports Court

The cost of building a sports court depends on the site, materials, surface, walls, installation, and much more. The cheapest court is estimated to cost around $11,000, while the more expensive and high-quality one would be about $76,000. There are a lot of sizes that may vary for each sports court.

Sports courts consist of various physical engagement activities, like basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more. These kinds of courts are also allowed to be constructed in your backyard so that you can exercise anytime without leaving your house.

There are several factors you need to include in your plan that can greatly affect the construction costs. We will discuss these further on the next topics. Before you start constructing your court, you can consult professionals to learn more about backyard sports courts.

Having a sports court at home will bring about a lot of convenience and benefits. Working out at a gym or renting a court for your friends and family sports event will require you to spend more each time you need to schedule one, whereas, if you construct a court in your backyard, you can do both working out, and playing sports anytime.


Cost of Building a Backyard Basketball Court

Backyard basketball courts are the most common kinds of courts constructed by homeowners. The costs of the floors reach around $14,000 to $45,000. For the landscaping costs, you should prepare about $4,500, and $5,000 for drainage.

The factors you need to focus on are the same as those discussed in the previous section, namely the site preparation, base material, performance surface, sports court components, and installation. These factors greatly affect the total construction cost.

Basketball courts are priced up to $16 per square foot. That will cover an average of $17,200 to $70,000 and up. The size is based on the standard size, which is probably the best option for any kind of backyard. Bear in mind that the size of your court depends on the size of your backyard.

You may choose between three options: a full-sized, half-sized, and junior court. Since you can’t ensure the size of the court that your backyard can hold, you should pick one of these. If you have a small backyard, then a half-court will most likely fit.

  1. Half-court

The floor measurements of half courts are 42 x 50 feet for high school, 37 x 42 feet for junior high, and 47 x 50 for experts like national leagues. The cost range of this type of court is around $12,600 to 35,000 and up. The only disadvantage of this type of court is that it only bears one basketball hoop. Some people prefer having two to guarantee the scoring process if you want to play with friends and family.

  1. Junior-court

If you want a full basketball court but have a small space to establish one, a junior court might suit your situation. This type of court is the smaller version of full-courts, which are preferred for young ones. A half-court would fit in your backyard, but it only consists of one basketball hoop, while with a junior court, you can play with two hoops. The estimated price range for this is around $36,000 to $46,000 and up.

  1. Full-court

Full-courts are 94 feet long and 50 feet wide for professional basketball courts. This one is the large version of the junior court. On the other hand, high school full courts are smaller than professional ones. They are 84 feet long and 50 feet wide. The estimated price for those is around $46,000 to $70,000.

This type of court is only recommended for large backyards. If yours can handle more than the required size for the courts, then this is the best choice of basketball court to build in your backyard.


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Cost of Building Other Sports’ and Multi-Sports’ Courts

Although there are specific kinds of sports courts, you can also choose to build a multi-sports court. This allows you to select more than only one sport. The total cost is still reflected in the pricing of the factors in building the sports court.

If you want to practice a different sport alongside basketball, you will have to install several elements. For volleyball, you will need only a net that is somewhat similar to that of a tennis court. Another thing you need to look at is the flooring. Tennis requires asphalt and grass, so it would be a different surface compared to basketball.

Some professional service providers can help you with the construction of your ideal court. They can advise you on what is the best material to use for this structure. With such, you can ensure the longevity of the use of your court and prevent damages to the flooring.

Other sports will require different measurements and costs based on the size of your backyard. Some sports require a huge space that your backyard may not be able to handle. Seek professional advice in this area so that you won’t disturb your neighbors.

  • Tennis Court

For a backyard tennis court, you will need around $20,000 to $30,000 to construct the whole structure. The elements you need to buy for this type of court are different than those needed from basketball courts. That means these factors will also affect the total cost of your sports court. That is why the amount you spend on a specific court is not similar to a different sport.

  • Volleyball Court

Constructing a volleyball court in your backyard will cost you around $6,800 to $7,600. There are different considerations in this type of sport. It is somehow cheaper compared to a tennis court since you don’t need grass for the flooring in this field. To learn more about this kind of court, you can check out the things you need with a professional.


What You Need to Consider When Building a Backyard Sport Court

Before you construct your ideal sports court, you need to plan it. When building a backyard sport court, you should take note of the site preparation, base material, performance surface, sports court components, and installation. These factors affect the total cost you will spend.

The construction of this court affects several factors, which include the following:

  1. Site Preparation

Let’s say each location has its own characteristics. Every site needs preparation before the construction of the sports court starts. What are these preparations? They include shaping, engineering, grading, soil compaction, and of course, expertise in the area of construction.

Since every site differs from the others, the slopes they possess are also unique. It will probably have small and large slopes that require grading. It is evident if there is a huge slope, in which case you will need massive equipment. This will naturally affect the cost of the whole process.

From the equipment to the materials, you are required to have access to your backyard. Another option to avoid using big tools is through labor. If the site is immense, it will take a longer time to finish it, which will reflect on the amount of money you are going to spend.

  1. Base Material

Base material refers to the aggregates that consist of materials like sand, gravel, cement, and all of the ingredients mixed to make concrete. These materials are used to establish the foundations or base of a structure. The hold of the aggregate materials hangs on the bare rock and soil.

The common process that people apply in the construction of the base is to associate steel with concrete. Although this might be the usual method, it is not recommended for all types of soils. On the other hand, you can use asphalt for the base, although you should note that this material requires maintenance from time to time. It gets easily removed or faded if you step on it frequently.

Another important factor when constructing the base is to know the zoning restrictions. You can visit a local zoning office to ask for the rules regarding setting up a structure in your backyard. Most of the time, you will need a permit before you can start digging and constructing.

Before you hire and buy materials, you should decide on the sports you want to play. It will help you avoid opposing the zoning laws unintentionally.

  1. Performance surface

Performance surface is like the icing on the cake. It is the flooring of your sports court since it is the topmost of the court, where you step when you play a specific sport. It is highly recommended to use high-end materials to ensure the experience and longevity of the floor. Although this will indeed be expensive, the quality will be guaranteed and won’t let you down.

Meanwhile, the type of sport you want to focus on may require a different surface. For instance, a tennis court requires asphalt, concrete, and grass, which is kind of unique compared to the usual basketball court. Keep in mind that the more elements there are to install in your court, the higher the total cost will be.

  1. Sports Court Components

Court components are the elements that complete the construction of the whole structure, meaning that if you want your focus to be on basketball, you’ll need to set up a basketball hoop. The usual components in this area of sports court construction are the nets, lighting, poles, and basketball hoops.

There are several sports court construction companies whom you can consult for your plans. They can provide you with these components or advise you on the construction. Again, high quality equals high costs.

  1. Installation

The final finish of your sport court would be the last thing to process. It will take one to three days depending on the type of customization you want to apply for the court. That is the final step before you can use your court.

Having a backyard court allows you to exercise without leaving your house. It is very convenient as you and your family can maintain a healthy fitness routine. Besides, playing with your family can help you create a strong bond and relieve stress on weekends.


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Backyard sports courts might be expensive to construct, but they can provide you with countless conveniences and benefits. Imagine if you didn’t need to spend money working out at the gym and playing sports on a court instead! A sports court in your backyard is an amazing structure for you and your family.

Although, the whole building process is difficult and requires you to abide by lots of rules. From the zoning laws up to the considerations you need to take regarding the size of your backyard, it will require a lot of work and a significant budget, but, once accomplished, it will offer you the best gift for your backyard.

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