What You Need to Know Before Planting Redwood Trees in Your Backyard

Redwoods tree backyard

Redwoods are very useful trees that reduce the carbon dioxide present in the air. They have the ability to transform these gasses into oxygen. Thus, having them in your backyard can lessen the pollution from cars, plants, and chemicals.

Redwood trees can bring a wide and beautiful shade to your backyard. With an annual growth of three to five feet, they grow into gigantic trees. If you plan on planting one in your backyard, consider its height, roots, water intake, and nutrients. These threes also require the maintenance of branches through pruning. They naturally grow in California and Oregon.

In this article, we will discuss redwood trees. We will also tackle the common mistakes when growing them, and discuss whether or not you are allowed to grow them in your backyard.


4 Things to Know About Redwood Trees

Redwoods are known for their height and shade. They are the tallest trees in the world and can live for more than 2,000 years. These kinds of trees help in lessening carbon dioxide. Finally, redwoods require a considerable amount of water to grow.

  1. The tallest tree in the world

The Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is hailed as the tallest tree in the world. This species can grow more than 300 feet high. Young redwoods can grow three to five feet annually.

This tree is ideal to establish beautiful shade in backyards. However, its downside is its height. It can grow big and affect electricity lines and other structures. To avoid this, you should foresee and estimate the size of a redwood tree and that of your backyard before planting one.

  1. They can live more than 2,000 years

The oldest Coast Redwood is known for having lived for about 2,200 years. It is the common range of age recognized by foresters. On the other hand, the Muir Snag is estimated to live for about 3,500 years.

Redwoods are dependable trees due to their structures and lifespans. Planting them in your backyard is an advantage as you can have them for your entire life and may contribute to the future of the next generations.

  1. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen

Redwoods play a huge role in allying to the existence of carbon dioxide. Indeed, these kinds of trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Planting redwoods in your backyard can lessen the air pollution in the surroundings.

If these trees are cut or burned, they will free the accumulated carbon dioxide back to the air, which instead of helping the air, will cause more pollution.

  1. They require a huge amount of water

Young redwoods may need a low amount of water, but as they grow bigger, their water needs also increase. Once fully grown, they might need about 500 gallons of water per day.

If you grow them in your backyard, you should prepare plenty of water. Their roots can fully absorb the underground water and dry up the ground. Thus, they should have their own irrigation system to provide them with plenty of water.


4 Mistakes to Avoid When Landscaping Redwood Trees

There are common landscaping mistakes for redwood trees that you may overlook. People plant redwoods with a lack of consideration for their growth and roots. Indeed, they grow extremely tall, and their roots greatly expand. Another mistake is the lack of pruning.

  1. Not providing them with enough space for growth

Trees grow bigger as they age. Considering their size, redwoods are far larger than the common trees that you see in parks. With such, people who plant them sometimes forget or disregard the measurement as they mature.

There exist several species of redwoods, and each grows differently. The known redwood trees can reach 200 feet in height. The different varieties of these trees are usually growing in wet soil and may grow up to 300 feet.

When planting them in a backyard, visualize and plan where to place them. Ensure they won’t affect the power lines and neighboring areas as their branches and height may disturb your neighbors.

  1. Overlooking the root’s growth

Aside from growing tall, redwoods’ roots also greatly grow. People plant them with a lack in consideration for their size development underground. The root size can cause a lot of disadvantages to the surroundings, especially to the soil and water.

Redwoods’ roots can extend from 6 to 12 feet. If they grow somewhere in the forest, it wouldn’t affect structures. On the other hand, roots can grow upwards from the ground if you plant them near your house, which could end up damaging your house floorings.

  1. Lacks water

These kinds of trees grow really tall, meaning they need proper nutrients and plenty of water as they mature. Redwoods require a consequent amount of water, regardless of the outside temperatures.

Negative instances occur if these trees lack water. In such cases, their underground roots absorb the available water present in the soil. You’ll know if they need more water if their branches turn yellow and brown.

The best way to solve this is by creating an irrigation system solely for the redwood. In this way, you can ensure that they receive the necessary amount of water.

  1. Not trimmed appropriately

Redwoods can definitely grow big, but they also require proper pruning. It is another factor people overlook. Although they can grow on their own without pruning, having them in your backyard is necessary for you to trim them regularly.

Redwoods’ dead branches can endanger people, structures, and even vehicles. These trees are tall, so if their dead branches fall off, they may put the elements under them at risk. It is also advisable to remove the parts with pests before applying pesticides.


Is It Illegal to Plant a Redwood Tree in Your Backyard?

Generally, it is legal to plant a redwood tree even in your backyard. You just need to consider the growth of its body and roots. The temperature and climate are also vital factors contributing to their growth.

Redwoods usually grow somewhere down the Oregon and California coast. The climate, water, and weather in these locations help them grow naturally. However, it doesn’t limit people to planting them elsewhere.

In dry climates, you can plant them in a pot. It is also important to estimate redwoods’ growth to avoid complications to the surroundings. Indeed, as previously mentioned, they can affect people and even structures, like houses and roads.

Pruning is also necessary for redwoods, especially if they grow in your backyard. The process prevents accidents and damages to the structures. Not removing their dead branches may cause them to suddenly fall.



Redwood trees bring a lot of advantages to their surroundings. They can help reduce gasses that contribute to global warming. The only downside of these kinds of trees is the size, water, and needed nutrients.

If you plan on planting redwoods in your backyard, you should consider these factors to avoid unpleasant surprises as they grow bigger. Climate and temperature also play a crucial role in their growth. This is why they naturally grow in some places located in Zone 9 and 10.

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