Why You Should Cover Your Riding Lawn Mower

Why You Should Cover Your Riding Lawn Mower

A lawn mower plays an important role in maintaining the aesthetic of our backyard. It is also a good investment, although it requires regular maintenance and care, like other garden equipment. Storing your lawn mower is one of the main maintenance tasks you shouldn’t miss.

The best way to store your lawn mower is by using quality covers to protect the equipment against weather damages, rusting, rotting, and other natural scenarios that could harm it. Lawn mower covers ensure the efficiency of the equipment when the mowing season starts.

In this article, we will tackle why it is important to cover your lawn mower during the winter. We will also discuss the mistakes you should avoid when storing your equipment.


Why You Should Cover Your Lawn Mower

Some lawn mower owners forget the purpose of lawn mower covers. Even if you have a garage or shed to store your equipment, it is best to invest in a lawn mower cover to prevent issues from sprouting. The importance of a cover should not be ignored or neglected if you want to protect your lawn mower and make it durable and efficient.

Below, we will discuss with you why you should cover your lawn mower. We will also talk about an essential accessory to maintain and preserve the life of your equipment.

1. It Prevents Rust

One of the common issues with metal equipment is rust. The outer or exterior metal will be the first target of rust before attacking the internal parts. Even the blades of your lawn mower can’t escape rust. Having a lawn mower cover prevents rust from targeting your equipment. Even if you store your lawn mower outside, a cover will shield it against rain and direct contact with moisture.

2. It Prevents Clogged Engine

A lawn mower cover prevents debris and other foreign objects from getting trapped inside the engine of your equipment. It will also prevent costly repairs and replacements.

Debris like wet leaves, small twigs, and pebbles can find their way inside the engine compartment of your lawn mower, causing the engine to stall and not start. This could happen if the lawn mower is not covered and left outside throughout the season.

3. It Prevents Rotting

Lawn mower covers preserve your equipment against issues like rotting. Lawn mower wires are covered with basic rubber that expands and shrinks when the equipment is left outside throughout the season.

Rubber only protects the wires from moisture and debris. When the rubbers are beginning to lose their elasticity, they dry out and crack, leading to the wires’ exposure. Lawn mower covers will help protect the wires inside the equipment from rotting.

4. It Prevents Debris

Some lawn mower covers are attached to the top of the equipment. These covers are stock on most lawn mowers, cover the engine of the equipment, and prevent debris.

If your lawn mower doesn’t have this type of special cover, we recommend getting one. As you mow your lawn, the blades can kick up debris, like rocks and twigs finding their way under the mower through the engine and directed toward you.

5. It Prevents Small Animals

A lawn mower cover can prevent small animals, like squirrels and mice, from crawling under and inside the equipment. These animals may be small, but they are terrible and can ruin your lawn mower by chewing some parts and wires. They will leave you with a damaged mower, which can be subject to repairs and replacement which is another cost to consider.

This might usually be avoided, but it is best to come prepared to avoid costly damages. A lawn mower cover will not only protect the equipment against harsh natural elements but also from annoying, small animals.

6. It Keeps the Lawn Mower Clean and Tidy

Whether you store your lawn mower inside a shed or outside, it is best to invest in lawn mower covers to keep it clean and presentable. This is the ultimate reason why you should cover your lawn mower. Covers can keep your equipment clean and well-functioning for the next use.

Lawn mower covers are quite expensive but they are a great investment since they can shield your lawn mower from harsh weather and ensure its efficiency. Using one is an effective plan to protect and secure your lawn mower when you are storing it. Choose the right type of lawn mower cover that will prevent weather damages and keep your equipment’s parts free of debris.


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Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Lawn Mower

When spring ends, it is also time to store garden equipment, like lawn mowers, in a safe and secure place. Winter months aren’t a friend to your garden equipment, especially if you want to store it outside with cover. Thus, it is ideal to store your lawn mower inside and check it before storing it to keep it grinding and working in the next season.

Storing a lawn mower doesn’t mean you will just put it there and use it whenever needed in the next season. There is some care and maintenance involved before storing it properly. Here are a few of the common mistakes to avoid when storing your lawn mower:

1. Not Reading the Manual or Instructions

Some people purchase garden improvement equipment and ignore the manufacturer’s instructions or manual for the maintenance of it. It is the first mistake you should avoid and, you must make it a habit to read the guide for your benefit. The manufacturer’s manual provides important user safety instructions and specific directions for the maintenance of a specific piece of equipment.

Some of the instructions include wearing safety gloves when conducting maintenance and repair work, as well as removing the spark plug wire and boot to avoid potential dangers and accidental starting. The manual also provides instructions on how to store your lawn mower, especially during the winter.

2. Not Cleaning It Thoroughly

Wiping isn’t considered thoroughly cleaning. Equipment like lawn mowers requires time to clean and prepare for it to work efficiently during the next use. It’s important to remove the grass and other debris that may be stuck in the component of a lawn mower. Before storing a lawn mower, clean it to avoid encountering issues next time you intend on using it. Use a hose, putty knife, and car wash detergent to clean your mower down to the painted metal.

3. Untreated Fuel in the Tank

Leaving untreated fuel in the lawn mower’s gas tank can corrode and form a deposit in the tank, fuel lines, filter, and carburetor. Thus, avoid leaving untreated fuel in your tank, especially in the winter. Make sure to mix the stabilizer with fresh gas and fill the tank before storing your lawn mower.

Let your mower run long enough to ensure that the stabilized gas has worked through the carburetor and fuel lines. Top off the gas tank to make room for the gas to expand or water vapor to contaminate the fuel.

4. Not Disconnecting the Battery

When you are storing your lawn mower for a long time, especially during the winter, make sure to disconnect its battery and store it in a cool and dry place to help lower the rate at which the battery discharges. Not disconnecting the equipment’s battery is another common mistake to avoid when storing a lean mower.

Vampire Power or Standby Power occurs on riding mowers and zero turns. This refer to the electrical energy used by devices, even when they appear to be turned off. Standby power allows electronics to turn on quickly but means that they are constantly drawing some power from the electrical grid. Even when the equipment is off, a small amount of power can still pass through or be pulled from a battery that is connected.

5. Not Changing the Oil

Used oil contains contaminants that are bad for garden equipment like lawn mowers. Leaving old, used oil during winter can damage your lawn mower and cause it not to work efficiently in the future. Changing the oil of your lawn mower also saves you time on the spring tune-up in the next year. It also helps ensure that the engine is properly lubricated from the start of the season.

6. Not Lubricating the Lawn Mower

Not lubricating your lawn mower can corrode and build some rust around the equipment. This represents yet another common mistake to avoid if you are storing the lawn mower for a long time. To lubricate your lawn mower, use WD-40 or silicone spray lubricant on the exposed metal, especially on the undercarriage.

Check for oil stains on the equipment and use a degreaser on it. To do so, apply an ample amount of degreaser and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes for it to work. Then, wipe it with a cloth and spray it with the hose.

7. Not Checking for Damaged Parts

You must check on your lawn mower’s parts to prevent any damages. By regularly checking the equipment’s parts, you can immediately repair the broken parts. Warped or bent mower blades must be replaced to prevent premature bearing and for safety issues. Check the parts of a mower and conduct a test run to know if there are any underlying performance issues.

It is also important to store your mower in a dry and covered area, like a garage or shed during the winter. It is indeed not a good idea to leave it outside, even if you cover it, to protect it against the winter climate. Leaving your mower outside and uncovered will often lead to water contamination that could flow through the gas tank and trigger issues.

Avoid these common mistakes and follow the steps mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, so that you will be ready for the next season and first spring mow.



The best way to store your lawn mower is by using quality covers to protect it against harsh weather, natural scenarios, and to make sure it is efficient when the mowing season starts again. With this article, you now know the importance of lawn covers and how to avoid common mistakes when storing your lawn mower.

The key to your lawn mower working efficiently is proper maintenance and care. A cover is your lawn mower’s first line of defense against weather and human damages. The covers will keep the equipment good, efficient, and durable.

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