Are Backyard Weddings Tacky? Let’s Find Out

Backyard Wedding

Weddings are meant to be intimate, to celebrate the love of the newlyweds with their family members and close friends. No matter where the venue may be, this occasion should be made special and worth every minute.

A backyard wedding is no exception if you want to have an intimate celebration. Some people may find it a bit tacky, but it wouldn’t be so if you plan properly, prepare all the gear and equipment, hire the right professionals, serve outstanding food, and make the day a memorable one.

When thinking about having a wedding on your property, or at your parents’ or grandparents’ home, it’s important to remember that it will be different and difficult compared to getting a venue. You’ll have to plan the logistics, make sure that everything fits within your area, and have enough space for your guests and their cars.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 12 factors that you should consider before having a backyard wedding. These factors will help you understand the things you need to do to make the wedding of your dreams come true.


Are Backyard Weddings Tacky?

No matter what you do with the planning, program, and execution, there will always be someone who will call your backyard wedding tacky. But don’t fret, because there are ways to avoid having a “tacky” wedding, but rather, something that all your guests will remember as fun and intimate.


Factors to Consider to Avoid a “Tacky” Backyard Wedding

Before discussing the things you can do to avoid a cheap-looking backyard wedding, you should know that there are huge differences between having a venue-based, church-based, and backyard-based wedding. From designing the venue to preparing the food, putting together the tents and loos, and making sure that everyone is comfortable, you’ll need to think about the logistics and money required to do all this.

The factors that we’ve listed below will help you prepare your backyard, budget, and mindset before the event and will guide you through all the planning you need to do.

1. Plan in advance

We’re sure that you and your bride/groom-to-be have planned saying “I do” for months or years now. Whether it will be in your backyard or your parents’ or grandparents’, there’s nothing more intimate than holding one of the most special occasions of your life in a place that’s close to your heart.

Planning for your wedding means considering all the options, technicalities, and decisions you have to make. Compared to a venue-based event, where everything is set up for you, having a backyard wedding will be quite different and difficult. Here are some thoughts to consider when planning for the event and preparing your venue:

  • Parking spaces
  • Loo area
  • An area where your guests hang their jackets
  • Space where the food will be prepared and where the dishes will go
  • Having enough glasses and buckets of ice for your guests

2. Get permission

Like any event, backyard weddings require permits from your local government. Therefore, you should hire an electrician to check your area, ask for permits for the local noise ordinances, ask permission from the local fire department, and check if you need a permit to park cars.

3. Choose the colors to enhance your surroundings

Choose the colors that will not only suit your theme but also enhance the beauty of your backyard. The idea is to choose colors that will match the earthy-theme environment. You can use these colors on your chair covers and table linens, which are the first thing that your guests will notice.

Next, pair the primary colors that you chose with bright colors. Use these new colors on the sashes on your chair backs, table runners, bows, and napkins. Doing so will help enhance your first colors without overlapping them.

After this, pick exciting colors that will match the ones that you chose earlier. Apply these new colors to your table centerpieces, pocket handkerchiefs, bridal outfits, bouquets, buttonholes, and floral arrangements.

4. Add flowers into your plan

As many expert wedding planners would say, “There’s no such thing as wrong flowers on a wedding day.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that you just pick the flowers you’ll use out of nowhere. The difference between having a backyard wedding and a venue-based wedding is that you can opt to use the flowers in your garden.

In such cases, consider the flowers that you will have during the season of your wedding. For example:

  • Summer weddings almost always come with roses, but you can also use dahlias and gerbera. If you want a combination of flowers, you can use carnations with a mixture of colors to brighten up your garden.
  • Chrysanthemums in large pots, blue salvia, and Japanese anemones are great decorations during fall because of their dazzling tints.

If you’d like to present your grown flowers, it’s best to start planting your flowers ahead of time. Also, understand that there are risks when you’re not buying flowers. Finally, think about the costs of buying seeds, bowls, wires, vases, and oases.


Choosing a venue is one of the first things that you need to do when planning a party. If you want your celebration to be more intimate and budget-friendly, you can always opt to have it at your own backyard. As long as you know how to prepare your backyard for a party, your celebration won’t be tacky. 


5. Wedding planner

Some couples like to hire a wedding planner even if they’re going to celebrate their wedding in their backyard. These professionals allow the newlyweds to think and plan ahead of time without cramming on the day of the wedding.

Additionally, wedding planners have the skills and experience to handle your plans within your budget. They’ll ensure that everything goes according to plan before, during, and after you say your vows.

6. Think about having a theme reception

Weddings are no exception when it comes to themes. Whether you and your bride/groom would like to have a simple wedding or go full blast with Star Trek, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings themes, nothing can stop your plans with the biggest day of your life.

Remember that this will be a one-time occasion in your life, so don’t go half-hearted with your plans.

7. Rent the right equipment

Never underestimate the number of people that may attend your wedding. Having more tables and chairs than the number of guests that you invited is the best thing to do since you wouldn’t want to come short with it and let your other guests stand up the entire time.

Borrowing chairs from your neighbors is an option. Community halls and churches also welcome that extra business if you’re going to rent out their chairs. But, remember that having chairs and tables that do not match is a recipe for a tacky backyard wedding.

If you have the extra bucks, we suggest you get the services of a reputable renting company. They have matching tables and chairs that will suit any themed event. Plus, they can include sun loungers and coffee tables for the right price if you negotiate.

8. Consider getting a tent

Even after you’ve planned and prepared everything for your wedding day, it’s never a bad idea to rent out a gazebo or tent with dropdown sides. It can provide you and your guests the shelter you need in case of a stiff breeze, light shower, or harsh sun.

9. Light up the area

Nighttime backyard weddings are becoming a trend, and there’s nothing sweeter than doing your first married kiss under lanterns and café lights under the night sky. If you’re looking to have your wedding at night, it’s essential to put up lights all over your venue.

You can put up lights on the available trees around your backyard and match them up with a string of café lights. Nowadays, there are solar-powered outdoor lights, like lanterns, votives, chandeliers, and torches. Although, note that this can add expenses to your budget, but ensuring that you have lights at your venue is important.

10. Get portable bathrooms

You wouldn’t want all your guests to use the bathroom in your house, especially if you only have a limited number of them. The general rule is to have at least 1 toilet for every 30 guests. So, think about the number of guests you’re inviting, including the setup and food staff that you’re going to hire.

Going for a music festival bog-standard port-a-potty loo should never be an option because this will only cry “tacky”. Instead, choose purpose-built restrooms that include everything your guests may need. These loos come in different budget-friendly options, so you can choose some according to your needs.


In the recent years, backyard weddings have become more common. If you are planning to celebrate your big day in the comfort of your own home, there are quite a few things that you need to prepare and rent to make sure that everything will run smoothly. Check out our article to know what you need to rent for a backyard wedding


11. Serve delicious food

Whether we like it or not, an event will always be judged depending on its food, hence why it’s important to serve delicious food to your guests on your wedding day. You can choose between having a buffet or a plated-style meal.

Also, when planning what food to serve, make sure to know about your guests’ potential allergic reactions. That way, you may not only save a life but you can also ensure that you’ll have an accident-free wedding.

12. Include a dance floor

A wedding is not complete without any dancing involved, but renting out an entire dancefloor to be installed in your backyard can be expensive. Besides, nobody wants to dance in an area where there are lots of stones, uneven ground, or worse, a mud pile when it rains.

As the preparation for your flowers, you must prepare the ground in your backyard in advance. Make sure nobody can trip on anything, that the ground is even, and that it quickly dries if it rains.



Aside from the wedding ceremony itself, wedding venues are one of the top decisions that you have to make when you are planning your wedding. If you want this event to be more intimate, you can always opt to have a backyard wedding. With proper preparation, great food, and impeccable execution, your backyard wedding will definitely be a memory to remember. 

The things that we have discussed in this article are just some of the things you need to plan ahead of time to ensure that you’ll have everything set up for the event. Note that all of these factors depend on your budget and how far you are willing to go for your backyard wedding. All-in-all, it will all be about your wedding day, so make sure that you enjoy it as much as you can.

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