A Guide to Backyard Wedding Rentals

Backyard wedding

A wedding is the most important event for any couple. It is when they officially tie their love for each other and welcome the new chapter of their life as one. Traditionally, weddings are done in churches and involve elegant receptions. However, nowadays, couples prefer convenient and cheap alternatives.

Backyard weddings are exquisite and offer privacy to couples who want their weddings to be held in a backyard setting. Although celebrating your wedding in a backyard would bring a unique and fresh feeling, what do you need to rent for this kind of wedding?

Making a rental checklist is crucial when planning such an event. You need to rent chairs, tables, wedding utensils, linen, runners, table napkins, generators, tents, lightings, a sound system, trash cans, and much more. These equipment are important to complete your wedding celebration.

In this article, we will discuss the different equipment and elements that you will need for your backyard wedding. We also made a short checklist to ensure your wedding rentals are complete.


Checklist for Backyard Wedding Rentals

To make your wedding memorable, it is best to prepare it ahead of time. A complete checklist of the things you need to rent will prevent you from forgetting anything. The checklist contains furniture, catering equipment, décor, production equipment, and other essentials.

Rentals play a determining role in the wedding plan and the whole occasion. Without these equipment and furniture, your wedding won’t be complete as they bring convenience to your guests and the happy couple. To know what the important things you need to rent to make your backyard wedding unforgettable are, we concocted the following list:


  • Chairs
  • Cocktail tables
  • Bar
  • Guest book table
  • Gift table

Catering Equipment

  • Wedding utensils
  • Food storage


  • Runners
  • Linen
  • Table napkins
  • Wedding tents
  • Place setting
  • Architectural design rentals
  • Overhead wedding decorations
  • Photo booth

Production Equipment

  • Generator
  • Lighting
  • Sound system


  • Trash bin
  • Portable restrooms

1. Chairs

Chairs are essential for this kind of occasion. Without it, your guests won’t be able to enjoy attending your wedding. To ensure they can embrace a memorable happening in your life, you need to look for the best folding chairs in the two areas of your wedding.

The best thing to do when choosing a chair is to think about where your guests will remain for the whole occasion. Since backyard weddings often celebrate their reception at the same location, it is better to select chairs for dining.

You don’t need to rent another set of chairs for the ceremony because this type and design will cover both the ceremony and the celebration.

2. Cocktail tables

The two finest combinations for wedding tables are low round and highboys cocktail tables. Low-round tables usually bear a height of 30 inches and a width of 45-60 inches. Meanwhile, highboys are 42 inches tall and 30-36 inches wide. These types of tables are the best choices for wedding cocktail hour and reception.

Since these tables have standard designs, you’ll need to cover them with linen that would compliment your wedding motif. Linen prices are reasonable if you rent them together with the tables. Another smart tip is to ask the rentals about the size of the tables so you’ll know how much linen you’ll need to cover them.

3. Bar

Your cocktail tables won’t be complete without a cocktail. Now, where can you get those drinks for your guests? Simply at a bar made available in your reception or cocktail hour. There are several types of bars you can choose from, and some of the rental companies allow their customers to customize them, meaning you have the freedom to design one on your own or with the advice of your wedding planner.

4. Runners, linen, and table napkins

For the complete design cover of your wedding tables, chairs, and even the floor, you’ll need runners, linen, and table napkins. They act as the icing on a cake. Without these fabrics, your furniture will look dull and won’t create the ideal atmosphere for your wedding.

Some rental companies offer these. Linens are undoubtedly expensive if you buy them alone. Thus, renting them is a good idea. Besides, rentals will organize them neatly and send them to you before the wedding day. Whereas, if you buy them, you’ll have to do a lot of work, from pressing to arranging them.

5. Wedding utensils

Utensils are another salient thing you need to include in your backyard wedding rentals. These are usually included in your caterer’s package. The only thing you need to watch out for is the number. It is clever for you to add more utensils to the number of your expected guests.

In some instances, these utensils are dropped, or sometimes, guests use more than one set of the standard number given to them. Therefore, if you request more and several guests use multiple sets of utensils, you will be confident as you’ll have the sufficient amount to provide for the whole occasion.


Weddings are meant to be intimate, to celebrate the love of the newlyweds with their family members and close friends. No matter where the venue may be, this occasion should be made special and worth every minute. If you are planning to have a backyard wedding, some people may question your decision. Are backyard weddings tacky? Read our article to find out. 


6. Lighting

Most wedding receptions happen until dark, and lighting is provided to add more effect and keep the area illuminated. A backyard wedding setting doesn’t have full roof coverage so, at night, you’ll need lights to continue the celebration of your wedding.

Scheduling your wedding time is very critical in this matter. If you want to hold your wedding reception at night, carefully ensure that the location can provide lighting. You should consult with your wedding planner and rental company to figure out the best design and fixture to use for the most memorable event of your life.

7. Wedding tents

You’ll never know if the rain may invade your wedding day. To be ready if this happens, a wedding tent is your best option. Using this equipment may require you to adapt to a lot of prohibitions. Plus, some backyards aren’t allowed to install tents.

Before you decide to use tents in your backyard, consult professionals and local zoning departments about the laws. Not only ask about the rules for the backyard, but also the required permits for parking, noise, and liquor.

Bear in mind you’re going to use a part of your home — your backyard — so you better be cautious as such an event can cause disturbances to your neighbors and nearby houses.

8. Generator

A backyard wedding is held outdoors. Thus, you’ll need a stable electric power source for speakers, lights, and all of the equipment that requires electricity. What you also need is a generator with a high capacity to handle the whole wedding occasion from start to end.

A generator with 2,400 watts is preferred for a wedding event, while an average circuit is 2,000 watts with 15 to 20 amps. Each amp is estimated to have 100 watts. These amps are the electric-powered equipment you are going to use. Meaning, the estimation we provided can cater up to seven elements to use for your wedding.

To guarantee how many generators you’ll need, you should list down all of the appliances and electrical equipment you are going to use. It is advisable you consult a professional electric technician to help you estimate and set up this part of your wedding plan.

9. Architectural design rentals

Designs and ornaments are essential to complement the wedding’s atmosphere. If you celebrated the most memorable occasion without decorating your place, it would look dull and not translate the feeling of this event.

Your wedding planner knows various wedding styles that would fit your taste. It is best to ask them about the options, so that you can pick what you prefer. They also know the estimated costs of the designs you want.

10. Portable restrooms

Your backyard wedding obviously won’t come with restrooms since it is held outdoors. Therefore, you can either decide to let your guests enter your house and use the bathroom or install portable restrooms at the venue. The first choice will be risky and a hassle, so it is smart to set up portable toilets instead.

Portable toilets can be very convenient for your guests to access your wedding location. Aside from the convenience, they can use it fast and go back to your wedding venue immediately afterward.

11. Guest book and gift table

Guest book tables have been used for wedding events for a long time. In some instances, in the present times, these were disregarded by some, but others still include one in their setup. With this, guests are allowed to share their thoughts with the happy couple.

Besides, a gift table is also appreciated at wedding events. Of course, almost all of the guests, including family members and friends, usually prepare for this unforgettable day and give the couple gifts. Thus, a gift table is a way to provide space for this purpose.

Ask your wedding planner where you can find a package for the whole event as you can save more if these inclusions are offered into one.

12. Place settings

Your wedding planner has lots of place settings to offer you. Some of these include beach, bohemian, vintage, romantic, minimalist, and a lot more.

13. Trash bins

Wedding occasions will produce loads of garbage and trash. From the wedding ceremony up until the reception, people will probably look for trash cans to throw multiple things. To be ready and prevent the scatter of trash in your backyard, add trash cans to your rental checklist. Consult your wedding planner about the best spot to put this equipment.

14. Sound system

From the wedding ceremony up until the reception, the sound system serves a great purpose. You won’t be able to amplify the ceremony without a microphone and speakers. The celebration is also dry without music during the reception. Regardless of whether the wedding is held outdoors or indoors, it requires a sound system.

15. Overhead wedding decoration

Your tables would give the design for that wedding atmosphere, but in a backyard setting, overhead wedding decoration can give more aesthetic to the venue. Without this, your guest will witness the trees in your backyard, so it is best to put a bit of spice into it.

Your wedding planner can also help you learn about the great choices in this area. Note to ask them whether or not your backyard can handle such décor.

16. Photo booth

Photos capture moments that you can treasure for a lifetime. With that in mind, having a photo booth for your wedding that allows your guests, family, and friends to take photos of this special day of yours would be an amazing idea. While attending your reception, they can take photos to keep some souvenirs from your wedding.

Capturing photos together with the couple is also a great idea. The guests would have the couple’s photos with them after the wedding. This is especially memorable for your close friends, and mostly, both of your families.

17. Food storage

You should probably not expose the food for your wedding reception outdoors since you are going to have a backyard wedding. To guarantee your food remains fresh after the ceremony, it is best to rent food storage. You can ask your wedding caterer if they include such services in their package. Some of them provide this equipment to help store other types of foods while the event is ongoing. It is also a benefit on your side since you don’t need to rent one.



Nothing compares to a fully prepared wedding. This unforgettable event that marks the start of your flourishing love will offer you an occasion to bond with your loved ones. To ensure you won’t forget anything, a plan and checklist are essential.

Wedding packages are now offered by several event companies. Some will give you complete essentials and inclusions, while others may require you to rent other equipment. Ask your wedding planner about what you envision with your wedding for it to be successful.

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