11 Best Outdoor Loveseats in 2022

Outdoor Loveseat

This list of the best outdoor loveseats is the one you wish to read before shelling out hundreds of bucks for your outdoor comfort.

It won’t take you more than a few minutes to notice how outdoor furniture prices are through the roof. The strange thing is that the high prices aren’t stopping people from buying it. On the contrary, outdoor furniture is flying off the shelf.

Is it because people are spending more time at home these days? Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on low-quality outdoor furniture that breaks after a few uses. Undoubtedly, you want your loveseats to pay for themselves.

In the end, the durability justifies the price as you won’t have to buy new outdoor furniture every few months. Continue reading this article to find the perfect loveseat that will complete your outdoor space.


The 11 Best Loveseats for Your Backyard

Outdoor loveseats come at various qualities and prices. This list should give you an idea about those factors and help you find what you are looking for.

1. Corfu Patio LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

The Corfu patio loveseat is offering everything you’d want in a loveseat. The design is fantastic and the comfort is out of this world. Keter is one of the best patio furniture makers and the Corfu series doesn’t disappoint.

The primary element in these loveseats is resin. Resin makes a perfect material for outdoor furniture thanks to its durability and high resistance to changing weather conditions. This kind of plastic has a soft touch while being resistant to scratching.

Indeed, even in hot weather, resin doesn’t melt nor become malleable. Its woven nature allows you to sit comfortably on it without noticing the usual wear and tear.

What’s more, the supporting body won’t rust because it’s non-metal. The open-weave nature of rattan can also adapt to the weather. Finally, this material is low maintenance, easy to clean, and durable. Everything you want in your loveseat cushions!


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Somewhat rain-friendly and fast-drying.

2. Grasson Lane LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

The Grasson Lane loveseat adds more value to your outdoor area as it looks posh. The craftsmanship is impeccable with the stylish use of resin wicker and a rust-resistant aluminum framed body. The cushions come with a Nuvella coating, making them more weather-resistant.

The Grasson Lane provides maximum comfort with wide seating and spacious armrests. It’s also easy to assemble. You can indeed put it together yourself or with help from a family member.


  • Stylish design from a trusted brand.
  • Suitable size to fit in your outdoor area.

3. Patio Tree LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

The gliding loveseat from Patio Tree can provide you hours of relaxing time in your outdoor area. The steel body will keep it in service for years to come while preserving its great support and stability over time. Furthermore, the steel frame has a powder coat to protect it from rust, scratches, and moisture.

The whole metal body will also provide a rocking motion at a perfect degree. It’s gentle and doesn’t emit noisy squeaks as you glide back and forth.

For comfort, the double cushion has a polyester cover that’s soft on the skin. The sponge-filled back and seat cushions also hug you as you sit and rest your head. The fabric is long-lived, won’t stain, and won’t fade any time soon. Besides, you can clean it with a dry cloth when necessary.

This loveseat is fashionable with its timeless design. Whether you want to enjoy some “me time” or sit with a friend, you’ll have a snug time rocking on this chair.


  • Made to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Provides a relaxing gliding effect.
  • Allows you to create custom cushions that fit the metallic frame.

4. SUNCROWN Outdoor LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

If you can’t get enough gliding action, the outdoor loveseat from SunCrown will oblige.

Enjoy twice as much comfort with this gliding outdoor loveseat. The beefy cushions let you sit in comfortably while conversing with your friends for hours.

Furthermore, these cushions are padded with the sponge and covered with Olefin fabrics for more protection. They feel rich to the touch and give more texture than other fabrics. More importantly, they keep it together when the weather changes. The cushions won’t absorb sticky liquids and will hold their place if you tie them with the pre-installed strap.

With its style, this beige loveseat will blend in your outdoor area, as its warm color looks good outside. You can also get in red if you want it to stand out more.

The metal body of the loveseat provides more durability, support, and stability than its counterparts. Metal isn’t always the best outdoor furniture material because it absorbs heat and rusts quickly, but the metal in this loveseat is powder-coated to prevent these issues. Of course, you can also do the coating yourself when it starts to wear off with extensive use.

Not everyone loves metals in outdoor furniture because of the regular coating. However, if it’s not a hassle for you, you’ll get to enjoy this loveseat, especially considering that metal can outlive other materials. Besides, in the end, you can sell it to metal scrapers.

The leading “selling point” of this loveseat is the gliding feature. It fits nicely with the reason for owning an outdoor loveseat in the first place. If you want to experience the fresh air while sitting with your loved ones, this loveseat won’t disappoint.


  • Extra comfy cushions for hours-long sessions.
  • Agreeable level of swinging that won’t get you dizzy.
  • Available in blue and red.
  • Tight and sturdy assemblage without loose ends.

5. Tangkula Acacia Wood Patio LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

If you’re looking for a little more than a loveseat, the Tangkula patio loveseat won’t fail you. It’s a little more than a loveseat because it extends into a lounge and daybed, making it a piece of three-in-one outdoor furniture.

This equipment is built with acacia, a mid-range outdoor furniture material. Native to Australia, Asia Pacific, and some parts of Africa, acacia reacts well to hot weather. That’s why it’s the perfect loveseat for a hot North American summer.

Aside from regular wood sealing, this loveseat is particularly low-maintenance and will give you the extra miles you expect from a sturdy outdoor loveseat.

The bad news is that the cushions, which you may need to clean every now and then, aren’t thick enough for prolonged use. Although this seating comes with two oversized back pillows, that doesn’t cover the thin cushions on the seats. So, even if you escape from back pain, there’s another kind of pain waiting for you. But if the thin cushions irk you much, you could consider hiring a specialist for a customized, thicker cushion. Apart from that, the big pillows provide more comfort than you need to the point of becoming lazy.

When you get your fill from your loveseat, you can turn it into a lounge to accommodate one more person or a pet. All it takes is to twist the arm seats to turn the chair into a loftier sofa. You can also turn the armrests to the hilt and turn it into a bed. If you’d like to lay under the sun or perhaps have a quick nap, this will help. Conceivably, you love lying with a book in hand. In that case, this double-duty loveseat will serve you well.

Overall, the design is so 2022 and captures the essence of a versatile outdoor loveseat.

This loveseat will undoubtedly give you more comfort, pleasure, and enjoyment than you paid for. And if you take good care of it, it’ll offer you many years of outdoor loveseat fun.


  • The polyester-covered cushions are easy to clean.
  • Multi-purpose loveseat that converts into a lounge.
  • Comes in various colors to fit your outdoor area’s style.
  • Natural and heat-resistant wood design.
  • Can be used indoors as well.

6. Patio PE Wicker LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

People have been using wicker-based furniture for thousands of years. Some pieces from the distant past survived to this day. Wicker is highly durable and no less luxurious than other materials. Therefore, you can trust this loveseat to survive longer under the changing weather conditions. Although, you may want to do the occasional varnishing yourself to keep it shining and protect it from the natural elements.

The thick seat and back cushions come with waterproof covers and are just as comfortable as the next loveseat. Pillows are also a welcomed addition for an added restful use. Besides, the blue and black colors give it an air of luxury and sophistication.

With this loveseat, you don’t need to worry about accidental stains, spills, and splashes. Since wicker is essentially hand-woven wood, it provides the perfect environment-friendly outdoor furniture material.

This loveseat will withstand lots of heavy use. However, they’re small. They’re perfect for children, but for large-bodied adults, they’ll become inconvenient. As you sit and stand on them, you’ll need lots of inertia. If you have kids in the house, they’ll be happy to use them. Finally, you may need to use extra support to raise them a few inches above the ground level.


  • Long-lived wicker that’ll probably outlive its owner.
  • Free pillows included.
  • Best for children and small adults.

7. Crosley Furniture Kaplan Outdoor Metal LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

The Kaplan Loveseat has something that other loveseats on this list don’t have.

The base material is steel, but this loveseat also features a UV-resistant coating to withstand the elements. The x-shaped design is what makes it different. It gives your back all the support you need for hours of sitting with your soulmate.

The seating itself is spacious enough for two people to sit comfortably. With generous cushions and comfy armrests, it checks all the boxes for a sweet loveseat.

The steel frame and packed cushions leave no room for guessing. You’ll get a loveseat for all seasons with little to no maintenance. You can forget about the wind, rain, rust, and other natural threats.


  • Stylish loveseat that provides comfort in all weather conditions.
  • Durable.
  • Low maintenance.

8. Christopher Knight Home Puerta Outdoor Wicker Loveseat with CushionsOpens in a new tab.

You can’t get enough of these wicker loveseats. They’re decorative, luxurious, and durable.

With a loveseat like that, you can spend hours taking in the fresh air outside with your friends. The loveseat’s waterproof cushions repel the water to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your outdoor furniture is almost self-cleaning.

Wicker will also give you years and years of use. It doesn’t fade nor smells funny and it absorbs water. You can rely on wicker to look good and give you more bliss than its counterparts without cheap alternatives.

And when the time comes — if it comes — it’ll take a layer of sealing to restore your loveseat to its former glory. Extending your outdoor loveseat’s life has never been easier.


  • Its size fits all outdoor areas.
  • The iron frame gives unlimited support.
  • A rugged shape that supports heavy people.
  • Eco-friendly wicker.

9. BOWERY HILL Adirondack LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

Teak is one of those outdoor furniture materials that age well. Even at the exhaustion level, they’re easy to restore.

This stand-alone loveseat outdoor bench doesn’t look extravagant, but when you combine it with your outdoor furniture, it suddenly takes a life of its own. What it lacks in comfort, it makes up for in style.

It has a classic feel without looking out of style or place, for that matter. There are no cushions included, but this loveseat depends on its ageless fashion that’ll add a rustic feel to your patio, terrace, or backyard.

Furthermore, it’ll deliver the durability one would expect from an outdoor loveseat.


  • The more it ages, the better it looks.
  • Easy and fast to restore after prolonged use.

10. Hanover Foxhill LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

The fox hill loveseat has it all, except for the cushions. It’s the best for a commercial setting where there’s a lot of people on the move.

It looks stylish enough without being over the top, making it perfect for professional use. Besides, the aluminum frame can help you with the weather, and the sling fabric will stretch enough to make comfortable seating.

Overall, it’s easy to carry around thanks to its light weight. Also, the cleaning is self-explanatory and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

If you’re worried about the cushions, you can buy them separately. Although, there’s no need for it unless you have a particular condition.

The loveseat will be durable, comfortable, and look quite good.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Rust-resistant, coated aluminum.
  • Stretchy sling material with a gunmetal finish.
  • Lightweight yet comfortable.

11. Northlight Outdoor Retro Tulip LoveseatOpens in a new tab.

To conclude this list of outdoor loveseats, take a look at this energetic loveseat.

First of all, it’s all steel, which means you’ll have a lot of fun assembling it. However, it also means that this loveseat is heavy, which, on the other hand, makes it able to welcome heavier people.

It’s also heavy on the retro side as it is colorful and will stand out effortlessly.

But don’t worry, the steel body has the usual powder coat that protects it from the natural elements.


  • Durable steel body.
  • Unusual retro design.
  • Colorful.



If you want to comfortably lounge in your backyard and enjoy the outdoor scenery with your loved ones, you need to get yourself a good quality loveseat. There are tons of options to choose from in the market today, whether you are looking for something more natural like wood and rattan or something more durable like steel and resin. With a little bit of research, you will definitely be able to find a loveseat that will suit your preferences. 

Lucky for you, we already rounded up the top loveseat choices available in the market. All you have to do now is figure out what you want in a loveseat and check the ones that we have listed if any of them fits what you are looking for. We highly suggest that you choose one from these furniture pieces that we have recommended because they are the best of the best. Trust us, you won’t go wrong with these loveseats. 

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