How to Keep Your Lawn Furniture from Sinking in Your Yard

How to Keep Your Lawn Furniture from Sinking in Your Yard

Lawn furniture allows lawn owners to have a fresh place for relaxation. It’s an ideal component of your yard you can use when there are guests visiting. The downside of using lawn furniture is their sinking legs that can damage your lawn.

To prevent your lawn furniture from sinking in your yard, you should put tiles, wood, pavers, and other DIY materials to protect the grasses. You can also construct or establish a patio, floorings, or plywood to the ground surface. Choosing lawn chairs with broad legs is also an ideal option. 

In this article, we will discuss DIY solutions to prevent lawn furniture from sinking in your yard, how to stop it from happening, and what materials to put under the furniture to avoid damaging the grass.


Why You Should Prevent Your Lawn Furniture from Sinking in Your Yard

The sinking legs of lawn furniture can damage or kill the grass in your lawn. If you let this happen, it will gradually remove all the grass in your lawn, leaving it bald. Since grasses are the main components of a yard and complete the mood of your lawn, you should protect them.

Now, you might wonder if you are allowed to put your furniture directly on the grass. The answer is yes. That is why we will provide methods and ideas that will allow you to use your furniture while protecting the grass. We can’t deny that in some situations, the grasses are starting to die, at which point you are required to remove the furniture for the time being. Thus, try to revive the grasses as early as possible so this issue won’t affect the other grasses.

Lawn furniture needs a stable and hard ground surface to avoid sinking. The area you are using right now might contain uneven soil, which results in the sinking effect.


With the help of your lawn furniture, you can lounge comfortably outside in your yard when the weather is nice. But, it is not advisable to keep your lawn furniture outside all year round because extreme weather conditions can easily damage them and shorten their lifespan. When is the best time to take out your lawn furniture? Read our article to find out.  


DIY Solutions to Prevent Your Lawn Furniture from Sinking in Your Yard

Furniture is a good complement to add to your backyard lawn. The only downside of having to place it on the lawn is its legs. If you sit on it, your weight will push the legs of the furniture to the lawn, causing it to sink in.

To prevent this from occurring, we will provide do-it-yourself solutions that you can employ to your lawn.

Use patio pavers to the lawn

One of the best solutions to prevent your furniture’s legs from sinking in the lawn is to put it on stable ground. Patio pavers are ideal if you are seeking to prevent your lawn from damages inflicted by the drawback of lawn furniture. Using pavers is a huge help but also a disaster to the grasses of your lawn.

If you decide to put pavers on your lawn, make sure you move or remove them every week to avoid killing the grass underneath them. Pavers already have a weight of their own, which adds to the weight of the furniture if you sit on it. So, you better check it regularly or when you aren’t using the furniture to make sure it won’t affect other grasses.

Put interlocking floor tiles

Interlocking floor tiles are more stylish to associate with your lawn. These kinds of tiles can provide stability to your furniture and prevent their legs from sinking. But based on their sophisticated look, they are also an expensive option.

Some lawn owners choose to make their lawn appealing, which interlocking floor tiles can help you do. This type of tile can instill a specific atmosphere to your lawn which your guests, family, and friends will love.

Fasten two long wood

You can cut two long pieces of wood and attach them to the bottom area of the front and back legs on both sides of the furniture. This can cover the lawn where the furniture is standing and prevent it from sinking. The design won’t impact the ambiance of the lawn since wood is coordinated with it. You can also guarantee that the weight of the furniture on the lawn is balanced.

Tennis ball cuts

Cutting a tennis ball is a way to avoid pricey floor tiles or pavers. These tennis ball cuts are placed on the legs of the furniture. The only disadvantage of this method is the overall look of the furniture. You can see the tennis cuts, which may not fit your preferences.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, use a tennis ball. As with pavers, you should move and check the grass under it. It can still damage the grass due to the weight, even though it provides balance and cushion.

The base of plastic bottles

Another way to save money is to use the base of plastic bottles. If you have a lot of these in your house, you don’t have to spend money on expensive materials. Just note that the amount of plastic bottle base needed depends on the number of the furniture’s legs.

Apart from the solution you can get, you can also help reduce plastic waste. Reusing used plastic bottles is indeed a great way to help the environment.

Place tarps under the furniture

If you have extra unused tarps, you can use them to cover the ground where you put the furniture. Although, you will get similar drawbacks as when using tennis ball cuts, which will make the ambiance of the lawn odd. Ensure to check the grasses under the tarps every week to avoid killing them.


How to Stop Lawn Furniture from Sinking into Grass

Even though there are solutions you can apply, it is still best to start applying measures to stop the lawn furniture from sinking in the grass. That means you should plan ahead of the area where you are going to place your furniture and establish stable floorings for it. What are the ideal methods you can implement to prevent this disastrous situation? Let’s find out.

Level the lawn furniture area

The first thing you should do when preparing the area for the lawn furniture is level it. If the ground is flat, the furniture is more stable and the distribution of weight is equal. A lawn with an uneven ground surface can cause the legs of the chairs to sink once weight is put on them.

You can look for an area in your yard that you can level. It is important to have this kind of area to prevent the furniture from completely damaging your lawn. Now, go ahead and check the level of the ground surface and start correcting it.

Balance the lawn

The leveling process is not only recommended for the ground surface of your lawn but is also advisable for the grasses. Your lawn might possess some shallow areas. Put a mark on it to trace and recognize it immediately.

Once you’ve marked all the shallow parts of the lawn, start filling them until the lawn is even with the higher areas of the ground. Make sure the ground is leveled after you fill it. Since flat grounds provide more stability, the grasses also need to be balanced and even.

The balancing of the grasses is especially suitable in a yard where you haven’t grown grasses yet as it is a hard chore to level it if you have already established the grass on your lawn. Sometimes, you have already grown the grasses in the lawn, which may require a lot of work to remove and replant the grasses.

Use lawn furniture with broad legs

Buying furniture with wide and broad legs can help prevent the legs from sinking in your yard. The only reason why legs sink is their pointy and slim shape. If you start to sit on it, the legs will pierce the lawn.

As for furniture with thicker legs, it won’t sink in the lawn due to the leg’s width. This type of chair is comparable to the DIY method, where we advise putting long woods on both sides of the chair’s legs. Keep in mind that chairs with broad legs are not a permanent solution to the problem. You are still required to inspect the grass under the chairs to prevent damages.


Lawn furniture, even though they are intended for outdoor use, cannot stay in your yard all year round. This is because changing seasons and extreme temperatures can cause them damage and affect their longevity. To learn how to store your furniture properly, read our guide to storing backyard furniture


What to Put under Your Lawn Furniture When on Grass

If there are solutions you can apply, there are also effective ways to avoid the negative effects of sinking lawn furniture. As previously discussed, the solutions provided above do not effectively protect the lawn. You still have to oversee the grasses under the furniture to ensure the damages don’t worsen.

Although DIY solutions can help you, if you are looking for reliable and long-term solutions, you have come to the right place. We will enumerate several methods you can apply to your grass if you want to put lawn furniture on it.

Establish a flooring on top of the lawn

Although placing covers on top of the lawn can help, building an established flooring is sturdier and dependable. This process will help you reduce the regular checking of the grasses under the legs of your furniture. Some companies offer this work and can design your lawn specifically for this purpose.

You can hire experts to construct the floorings. Some will advise you to put tiles with a checkerboard pattern as the legs of the furniture will stand on it. It is also an ideal and creative composition that will beautify your lawn. This method is guaranteed to last long since it won’t affect the grasses anymore. The tiles are specifically placed on the grass-less parts, so you don’t need to inspect them from time to time.

Construct a patio

Another permanent solution you can pick is the construction of a patio in your yard. Patios are beautiful, especially if you tend to spend free time outdoors and love the ambiance of an open area. Having a patio can not only provide you with an official relaxing place in your yard but also give way to the furniture and protect the grass.

If you are seeking a permanent solution for sinking furniture, you might as well prepare a budget for it. Building a patio in your yard is costlier than the other solutions provided. Aside from the materials required, you will probably need help from more people, which adds to the labor costs.

The overall product of having a patio in your backyard is undeniably incomparable. Imagine you have a pleasing place to welcome your guests if they visit your house; that’s a nice and refreshing sight for them. Not only can it secure the life of the grass, but patios also prevent foot traffic on your lawn since there is an area made for people to walk on.

Use plywood

Placing plywood under the legs of the furniture will also prevent them from sinking in your lawn. This method does not require you to level the ground beforehand. All you have to do is determine the uneven ground surface and place over it the plywood to cover it.

Although using plywood is easier compared to leveling the ground and grasses, the finished product is unattractive. Thus, this option is especially helpful if you don’t have much time to take care of the lawn. The only disadvantage it can bring is the unpleasant appearance and atmosphere of the lawn.



Lawn furniture is a great addition to any yard. They provide you with a place to entertain guests and hang out, and they can also improve the overall look of your yard. The only downside is, depending on the build of your furniture, they have a tendency to sink in your lawn and ruin your grass. There are a couple of ways to address this situation, just like what we have discussed in this article.

With the aforementioned methods to choose from to prevent you furniture from sinking in your yard, you can now decide what will fit your preferences. Some of these solutions are cheap but also look unpleasant for your yard. Meanwhile, the expensive ones are permanent but will require a lot of work and time. If you are looking to protect your lawn, choose what’s the most practical. Also, observe your schedule to determine if you can inspect the grasses regularly or construct established solutions.

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