How to Make a Beautiful Tropical Oasis Backyard

How to Make a Beautiful Tropical Oasis Backyard

A backyard provides a place for your family to gather outdoors and do recreational activities. A beautiful backyard setting adds more attraction to your property and provides a relaxing environment. Furthermore, you can level up the elegance and appeal of your outdoor space by creating and designing a beautiful tropical oasis backyard.

In creating a beautiful tropical oasis backyard, you need to consider your space, budget, privacy, and especially prioritize your wants and needs. To achieve a tropical oasis backyard, you need to add more green plants, set up water features, stone features lighting, and a hammock. Other backyard structures, such as a pool, gazebo, deck, patio, and misters, are also great additions to your space.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a beautiful tropical oasis backyard. This guide and tips will help you turn your place into a breathtaking tropical sanctuary right at the back of your home.


How to Make a Tropical Oasis Backyard?

A tropical oasis backyard generally involves plants, water, and other amenities. A tropical-themed backyard requires a lot of landscaping and hardscaping. The idea of having a tropical backyard serves a purpose as it gives contentment and a zen feeling after a hard day of work.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines to start creating a tropical oasis backyard:

Make it abundant of huge and leafy greens

Green vegetation is one of the distinct features of a tropical haven. You have to possibly fill your backyard with greenery to achieve a tropical ambiance. Consider planting large leafy plants as they offer a lot of shade and look best when placed near water features. Planting a crawling vine through fences and walls looks great, as if there was no boundary behind it.

Add some special plants

Adding some special and exotic plants contributes to the feel of a natural tropical oasis. However, these plants may require special care and attention. They will provide another level of tropical charm when they are in good shape. A perfect example of a special accent in your tropical oasis backyard is orchids. Plants like bougainvillea, flowering bananas, red ginger, and Mandevilla are also great additions to your tropical sanctuary.

Set up water features

When people think about something “tropical,” a few of the things that come to their minds are the warm weather, sun, sea, and sand. That is why the first thing to do to build a tropical-themed backyard is to set up a water feature. You can choose from a fish pond, fountain, or even a waterfall. It all depends on the space you have and the budget you allotted for this project. Whichever you prefer, you are heading in the right direction as water features provide you with the soothing sound of water.

Set up lanterns and string lights

Lanterns and string lights provide you with light when the sun goes down. This setup keeps your place bright at night and adds an atmosphere to your backyard. Your great time continues past midnight with lanterns and string lights in your tropical oasis escape. These lightings make outdoor dinners with your loved ones extra cozy with their charm and snugness.

Set up hammocks

Chill out by laying down in a hammock in your backyard. This feature is another nice way to be calm and relaxed while swinging in your tropical oasis backyard. Hanging one between two trees is a great idea as it provides you with good shade while allowing you to watch the dancing leaves.

Attract butterflies and other beneficial insects

Your tropical oasis backyard will likely attract butterflies and other insects. Planting wildflowers will attract even more of them, and they will add another attraction to your yard. These insects are very beneficial to keep the balance of the ecosystem in your tropical oasis backyard.

Consider having misters

Add a special touch of extravagance and elegance to your backyard by having misters. During summer, your backyard will surely get a bit humid and warm. Your greens may not suffice to cool your place down, and misters are a perfect feature to maintain moisture in your surroundings. They keep the plant moist while providing you with an effective alternative to keep cool and refresh.

Stone features for design

A little stone feature gives a natural design to your tropical oasis backyard setting. This rustic feature appears to be a “forest ruins” look when placed beside your large leafy plants. This scene feels both very enchanting and interesting.

Build a pool

A pool offers a large place for your family to enjoy, exercise, play, and relax while soaking in the water. Although, this water feature is costly and needs a huge space to install. What you end up doing all depends on the size of the pool you want and the money you are willing to invest.

Build a gazebo

A gazebo provides class and elegance to a backyard. This structure is very functional as it provides a place to sit and unwind. It allows you to enjoy your rest day without being exposed to the sun. It is also a perfect spot to eat outside without worrying about the weather.

Install a patio or deck

A patio is a great idea as it will create a conservation area for your family and friends. This hardscape is a great spot for gathering, relaxing, and even grilling. Building a deck or patio is a great investment as it adds value to your home.


An outdoor pool is definitely one of the top features that you can add to your backyard. Choosing the right kind of pool for your property depends on a lot of factors such as your budget, local regulations, and the available materials. Check out our article and read about what you need to know before building an outdoor pool


Tips to Create a Tropical Oasis Backyard

A perfect getaway from everything that stresses you out is a place where you can rejuvenate and restore yourself. A spot close to nature is a very amazing escapade. But that special place doesn’t have to be elsewhere; you can experience this without going any further. Transforming your yard into a tropical oasis backyard is a haven for pampering yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you create a tropical oasis backyard.

Check you space

The very first thing to do before deciding on anything is to check your backyard. Inspect the characteristics of the site and look at the amount of sunlight the place gets. These factors are necessary as the basis of the inclusions you desire to install in your yard. Consider consulting an expert for a more detailed and perfect outcome for your project.

Consider your budget

In all home renovation and improvement, money is always the first aspect to consider. Determining the budget for your project is necessary so everything can run smoothly. Proper planning and smart decisions are the keys to fulfilling your project without any regrets.

Prioritize your desires

No matter how big your pool or how beautiful your pond is, if you don’t like them, they’re a waste of time and money. Consider your needs and wants in creating your tropical oasis backyard, and not what others would suggest or tell you to get. Your desires are all that matters as you are the one who will use and maintain everything.

Consider you privacy

The essence of real relaxation is privacy. Building high fences and placing large planters can contribute to ensuring your solitude. Green hedges or bamboo are perfect barriers and will give an instant touch of tropical style in your backyard.


How to Plan a DIY Tropical Oasis in Your Backyard?

Creating your tropical oasis in your backyard could be your greatest home improvement. The idea of decorating on your own is a very gratifying and exciting procedure. The wonderful view of waterfalls, the rustling sound of leaves, and the breathtaking smell of flowers can all be experienced at your place. Determination, inspiration, and planning are the secrets to establishing these fabulous ideas in your backyard.

Here are some factors to consider for a DIY tropical oasis backyard.

Consider your backyard condition

Your backyard’s condition is crucial to establishing a good tropical-themed place. The climate, soil, and topography are factors that you have to consider before transforming your yard. Study what kinds of plants will flourish in your location. You can make use of the climate zone map to find out what specific plants grow well in your place. You also have to consider the amount of sunlight and shade your space gets as some plants love shades, while others want full sun.

Humans and animals

The style and design of your backyard improvement will also depend on who will use your backyard. Make sure to plan a child and pet-friendly area if you have kids and four-legged friends at home.

Plant keeping

You must consider how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to maintaining your garden. If you don’t have a so-called “green thumb,” consider selecting undemanding plants. Otherwise, you can hire someone to take care of and maintain your garden, especially if you are a busy person. The possibilities are endless when it comes to passion and love for gardening.



Your backyard is a place to play, create memories, and relax, and anyone would love having a tropical oasis backyard. It is the only place on Earth that is all yours to escape to. Having one could be the new big thing in your home. Tropical oasis designs are in high demand nowadays as most people want to relax in their own space after a day at work.

They possess a luxurious layout and an attractive aesthetic. Stone elements, tropical plants, different water features, and other accessories will give your backyard the tropical environment you are looking for. No matter what features you choose, as long as they have the energy to bring you outside closer to Mother Nature, your tropical oasis backyard is a great success!

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